Revolution Makeup Haul

 It's been a while since I've bought some new makeup products so a trip to Superdrug was needed. I had never tried Revolution makeup before my recent trip and all of their palettes and products look such high quality and so beautiful that I had to buy some.


The first thing I picked up is the Revolution Brow Pomade. I always use powders for my eyebrows and never tend to use the gel side of eyebrow kits, but this product really reminded my of the Anastasia dip brow pomade, which I haven't tried myself but have heard great things about it so I thought this might be some sort of dupe to try out. I actually really do love the product and I wasn't expecting to, I thought that it would make my brows look unnatural but it actually blends and suits my eyebrows perfectly. It's easily applied and easy to blend to make it look more natural. It also stays on really well and doesn't smudge when touched during the day. 


The next thing I picked up is the Revolution Pro Fix fixing spray, and before this I had not been much of a setting spray person, purely because of the fact I would forget to use them and buy them. Yet the first day I used this product I noticed a huge difference in the longevity of my makeup. On the day previous to my testing I had my makeup smudge and my eyeliner run due to my ridiculously watery eyes, yet the day after, using the same products and this, my makeup looked basically perfect by the end of the day. I would recommend this product to anyone and am really enjoying using it, when I remember to. 


The last thing I picked up is the Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar which is one of the prettiest blush palettes I've ever seen. It has marbled colours with shimmer and also two contour shades that are matte. I'm not really a blush person but all of these shades work well as a blush and or highlighter. I use it as both blush and highlighter and it really adds shimmer and sparkle to your face. They're really pigmented and a little goes a long way. I haven't used the contour shades too much as I'm awful at applying it but they're all really good quality.

Above swatches are the shades in the top row of the palette, (I can't seem to find any names of them).
The above swatches are of the second row of the palette.

Overall, I really love the quality of each product and I would repurchase any of them again, I will definitely be buying more Revolution products in the future. 

Has anyone tried any of these products before? What do you think?

Brighton Strolls | Photo Diary

I love Brighton so much and I can't get enough of it. It's been about a month since my trip there and I'm just obsessed with how pretty everything still is. I made a video on my trip if you'd like to check it out here, but for my blog I thought I'd do a short little photo diary showing all my favourite pictures from my trip. 

The iconic Brighton Pier sign, literally so pretty.

Regency Square, right behind the i360, where we stayed. The architecture and design is amazing!

The vegan dipping platter, praline milkshake and black coffee from Choccywoccydoodah. 

The West Pier.

Carousel and a view of the East Brighton Pier.

Breakfast at Bill's.

Brighton Beach.

Vegan lunch at VBites.

Sun setting over the West Pier and i360.

View from Brighton Pier at sunset.

I hope you enjoyed seeing little snippets from my trip and see why I love Brighton so much! Has anyone ever been before?

Beach Huts & Raincoats | Outfit

Since exams have taken over my life, I've not had the chance to write, and although I visited Brighton about a month ago, now is the only chance I've gotten to write so far. The place I wanted to go in Brighton for pictures was the beach huts, known for their cute outfit posts. They look so cute by the sea side and I literally loved everything about the beach and place all together. A stroll along the beach promenade with brightly coloured beach huts and the sound of the ocean is just perfect.


My favourite beach hut was the blue and white striped one, not particularly sure why but I loved the way it matched my outfit also. I'm wearing my current favourite item of clothing which is this raincoat from New Look. It's really good quality and light which is perfect for summer, so you can wear it in the warm weather and still stay dry when it rains, while making you look super cute. I did originally want it in yellow but I thought white would be a more versatile colour. My cactus t-shirt is from Shein, which is also my favourite place to online shop at the moment, so many favourites. My jeans are from Bershka which are sadly quite old and I can't find a similar pair to buy a new one anymore. To finish the look I just wore an old pair of converse which I don't mind getting dirty. 


Has anyone got a pretty raincoat for the summer? Let me know where you got it from as I'm still on the hunt for more!