NYX Treats

Recently a lot of NYX stores have opened in the Boots around where I live, which is great news. I was so excited to see the stands for the first time. Before the stands opened it was very rare to find an NYX stand, let alone a good one. The one's in Boots are huge and literally have every NYX product you would want. I'm a huge fan of NYX stuff so I'm going to buy a good few more pieces definitely. I picked up a few pieces to get started.


I love NYX's soft matte lipstick range but I'd been wanting some of their lip Lingerie range for so long but they were impossible to find until now. I was so excited when I saw that they had the full range in Boots. I picked up the shades Bedtime Flirt and Exotic. The Lip Lingerie collection is a collection of nude and pink liquid lipsticks that I didn't know where matte until I bought them. They're honestly so much better than the NYX Soft Matte Lipcreams, which I loved. The Soft Matte Lipcreams run out and dry up way too quickly and come in a small packet, but the Lip Lingeries come in a bigger packet and the formula feels like a nicer quality on the lips. I'd wanted the shade Bedtime Flirt for a while, it's one I've seen on multiple blogs and one that has stood out as such a pretty shade. It's a little paler than my lip colour but after application and drying it makes your lip a perfect matte nude. It's a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics in the shade Candy K, which was a shade I'd wanted for a while. The other shade I picked up Exotic, is a darker pink which although it looks slightly similar in the bottle looks completely different on the lips for a slightly vampy-er look. I'm obsessed with both at the moment.

The above swatches are Bedtime Flirt, Exotic and Glam Liner, I accidentally smudged the swatch and it bothers me a lot. The next product I bought is the Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in baby pink. I've never had a fancy colour glittery gel liner before so this is very new for me to try. So far it's very cute and very easy to apply as the brush is tiny. The colour isn't too dramatic and the glitter looks so cute. It's perfect for something different to add to a makeup look. They have them in a wide range of colours too which are all as cute.

Has anyone tried any of these NYX products before? What do you think? 

Dublin Comic Con 2016

This is another one of those posts that should've been up ages ago. I genuinely need to get back on track with blogging again as it's so easy to fall behind. Also going back to University soon means I really need to prepare and stay on top of blogging even more.
Anyway, since I'm sure everyone's sick of reading me apologizing for slow posts (and also no one cares except me) so, moving on; I attended Dublin Comic Con a few weeks back and thought it might be a good post for fellow nerds like me who might be interested in my experience.

Last year I went to the same convention, I have a post from last year here if you'd like to check it out too. They put it on in the Convention Centre and it's such a pretty building. If you've never seen it before it's a six or seven story building that has a huge glass side with such a pretty view over Dublin City centre. It also lights up so nice during the night, it's one of my favourite buildings to be in in the city.



I attended with my boyfriend and met up with some friends and family. There was only one talk I wanted to attend that was in the afternoon so we spend most of the morning exploring and checking out all the stalls, We bought the above Doctor Who artwork as we both fell in love with it. I love the idea of mixing David Bowie and Doctor Who together, it just works so well, plus the art is so good. I also got really tasty strawberries with chocolate and marshmallows, yum.
The Comic Con's in Ireland are no where near as big as the one's in America, no surprises there, so there's not much to do and not too many stars to see but there was a few guests that I really wanted to meet.


I met Michael Biehn who stars in the Terminator and Alien and also Robert Maschio who plays the Todd in Scrubs and they were both lovely. We got to talk to Robert for a little bit and bought an original script from him, how cool is that? 
The main thing I went to comic con for was to see Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer in Supernatural, which is like my favourite show ever. I went to his Q&A session and it was genuinely so funny. He's such a down to earth and funny guy, literally like he is in the show and I enjoyed listening to everything he had to say. That was the only talk I went to and I kind of wish I went to more. I didn't have the most eventful comic con experience but it's so much fun meeting and seeing people that you watch in shows and movies in real life surrounded by people who have similar interests.

Has anyone ever been to a Comic Convention before? Have you any cool experiences? I'd love to hear about them! 

Peachy Days | Outfit

I've been trying to experiment with styles recently and buy pieces of clothing that I love but usually wouldn't buy. I'm a very play it safe person when it comes to fashion. Simple and plain things are my saviours. I buy very plain shirts and don't wear anything out of the ordinary. I see things with pops of colour or a slightly different style than I'm used to and assume it won't suit me, I'll get bored of it or I won't wear it. I'd been eyeing up a pair of pale pink brogue style shoes in Clarks recently and I never buy any shoes that aren't white or black so considering buying pink shoes was a bit different for me. Admittedly the shoes aren't crazy, the outfit itself is still quite simple and subtle but I feel like the shoes definitely add something so nice to the outfit.


The location wasn't really the best for photos but I had no other opportunity to take photos that day.
I really love this oversized denim shirt, it's really big as I robbed it from my boyfriend, but it looks better on me. I feel like it really works being a lot bigger than it's meant to be, it's from Bershka orginally. The shirt underneath is from Primark and it's one of the only things I thought was nice from there recently which is strange because normally I find a lot more things, other than PJ's. The aforementioned shoes are Hamble Oak in peach nubuck from Clarks and they are the cutest shoes I own. I had to visit a few shops to get them in my size. They cut out pieces at the side are so cute to show off a cute pair of socks underneath but I bet it'll be dreadful for the rainy weather.

Anyone else love the oversized throw over shirt look? 

Tanya Bakes | Dublin Book Signing

I'm so late with posts again I got really ill in the past week and haven't felt up to anything, it really sucks. I have a lot of posts to write and thought I'd share this one first. I'm a huge fan of Youtubers and I haven't met any of my favourite ones on any of their book signings until now. I've always tried to get tickets for book signings but I've always been too late or I didn't know it was on until the day. So when I heard Tanya Burr was coming to do a book signing of her first cook book Tanya Bakes, you can imagine my excitement that I was in time to buy tickets. My boyfriend actually surprised me with a ticket which I thought was super cute and I went along to the signing last weekend.

The signing started at half twelve and I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been in the queue since twelve and didn't think I was late queuing but it turns out I was one of the last people to turn up and didn't actually get my book signed until three o' clock. You can imagine my boredom of being in a queue for four hours for the majority by myself. I read the book in the line by myself, it's a baking book though so you can imagine that was a short read. 

The whole signing only lasted a few seconds. She signed my book, said hello and we got a selfie and I was swiftly moved along. I always find that the whole signing experience can be a very impersonal experience and it makes me feel very disconnected to someone who I've admired and wanted to meet for a long time. You get no time for any conversation which is disappointing even though you know you won't get to have a fully blown conversation. I was very happy to meet her as it's something I've been looking forward to and she was such a lovely person but I'm not sure if I'd go to another signing. It doesn't feel very worth it for the amount of time you wait for the amount of time you wait. I think it's great that so many people get to meet her and it makes a lot of people happy, but it felt organised and rushed and not that pleasant. Even though I left in a good mood after meeting her, and it's great meeting people you admire but sometimes it's not as great as you want it to be.

Has anyone ever been to a book signing like this? What's your experience with them?

July Favourites 2016

I have felt very unmotivated to blog recently even though I have so many to write, it's not a good combination. The last month has been a little busy but it went by so fast, being more than half way through the year is so so scary. As I've been busy just generally socializing and also going to the cinema a lot more the past month my favourites are quite small but worth the read.

My first favourite is the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil. I've been using powders on my eyebrows for ages as I always felt like pencils never matched my eyebrow colour and left them looking less than natural. I bought this pencil as I wanted to try something different and I''ve heard they're a lot easier to use. I've loved using this product and it does make my eyebrows look natural while still covering all the sections it needs to. The colour doesn't perfectly match my eyebrows but it's very close and looks fine when blended out with a brush. Pencils are definitely something I want to try more of.

My second favourite is an old favorite of mine, it's the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I used to love this in 2014 and I actually went through a few tubs already. I was looking for a really subtle hydrating lipstick to wear that doesn't look awful when it fades and I remembered I had this. This lip balm is super hydrating, leaves your lips with a slight red pink tone and looks so natural and lovely on the lips. It's so perfect for days that you don't want to wear lipstick but want something to wear on your lips with a bit of colour.  

I'd never used a Lush shower Jelly before and I got Woosh shower jelly recently and tried it. I have to say using the product is a little awkward but I really love the idea of it being reusable and much better for the environment.  It smells very citrus-y and it's full of grapefruit, lemons and limes, it's very fresh and it comes in a vibrant blue jelly. I'm not too sure if I'd repurchase because of how awkward I feel it is to use but I still do love the product itself.

My last favourite is this DKNY Women perfume. I'm not sure if it has an exact name but I've been loving this perfume. So many people have complimented me when I wear it. I think it smells really like apples but online it says it smells of orchid and water lily. It's a floral perfume so I'm not sure why it smells like a fruity one to me. I think it's one of the most perfect scents I've ever smelt. Maybe a bit dramatic but y'know.

My last favourites are movie favourites. They're both Disney which isn't a surprise. The first one is the Secret Life of Pets which is a little similar to other Disney films which involves pets and cities like Bolt and Oliver and Company. The plot was as expected, there's not much you can do with a bunch of animals in a city but the characters were lovable and very cute and the film was very well thought out. It had very humorous bits for all ages, there was also a little bit of dark humour which I was not expecting, my boyfriend loved it. I feel like it's another underrated Disney film which I wish was a little more celebrated or hyped.

My second Disney favourite is of course, the super anticipated, Finding Dory. I actually wasn't very excited for this film as it was over hyped, does that make sense? I thought it was very similar to the first, so much that it was very predictable and it didn't feel like it was anything new. Yet once again Disney has created some very unique and lovable characters. The plot connected and unraveled really well. I think it was really good and is worth a watch if you were a fan of the first one but it's probably something I won't watch again very soon.

I know my favourites are a little late but I hope you've enjoyed reading them. What have you been enjoying this month?