Thoughtful Spot: Change

I was watching 'Winnie the Pooh's Adventures' the other day, I know how adult of me, and I got really inspired by it. Winnie the Pooh quotes are actually really inspirational but I saw in the show that Pooh goes to his 'Thotful Spot' when he needs to think deeply about something and be alone about it. This gave me an idea to do my own 'Thoughtful Spot' blog posts, where I just talk about anything I'm thinking about and whatever goes through my mind, kind of like some sort of diary. It's probably just a way for me to vent a little and let ideas come out. Lets just see how it goes anyway.

I finished school for good about a week ago and I'm not sure about how I feel about this change yet. I feel all these new responsibilities all at once and I don't know where to start with my life. It feels like my life has only really started now and I'm lost in what to do with it. It's like all of a sudden I just have all these adult responsibilities I have to do and I'm in no way prepared for them. I'm going to have to make major decisions about my life soon and I'm confused about what to do. I've got this huge blank canvas of a life and it's scary to think I'm the only person in charge of what the picture turns out like for the first time in my life. It's a huge time in my life and probably the most important in deciding where the rest of my life goes, which is terrifying
I get to spend the next while deciding on these important things and so do all my friends which means everything is constantly changing, and for someone who is a routine kind of person, I'm not sure what's going on lately. It's scary to think so many people my age and my friends are all trying to find their way in the world and find themselves. It's crazy to think I've no idea where I'm going to be in the next few years or even next month. Change is something I'm not used to at all. I've been stuck in the same routine for basically all my life and it's strange to start a new one that probably won't be so routine ever again. It's like I've lost my comfort zone and have to try and find one again. 
I know not all change is bad and I know this one isn't. I'm ready to try new things and move on in my life but it's going to be so weird to adjust to everything around me that is going to be constantly changing all the time. I'm excited and nervous and just every emotion really.

Anyone understand this feeling or is afraid of change? 

My Workout Routine

I have never been one to workout but I have time to look after myself properly now and really want to get fit and actually become healthy. I'm starting this routine now and I'm going to see how well it works.
I used to be in a drama group so I'm used to warming up before dances and the same thing applies for before I work out, especially because my body is not used to exercise I need to be careful that I don't hurt myself or pull any muscles.
I plan on doing some running in the future and maybe join a gym but right now I want to work on my stamina from at home. I got inspiration for this routine from a video that Niomi Smart made sometime last year and I really liked her routine, it was simple and easy to do. I'll put the link to her workout video here.

I kept most of the things from her routine and only changed a little bit.
I start with stretches and small amounts of a warm up. Then I'll do 15 arm dips as seen in Niomi's video. I'll do 15 press ups also, for now I'll add more the more I get into doing a workout routine. Then I'll move onto legs and do 15 lunges and squats. For abs I'll just do a front plank for one minute and side planks for 30 seconds each side. This is basically a copy of Niomi's routine but it's worked for me so far.
After I do this I also hoola hoop because it's such an easy work out and it helps tone your stomach. I do this for five to ten minutes but if I've got time I'll do more. It's not a tiring exercise but it is proven to help improve your figure and it also helps on your focus on things as I'd normally use my phone while using it. I don't have one with ridges on it but it's more of a workout to have a heavier or bumpier one because it's harder to keep up.
In addition to trying to workout everyday, I'm trying to eat healthier. I'm not putting myself on a diet, I'm just adding more fruit and healthier options to it as well as everything I'd usually eat. This isn't the healthiest but it's something. I'm going to try and drink as much water as I can because I am awful at doing it. I always keep two bottles of water beside my bed but always forget to refill them.

Has anyone got any good ideas that I can add to my exercise or healthy eating plan?

Going Back To Ombre Hair

I first put ombre in my hair this time last year and since it has been a year since I'd done anything to my hair, it was time to fix it again. For anyone who doesn't know what ombre is, it's the gradual lightening from the top of the head at the roots. The roots being the darkest and the ends being the lightest. In my case it's my natural brown hair to gradual blonde.
I really like this look because it lightens up my features and makes my face more interesting I think. It's also perfect to do in summer for lighter hair in the sun.
I had really long hair and my old ombre was growing out so I decided to go shorter than I normally would and put blonde back in. Which also means that there's now more blonde in it now then ever and I actually really like it.
I used the L'oreal Paris Wild Ombre Preference in Ombre Number one both times I've done this and it's come out super well and has never given me any bad blending and I've never had trouble with it.
They give you an applicator brush which you simply put the bleach on and brush into your hair about three quarters of the way down, starting at the back. 
I'm usually afraid that I'll get those horrible lines between the colors where it looks like it hasn't been blended properly at all and looks really bad. So I start applying the bleach less than three quarters down and every five minutes or so put another section on top of the previous one on. This will prevent block colours and help it look naturally blended. I leave it in for the least amount of time needed at 25 minutes to get the most natural look, and for it not to be ridiculously blonde. 

I know my hair is super wavy and the lighting is really bad but you can still see the ombre in the second image. It came out well and looks gradually lighter and looks natural, like the sun bleached it I think. I love ombre because it doesn't ruin the roots of your hair and it's a good thing if you want to try out a different colour in your hair and aren't fully committed to dying your whole head yet.
Maybe one day I'll go full blonde or some other colour but I'm pretty happy with ombre and I'm pretty sure it's a new trend again as I've seen so many people out with it recently.

Also it's cheaper and easier to do this at home instead of the hairdressers and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. 
Anyone ever try ombre before or is going to try for the summer?

Paper Towns Book Review

First book review, yay!
Only starting to get back into reading books regularly and if I remain not busy I'll be reading a lot more, which is good news.
I read 'The Fault in Our Stars' before the film came out last year so I decided to read another of John Green's famous novels. I read 'Paper Towns' before the release of the film in July.
This book is super interesting. It only took me past the first chapter to get into it, which is pretty good as normally I'd have to be a quarter of the way through before i get interested.

The book is about a teenage boy Quentin who is in love with the mysterious girl, Margo, who lives next door to him. She has a history of being mysterious and leaving hints for people to find her. She gets tired of normal everyday life in what she calls 'paper towns'. She wants to teach Quentin a lesson on her outlook on life and sends him on a quest to find her.

                                                       Image result for paper towns

The book was really enjoyable, mysterious and suspenseful. There was no way you could predict what was going to happen, just like Margo the main character was unpredictable. I felt a lot of emotions reading this book and felt like I could connect to it in a few ways. Quentin is leaving school in the book, just as I just have and I could really relate to the feeling of entering the real world. The thoughts of the enigma, Margo, I could also relate to. I've always been a person who feels awkward living life the way everyone else does and do feel like living in a 'paper town' as described in the book is repetitive and boring.
The book gives a positive outlook on life and does inspire you to live your life the way you wish to and not conform to the normal thing. The book is emotional, unpredictable and mysterious, something you'd expect from a John Green novel. John Green just gets life and existential thoughts and gets the way life should be lived and it's really uplifting to read. His characters are great and I'm super excited to see the film now. I'm also really excited to see Cara Delevigne play Margo, I actually think it's a great choice and can't wait to see her proper acting debut.

Anyone else read this book or is super excited for the film?

Jurassic World Film Review

I hadn't been to the cinema in so long due to exams and no free time whatsoever and it really sucked.
I went to see Jurassic World last week end and I was so excited about it. It could've been excitement that I hadn't gone in so long or that I was genuinely really excited to see this film.
I have no idea why but I really love the Jurassic park films, despite the fact that dinosaurs were harming people I find the films so good.

The film is about 'Jurassic World' itself which is basically a dinosaur theme park. The park is on Isla Nublar which is where the first film is based. The park brings people in to see dinosaurs like you would at the zoo. To keep people's interest, the park owners invest in genetically modified dinosaurs. They create a mega dinosaur named Indominus Rex which escapes and evokes havoc onto the island.

Jurassic World poster.jpg

There's not much plot wise you could do with a dinosaur film so it's exactly what you would expect it's going to be. The film is suspense filled which is pretty great, even though you can guess what's going to happen. There's parts of the film where I was doubting how realistic things happening in it were, like in the advertisement above with the velociraptors, then you realize it's a dinosaur film and it's not realistic anyway. The film is so predicable in itself but the characters are pretty great. There's strong relations between the characters and family bonding throughout. It's in some parts gory but not too much, the graphics haven't really changed since the original but I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

The cast is pretty great too, I can't imagine how hard it is to act pretending dinosaurs are around you when there's really nothing there, pretty amazing. Chris Pratt who plays Owen Grady, the main character and vilociraptor trainer is slowly becoming one of my favourite actors. He is really the main life of the film, I think.

The film brings up huge questions about messing with nature and the way humans and animals behave which is interesting to think about. Overall I'd really recommend this film to anyone except maybe children since I did see one little girl crying in the cinema, but you'd kind of expect it, if I was four I'd probably cry too. On the last note, the music in this film is wonderful. The Jurassic Park theme song almost makes me cry every time and it's not even sad.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a thriller/suspense film.
Has anyone else seen it and think it's pretty amazing too?

Welcome Back To Me!

Hello to anyone reading this (which is no one as of now but maybe someday.)
I haven't blogged at all this year and it makes me feel weird. I started a blog in January last year and just wanted to get it started because I knew I wouldn't actually blog until now.
I really want to get into blogging now that I'm just finished school as I've got a lot of free time and time to explore things, try things and write about them or review them.
I don't really expect people to read my blogs I'm just interested in it and doing it for the fun. I also really like the idea of it as it's kind of like a diary that I just chose to post on the internet.
My blogs won't be super personal but they won't be not personal at the same time. I don't have set things I want to blog about and I'm not going to give this blog any sort of title. I'm just gonna blog about whatever I want to and things I recommend other people to try and stuff.
I haven't been reading other peoples blogs recently either and I'm going to start too because as much as I like talking about my own opinions I like reading other peoples too. If anyone wants me to read their blog or wants to recommend any to me that would be great!
I still have no idea how to use this and I suppose I'll get better at it with time, I'm not expecting to be a blogging genius overnight.
Also all the posts I've previously done are kind of redundant as I some how managed to delete every single picture off all my old posts. I've no idea how and it really annoys me. It doesn't seem it but I did put a lot of effort into those posts and the pictures on it and I really got discouraged when it got deleted because it looks pretty crap now. I'm gonna try and make it ten times better now and hopefully improve writing skills and blogging skills.
This is basically me restarting my blog so welcome!

Stick around and I'll see you all soon!