OOTD: Cosy Day

This outfit is a real chill casual one. It's something I'd wear on an everyday basis really. It's cosy and comfortable and nothing is over the top.

My top and cardigan are both from Primark (Pennys). I've no idea where my jeans are from because they're not really new, what a top blogger I am. My necklace is from New Look and my shoes are Puma Suedes I bought in JD Sports.

I used salt spray in my hair to create a casual beachy wave. It gives your hair more volume and texture and it's so simple too. It's one of my favourite styles to do as it's so easy and only takes a minute or two.

OOTD: Pinafore

I will eventually do outfit posts more regularly, in more detail and better quality, but for now that's not the case. I attended a birthday meal on Saturday and decided to be a casual dressy.

Never have I attempted to wear a pinafore before outside school. Even at that I haven't worn one since I was about ten, I saw this pinafore and just instantly wanted it and thought I could pull it off well.

I bought it in River Island a while back. My grey shirt is from Forever 21 and my much loved black boots are from Primark.

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

It's been a long time since I had ventured into Lush. I have always said I wanted to try the 'Dragon's Egg' as it is the bathbomb I always say smells amazing, yet it's the one I never end up buying.

Dragon's egg retails at €3.95 and is worth every penny. The bath bomb smells of sherbert and citrus fruits, it's very sweet and relaxing. It comes shaped like a dragon's egg, hence the name in a white colour.

Once dropped into the bath it begins to fizz and spin around the bath. It seems too fizz for a very long time and is very entertaining as there's a lot in it. At first it just turns the bath a milky white colour like the outside of the bath bomb. Eventually little coloured jellys come out of it.

The woman in the shop told me as I was buying it that there was gold glitter in it and I was actually hesitant to believe her. Once the water reaches the middle of the bath bomb it turns orange and so does the bath. I was not expecting it at all. It also started making popping noises and gold glitter did come out. It left the bath a dark glittery orange shade, completely contrasted to what it started as.

This bath bomb is full of surprises and is the most interesting bath bomb I have tried before. If you haven't tried this before why not give it a go?