Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks

When I buy makeup palettes, there's always a few colours I don't use as much and I wish were another colour.  I know Mac do palettes you can make up yourself, but I'd never really seen other brands do it as much.
I was looking for a light pink eye shadow and came across the Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks. They are individual eye shadows that you buy separately but you can attach them to each other to make your own palette, so you don't need to buy unnecessary colours, just the ones you want.

I really like the packaging and the way they fit together. They had exactly the colours I was looking for, I was looking for a more light pastel pink and purple but couldn't find one anywhere and these shades were perfect. The only bad thing is that they don't have many colours in the range. There's a lot of brown shades in the range but I want more vibrant colours because I have enough neutral palettes. 

The shades above are in Candy, Lilac and Plum. Candy and Lilac are Pearl eye shadows and are shimmery with large enough amounts of glitter in them and Plum is a matte shade. I would have swatched them but they are really subtle eye shadows, which is the thing I really like about them. I know most people really like strong pigmented eye shadows but I think subtle ones are just as nice. I've had so many people complement these shades too. I love that they are not neutral, natural colours but can be warn as such as they are really gentle and flattering on the face. I might do another post wearing them sometime because I wear them a lot. 
They stay on really well and they're perfect for people like me who don't go wild with their makeup but want hints of other colours on their eyes without going completely crazy. I hope that they release more colours sometime. They're around 4 Euro per eye shadow from what I remember, which is a good price.

Does anyone own any of these eye shadows or anything similar?


  1. Love these shadows! Such lovely shades!

    Lauren x |

    1. I know right, they're so cute!