Lush: The Art of Bathing

For my birthday last year in October, my boyfriend bought me Lush's 'The Art of Bathing' bath box set. This is by far the fanciest Lush product I've ever owned. I think by now I've tried almost all of Lush's bath bombs and bubble bars, yet I haven't tried most of their other products, but I will get around to it. It has taken me about 9 months to finish this bath set. I don't know if it would take other people this long or it's also down to the fact I've used other Lush bath sets in between and don't take baths that often. Either way I've finished the whole set completely now and thought I'd review it as I don't see many Lush sets being reviewed, just the single products.

The set includes fifteen Lush bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts. I really enjoyed trying them out and seeing which ones I liked and what ones I'd repurchase. I'm only going to do a quick review of each, otherwise I could be typing all day. As a side note you should know I'm terrible at describing scents.

The bath bombs:  
  • Butterball: This bath bomb was one of my favourites, it smelt like a subtle chocolate with vanilla which was so lovely. It had little cocoa butter pieces in it which melt in the water which made it super kind and moisturizing to your skin.
  • Avobath:  This one smelt like a summer garden. It contains lemongrass, avocado and olive oil. It turned the bath vibrant green and smelt very healthy and refreshing,
  • Fizzbanger: This bath bomb is said to have a toffee and apple smell to it but I definitely remember smelling more apple then toffee, it's sweet scented and contains popping candy which pops as it melts.
  • Big Blue: This bomb is meant to remind you of the ocean and it smells like it and leaves the bath a blue ocean colour. I remember nearly freaking out when I saw this because I wasn't expecting seaweed to come out and I had no idea what it was. The only downside to this was the seaweed wasn't that pretty and didn't come off the bath very quickly.
  • Granny Takes A Dip: The name is not the most flattering, I'll admit and I was hesitant to try this one, it was the last one I tried. I didn't like the smell of this one, it contains lemon and ginger, but in the bath I did like it. The bath bomb begins multicolored and in the end turns into a deep clear purple, after all the psychedelic colours blend together. The final colour is probably my favourite out of all the bath bombs I've tried.
  • Dragons Egg: I've had this bath bomb more than once, but it's still fascinating to watch. It's meant to represent a dragon's egg hatching and as it fizzes it turns into a golden shimmery orange with popping candy which is meant to symbolize fire. It smells very citrus-y and is one of the most fun bath bombs to watch, plus it takes a good while to melt away completely. It puts on a good show.
  • Tisty Toasty: This is a really cute bath bomb in the shape of a heart. It smells like roses and contains roses in it which just float around your bathtub, how romantic. It's one of the cutest looking bath bombs I've owned and it smelled really fresh, like you just cut the roses from your garden.
  • Think pink: This is a really small bath bomb with little confetti hearts inside and flowers on the top. It's a really girly bath bomb, it smells sweet like vanilla and turns the bath a pretty pink, as expected.

Bubble bars:
  • Sunnyside: For anyone that doesn't know, a bubble bar is essentially a bubble bath, it makes bubbles. Sunnyside is super glittery, you can't even pick it up without getting glitter everywhere. It smells citrus-y again and leaves the bath gold and glittery. It takes a long time to get the glitter off the bath and yourself.
  • The comforter: This one smells amazing! It's one of my favourite scents, it's so sweet and fruity, it's meant to smell like blackcurrants but I don't really smell it, it smells sweeter . It leaves the bath a gentle pink again and makes really good bubbles.
  • Rose Jam Bubbleroon: The bubble bar is exactly it's name, it's made from rose oil and shea butter and smells sweet and is moisturizing for your skin. 
  • Red Fun:  This is a product that I'm not sure which category it goes in. It's a four in one product which means it can be used as a shampoo, a bubble bar, soap or you can just play with it. I used it as a bubble bar so I'm putting it in this category. It's kind of like play-doh for the bath. You can stretch it and mess with it and then use it, it's really fascinating. It's not my favourite but I think it's awesome that it can be used for a lot of things. This one smells orange-y but I'm aware it comes in four different colours and scents I think.
  • Brightside: This bubble bar is like the sister to 'The Comforter' in design and feel, the only difference is the colour. This one is orange and yellow and I really enjoy both. It's really cheerful, smells like citrus and makes superb bubbles like 'The Comforter.'
Bath Melts:
  • Melting Marshmallow Moment: How nice does this one sound? It's super sweet and super refreshing to your skin. Bath melts are literally bath bombs without the fizz. This melt has the perfect scent, it contains, candy floss, cocoa butter and almond oil. It literally sounds like you can eat it. It leaves your bath a sweet pink and feels moisturizing on your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated after your bath, I would really recommend this one.
  •  Ceridwen's Cauldron:  I'm not sure if this is a bath melt or not but it feels like one. It melts in a little bag which contains oats and flowers and after the bath melt has melted, the oats and flowers remain in the bag. It looks a bit weird, but again it's really good for your skin, it just feels really healthy after using the bath melts.

I am aware that this post is super long for me but I wanted to do a proper review and not just do half of it. I'm also annoyed at myself for not taking more photos of the bath bombs themselves because the post looks very bare when it's just writing, I guess I'll just do it next time.

Has anyone tried this set before or any of the bath bombs inside of it?

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