The Outfit that Matches Everything: Plaid

Plaid is the simplest outfit ever yet it's always in style. It's so easy and quick to throw a plaid shirt of any size over an outfit and have it match regardless of what you're wearing. It's my go to outfit for when I can't decide what I'm going to wear or I'm in a rush and need to find something that matches super quickly.

I wasn't planning on taking outfit posts today but I wanted to just get started with some so I can see what I want to do with them. So here's another plaid outfit, expect a lot of them, knowing me. You'll start to see how unadventurous and simple I am with clothes and that the things I buy are similar as I do more posts but oh well.


  • My plaid shirt is another I picked up in a vintage shop. This is probably the best and cheapest way to pick up loads of plaid shirts and other bits. I prefer them to be oversize and more cozy.
  • Plain black top is from New Look.
  • High waist black jeans are from Bershka.
  • My backpack is from Pennys/Primark.
  • Finally I pulled out my dirty old white converse because I was going to be outdoors all day and they're comfy and I don't mind getting them mucky. I picked these high top ones up from Office a long time ago.

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