OOTD: Taylor Swift Concert

Guess who went to see the fabulous Taylor Swift on Monday?
Me, and it was so so amazing. I saw her back in 2011 I think when she first came to Dublin and she hasn't been back since, so four years is a long time to wait for her to come back. I've waited so long and it was so worth the wait. She knows how to put on a show and she improved so much since the last concert I seen her in, which I thought was impossible.
Her staging, set up, props and performance were just so spectacular. Every song had a story behind it and she basically performed her way of explaining the story on stage and she also talked to the audience so much. You'll have to actually go see her live to see the amount of effort and energy she puts into her shows and how much she actually cares for her fans.
We were standing for the concert so I knew I had to wear something that would keep me warm outside and cool enough inside.


I got my plaid shirt in a vintage shop that I can't remember the name of but it's Ralph Lauren and it's super cosy. My top is from Urban Outfitters and is so cute I'm in love with it. My shorts and boots are from Primark and I've no idea how long ago I got them but they always sell similar items.

Anyone else a huge Taylor Swift fan like me or has gone to see her live before?

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