OOTD: Pink Fluffy Coat

I wore this outfit on completely the wrong day. I thought it was meant to be sunny and somewhat warm but it was rainy and windy and this was not the best jacket choice for the rain. I'm literally the worst when it comes to predicting the days weather. I took these photos after it cleared up a bit but it was still freezing.

  • My pink jacket is from H&M. It's really soft and fluffy even though you can't tell in the photo. It makes every outfit look fancier and classier than it is. I only really wear this jacket on fancy-ish occasions but I don't have many of them 
  • Top is from Topshop, you can't really see it but its plain navy with a white line on the edges.
  • Jeans are from Bershka.
  • Nike Roshe Runs are from JD I think, or any sport shop really.
Anyone have anything similar in their wardrobe? 

Thoughtful Spot: Following Your Dreams

What a cringe-y title, sorry. If it was something vaguer it would be too broad, so let's get on with the nonsense talk.
I'm feeling really conflicted about what to choose to do with my life, what a surprise. I've been accepted into a course that probably isn't the best one to choose but it's something I really want to do, even though there's plenty of other things I want to do. I'm torn between what I dream my future career being and actual practicality.

I want to study music but the actual practicality of that isn't very strong. Music isn't a proper career, as many people have said, but I really just want to do it because I enjoy it. I know if I go for it I'll enjoy it, with anything else is a risk in the enjoyment factor. I'm trying to weigh out the pros and cons of every decision I can take.
People are not the most helpful in my decision, bar one or two, it's so weird that I will probably look back at whatever decision I make and either regret it or not. I just wish I could feel supported in making a decision because I'm feeling that the 'stay safe' option is exactly what everyone wants me to do and I don't want to do exactly that, it doesn't feel like me. I just want to be happy and feel comfortable somewhere and do things because I want to and not feel pressure of people telling me to get things right and 'stick to the rules' with an average Joe life. It'll probably end up like that but can't a girl dream without being disheartened? 

Does anyone else have a dream that they feel like they can't go for or it's said that it's not possible?

Lets Bring It Back: Nintendo Ds

For some strange reason, recently I've been playing my Nintendo Ds a lot. Back in 2005/2006 to like 2010 I was obsessed with my Nintendo. I used to play Pokemon games on it like 24/7, I was such a nerd.
My friends and I in the past month or so have had multiple occasions where we sit in a coffee shop and literally play Ds with each other, it's super cute. The Nintendo Ds is probably one of the best gaming devices out there, plus it's portable so play it on the go and with friends what's there not to love? The great thing playing this console again now is that all the games are really cheap now because no one wants them any more, so it's hours of more entertainment for me.

The main game I'd play with a group of people is Mario Kart or Mario Party, you can't go wrong with a classic Mario game. It's extremely fun and turns friends against each other during the games. It's weird how a simple racing game can be so fun and addictive, I always want to play it now, yet it's the same thing over and over. Everything about the game is just excellent and if you've never played it before, where have you been? 
Mario Party is just like Mario's take on the classic board game with extra mini games, it's full of fun and quirky games and different types of battles you can play.

A game that I'd play when I'm by myself and bored is another classic, Animal Crossing. It's basically the Sims but so much cuter. I'm currently trying to make my town presentable again as it's been overrun by weeds, the result of being absent so long. It's really fun when you're bored to decorate your own home, design and do things in your own little world you create. I liked the game so much I even have two of them so I could play the game again without restarting and deleting my old game data, I'm such a hoarder and I'm too sentimental but it's okay because now I can connect the two towns together.

Does anyone else have these games or remember playing them?

Charity Shop Finds

If you asked me more than a year ago to go buy clothes out of a charity shop, I would've looked at you like you were crazy. I just had it in my head that none of the clothes in there were good quality, I was wrong. Recently I've been going to look in charity shops to see what they have because sometimes they have really surprisingly good things and other times just have nothing I'd wear. I've bought a few things from different charity shops recently and thought I'd share them to show that you can find cool things for really cheap. It's a cheap way to buy new clothes plus the money goes to charity, so you're also supporting a good cause (depending on the charity shop.) It's really a good way to support charities while also recycling clothes and reducing wastage.


We actually got this Lacoste polo shirts at different times in different charity shops. I got mine first. If we wore these out at the same time I'm sure we'd get a slagging but oh well. I'd been looking for a polo shirt for a while and this baby pink one was so me. It was only three euro as well, talk about a bargain. The black men's one was only five euro too which is such a deal as you can get these online for around seventy euro.

 The next item I bought was this burgundy and beige jacket. It was only four euro and had some holes in the pockets but I can't really complain at that price, it's pretty easy just to sew it up. I really like this jacket and it's easy to throw over anything. Where else can you get a jacket for four euro?

I really like owning stuff that isn't new because it feels like it already has a story behind it, how cool is that?

If you've never really bought anything from a charity shop why not give it another go and explore some more? You could be surprised by what you might find.

Lush: The Art of Bathing

For my birthday last year in October, my boyfriend bought me Lush's 'The Art of Bathing' bath box set. This is by far the fanciest Lush product I've ever owned. I think by now I've tried almost all of Lush's bath bombs and bubble bars, yet I haven't tried most of their other products, but I will get around to it. It has taken me about 9 months to finish this bath set. I don't know if it would take other people this long or it's also down to the fact I've used other Lush bath sets in between and don't take baths that often. Either way I've finished the whole set completely now and thought I'd review it as I don't see many Lush sets being reviewed, just the single products.

The set includes fifteen Lush bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts. I really enjoyed trying them out and seeing which ones I liked and what ones I'd repurchase. I'm only going to do a quick review of each, otherwise I could be typing all day. As a side note you should know I'm terrible at describing scents.

The bath bombs:  
  • Butterball: This bath bomb was one of my favourites, it smelt like a subtle chocolate with vanilla which was so lovely. It had little cocoa butter pieces in it which melt in the water which made it super kind and moisturizing to your skin.
  • Avobath:  This one smelt like a summer garden. It contains lemongrass, avocado and olive oil. It turned the bath vibrant green and smelt very healthy and refreshing,
  • Fizzbanger: This bath bomb is said to have a toffee and apple smell to it but I definitely remember smelling more apple then toffee, it's sweet scented and contains popping candy which pops as it melts.
  • Big Blue: This bomb is meant to remind you of the ocean and it smells like it and leaves the bath a blue ocean colour. I remember nearly freaking out when I saw this because I wasn't expecting seaweed to come out and I had no idea what it was. The only downside to this was the seaweed wasn't that pretty and didn't come off the bath very quickly.
  • Granny Takes A Dip: The name is not the most flattering, I'll admit and I was hesitant to try this one, it was the last one I tried. I didn't like the smell of this one, it contains lemon and ginger, but in the bath I did like it. The bath bomb begins multicolored and in the end turns into a deep clear purple, after all the psychedelic colours blend together. The final colour is probably my favourite out of all the bath bombs I've tried.
  • Dragons Egg: I've had this bath bomb more than once, but it's still fascinating to watch. It's meant to represent a dragon's egg hatching and as it fizzes it turns into a golden shimmery orange with popping candy which is meant to symbolize fire. It smells very citrus-y and is one of the most fun bath bombs to watch, plus it takes a good while to melt away completely. It puts on a good show.
  • Tisty Toasty: This is a really cute bath bomb in the shape of a heart. It smells like roses and contains roses in it which just float around your bathtub, how romantic. It's one of the cutest looking bath bombs I've owned and it smelled really fresh, like you just cut the roses from your garden.
  • Think pink: This is a really small bath bomb with little confetti hearts inside and flowers on the top. It's a really girly bath bomb, it smells sweet like vanilla and turns the bath a pretty pink, as expected.

Bubble bars:
  • Sunnyside: For anyone that doesn't know, a bubble bar is essentially a bubble bath, it makes bubbles. Sunnyside is super glittery, you can't even pick it up without getting glitter everywhere. It smells citrus-y again and leaves the bath gold and glittery. It takes a long time to get the glitter off the bath and yourself.
  • The comforter: This one smells amazing! It's one of my favourite scents, it's so sweet and fruity, it's meant to smell like blackcurrants but I don't really smell it, it smells sweeter . It leaves the bath a gentle pink again and makes really good bubbles.
  • Rose Jam Bubbleroon: The bubble bar is exactly it's name, it's made from rose oil and shea butter and smells sweet and is moisturizing for your skin. 
  • Red Fun:  This is a product that I'm not sure which category it goes in. It's a four in one product which means it can be used as a shampoo, a bubble bar, soap or you can just play with it. I used it as a bubble bar so I'm putting it in this category. It's kind of like play-doh for the bath. You can stretch it and mess with it and then use it, it's really fascinating. It's not my favourite but I think it's awesome that it can be used for a lot of things. This one smells orange-y but I'm aware it comes in four different colours and scents I think.
  • Brightside: This bubble bar is like the sister to 'The Comforter' in design and feel, the only difference is the colour. This one is orange and yellow and I really enjoy both. It's really cheerful, smells like citrus and makes superb bubbles like 'The Comforter.'
Bath Melts:
  • Melting Marshmallow Moment: How nice does this one sound? It's super sweet and super refreshing to your skin. Bath melts are literally bath bombs without the fizz. This melt has the perfect scent, it contains, candy floss, cocoa butter and almond oil. It literally sounds like you can eat it. It leaves your bath a sweet pink and feels moisturizing on your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated after your bath, I would really recommend this one.
  •  Ceridwen's Cauldron:  I'm not sure if this is a bath melt or not but it feels like one. It melts in a little bag which contains oats and flowers and after the bath melt has melted, the oats and flowers remain in the bag. It looks a bit weird, but again it's really good for your skin, it just feels really healthy after using the bath melts.

I am aware that this post is super long for me but I wanted to do a proper review and not just do half of it. I'm also annoyed at myself for not taking more photos of the bath bombs themselves because the post looks very bare when it's just writing, I guess I'll just do it next time.

Has anyone tried this set before or any of the bath bombs inside of it?

OOTD: Black and White Stripes

If you know me then you'll know that I love shirts with stripes on them. I've no idea why, I just own a wide variety of striped shirts and just keep continuing to buy more. I think they are such a flattering shirt on anyone and that everyone should at least have one variation of a striped shirt in their wardrobe. I feel like they just really suit me and they are a nice casual outfit, plus it goes with everything really, depending on the stripe. Black and white horizontal stripes are usually my forte even though I've been told they're meant to 'make you look wider' but I don't think they do, they're just so flattering. Look at me getting so enthusiastic talking about my love of stripes. They're just timeless okay?

My room is looking well and I couldn't get the red eye corrector to work so I look like the devil, just some excuses from me, ignore them. This is a really typical outfit for me though.
  • Striped shirt is from Penneys for four euro, how could you say no? The fit is perfect and I really love it.
  • Jeans are from Bershka, where I normally buy jeans, it's going to become redundant to put it in so many blog posts, but I know it will happen. 
  • Boots are from Penneys too, as you can tell I'm a really high end shopper.
Anyone else think stripes are flattering or have any in their wardrobe?


I want to do more posts that are just based around pictures of places that I've been and have adventured too, how arsty of me. I don't exactly travel far or go to exotic places, I'm far too broke for that. I'm just really into taking pictures of things and interested in blogging little adventures.

Myself and Jack went on a little adventure to a park near my house. I really wanted to go rollerblading so that's what we did, even though he had a skateboard. We really are about five. The park is super pretty so enjoy some pictures of us trying to be cool.

Found this cute little flower shop on the way to the park and even though I never buy anything I literally always take photos, it's a problem.


I tried to Rollerblade for a little bit but the path became non existent so we just had to walk through the fields.

I could spend hours just sitting there beside the river. Some parts of the river are really calm and the rest are really rapid. We come here often just to chill and talk. It's pretty peaceful.

Is there a place any of you like to go just to take your mind off things or feel at peace in?

Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks

When I buy makeup palettes, there's always a few colours I don't use as much and I wish were another colour.  I know Mac do palettes you can make up yourself, but I'd never really seen other brands do it as much.
I was looking for a light pink eye shadow and came across the Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks. They are individual eye shadows that you buy separately but you can attach them to each other to make your own palette, so you don't need to buy unnecessary colours, just the ones you want.

I really like the packaging and the way they fit together. They had exactly the colours I was looking for, I was looking for a more light pastel pink and purple but couldn't find one anywhere and these shades were perfect. The only bad thing is that they don't have many colours in the range. There's a lot of brown shades in the range but I want more vibrant colours because I have enough neutral palettes. 

The shades above are in Candy, Lilac and Plum. Candy and Lilac are Pearl eye shadows and are shimmery with large enough amounts of glitter in them and Plum is a matte shade. I would have swatched them but they are really subtle eye shadows, which is the thing I really like about them. I know most people really like strong pigmented eye shadows but I think subtle ones are just as nice. I've had so many people complement these shades too. I love that they are not neutral, natural colours but can be warn as such as they are really gentle and flattering on the face. I might do another post wearing them sometime because I wear them a lot. 
They stay on really well and they're perfect for people like me who don't go wild with their makeup but want hints of other colours on their eyes without going completely crazy. I hope that they release more colours sometime. They're around 4 Euro per eye shadow from what I remember, which is a good price.

Does anyone own any of these eye shadows or anything similar?

Thoughtful Spot: Time

Another thoughtful spot? Already? 
All I've been doing recently is thinking. I've had too much time to think, it's not that fun. The more I think about things the more I plan how my future should turn out, when in reality none of what I planned will ever work out. Things will work out in different ways than I've thought and me making this ideal world for myself will never happen. I plan things so far in advance when time changes everything.

Time is a weird thing. It doesn't really exist yet we all understand the concept. It's strange how if you're doing something you love time goes so fast, yet if it's something you're not a fan of, a minute can seem like an hour. I don't want my life not to be spent doing something I love but this also means I don't want time to go by so fast that somehow I'm in my thirties and have no idea where all the years have gone. I want to be able to enjoy every moment of my life and thinking that we never know when our last moment will enjoy will be is so terrifying.

I feel like I plan too far head and that the things I plan will never happen and I need to try and slow down time just to make sure I have enough in the end to do the things I want. Sometimes I just wish I could see the timeline of my life to see the way things work out and go so I can see what's important in the overall scheme of life and focus all my time on that instead. I'm afraid of wasting my time on things, exactly like right now, when I'm thinking too much about things that won't matter to me this time next week. What even is the concept of time? I don't even have enough time to think about it.

I know my posts don't make sense but this is exactly what the thoughtful spot is for, yay for ramblings.

Does anyone else ever feel like they don't have enough time for anything and don't know where it's going?

OOTD: Mom Jeans

I have no idea why I wanted a pair of Mom jeans for so long, they're called that right? They just looked so comfortable and stylish, even though they're widely considered unfashionable. They're not the most flattering trousers ever but they are comfy and they are very casual and easy to move in. I know most people wouldn't want a pair of them but I really like the vintage feel to them and the faded denim or acid wash that they usually come in.

Any jeans that are high- waisted are my thing. Usually I'd style these jeans with a longer shirt tucked in to give it the more vintage feel. I picked up the jeans in Tola Vintage's kilo sale last month after really wanting a pair. My pair are actually considerably large around my thighs but you can get variations of the style of jeans to suit you. My mother has already told me that it looks like I robbed her wardrobe from the 80's so I guess the whole vintage vibe is coming back again as I've seen so many people wear them recently too.
My pale pink top is from Topshop and it was 8 Euro. I love the style of it, it's a crop top but it's a long crop top which I think is super pretty, plus the pink is super cute. They have the shirt in almost every colour too.
My necklace is one I got in Spain a few years ago for 20 Euro, it's supposedly a real crystal but I'm not so sure but I still think it's simply pretty.
My shoes are Puma Suedes in black and white.

Anyone else own a pair of these jeans or have an opinion on them?

My Favourite Lipsticks: Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection

Whenever I need a new lipstick I always go to the same brand, Rimmel London. I have no idea why or how I got hooked on that exact one but I think they are just wonderful. I'm sure when I can afford more expensive lipsticks I'll love them, but this make up for me has always been cheap and cheerful. Rimmel London have such great products for cheap enough so I don't always see why I should spend an extra 20 euro on another product that does the same thing just as well, unless I was feeling adventurous of course.

Their lipsticks are long lasting, pigmented and they have a great range of choice in their lipstick collections and colour choices. Out of all the Rimmel Lipsticks I've had, the Kate Moss collection is my favourite by far.

From the pictures above;
  • The first one is in the shade 01.
  • Second is in the shade 02.
  • The third is in the shade 107.
  • Finally the last is in the shade 08.
The shade 08 and 107 are my favourite lipsticks ever. Number 08 is my go to lipstick for every day wear. It's basically the same colour as my lips only a little darker which gives them a bit more life and colour, while looking natural at the same time. My favourite thing about it is the fact that it could fade over time and not look tacky because it won't leave fade marks in the middle because it just looks like my actual lips.
I was in Boots today and saw that the Kate Moss Collection had released new nude colours similar to this shade. I'll most likely get some and blog about them another time because they look perfect for me.
Number 107 is my favourite lipstick to put on if I'm going out. It's the perfect blend of red and purple dark lipstick tones. It matches every outfit and I think it really suits me and most people I've seen wear it.

The swatches above are in the same order as the lipsticks I've named above.
The other two shades I own I don't wear as often. Number 01 is a perfect red colour which is really flattering and 02 comes out a vibrant pink colour which I don't think really suits me but I might try and pull it off again soon.

I'll probably own every shade in this collection soon enough because they just sit so well and all the colours are just the ones I want.

Does anyone else own any lipsticks in this collection or have tried them before?

The Outfit that Matches Everything: Plaid

Plaid is the simplest outfit ever yet it's always in style. It's so easy and quick to throw a plaid shirt of any size over an outfit and have it match regardless of what you're wearing. It's my go to outfit for when I can't decide what I'm going to wear or I'm in a rush and need to find something that matches super quickly.

I wasn't planning on taking outfit posts today but I wanted to just get started with some so I can see what I want to do with them. So here's another plaid outfit, expect a lot of them, knowing me. You'll start to see how unadventurous and simple I am with clothes and that the things I buy are similar as I do more posts but oh well.


  • My plaid shirt is another I picked up in a vintage shop. This is probably the best and cheapest way to pick up loads of plaid shirts and other bits. I prefer them to be oversize and more cozy.
  • Plain black top is from New Look.
  • High waist black jeans are from Bershka.
  • My backpack is from Pennys/Primark.
  • Finally I pulled out my dirty old white converse because I was going to be outdoors all day and they're comfy and I don't mind getting them mucky. I picked these high top ones up from Office a long time ago.

A Place to Think

For me, the ocean has always been a place to think. It's a place that always calms me and it's a place I wish I lived closer to so I could spend more time there by myself. I always feel at ease around the ocean, it's probably the waves that calm me or just the water itself. My dad always says that he thinks I'm some sort of mermaid because whenever he's with me and I'm near the ocean or in a swimming pool, I'm just happy.
I think it's the simplicity of the ocean and how clear it is just reminds me of simple things in life and how I need to clear my own mind to reflect this. Sometimes it's just hard to explain what I mean.
I took a trip to the beach twice in the past week and I feel like when I'm there everything just feels okay. It's like a safe place, even though I know it's such a dangerous place. It's quite a paradox.

While I want to talk about my love for the ocean, I also wanna bring up the issue of climate change. You're probably thinking, wow, could this post get any more boring but this is something I really think is important and I know everyone else should too. I'm putting it in this post to show how we as humans could ruin something so beautiful by negligence. Here I am talking about something that we can't control, yet we have the power to destroy it and so many other things. I wanna just make it a thought to people who wouldn't ever think about it. 
Looking after the environment is so important and I know people think it's such an effort to look after the earth, I have a life to live, but it's not that hard to conserve energy or go to two bins instead of one. There's not much one person can do about this issue but there is something we can do by spreading the word a little and become aware of the dangers of climate change or global warming. 
I don't want to be harsh about the effects of global warming but it not only damages our world but damages our future generations. It's not fair if we don't give our progeny the same chance in life as we have had and that they are exposed to all the harmful effects of climate change like water levels rising, forest fires, carbon emissions, gradual extinction of animals etc. 

I really hope if you read this that you want to research a little bit more about sustainable development so we can keep our planet clean and safe from destruction. It's really easy to recycle and cut down on our food wastage and energy consumption. I'm most certainly not qualified to teach anyone about this topic but I want people to be aware that it's important and seriously worth looking into.

 I just hope you give a little bit of thought into the fact that the earth needs looking after too and that we're not the only species on the planet that matters.

June Favourites

I don't have much in the line of favourites during the month of June due to the fact that I spent just over half of it indoors studying and doing exams. So I haven't had much time to try new things or do much in general, it sucked.
However I have a few things I want to rave about.

The first item is a food item, which is typical of me. I have become obsessed with Reese's peanut butter cups, especially the mini ones, they are adorable and delicious. I only recently decided on the fact that I really like peanut butter and these helped me get through my exams. I may have admittedly ate way more than I should have during the past month but I have no regrets about it. I say it's a food product you either are obsessed with or hate.

The second item is the TV show 'Pretty Little Liars'. Now I know this has been out for many years but I have never understood the hype around it. My friend had made me watch episodes before and I never got into it but I decided to give it another go and now I am hooked. I'm still only on season one which is a long way to catch up to the current season six so now you know what I'll be doing in my spare time from now on. It's not a show I would have ever thought I would like so I'm kind of surprised myself. I know I'm late to be raving about this show but it's better late than never.

My last favourite of last month is Twenty One Pilots new album 'Blurryface.' These have become my all time favourite artists recently. Their sound is so unique and they're so original and you can't compare them to any other artist. Their lyrics are easy to relate to for me and they can write sad lyrics with a happy tune and their songs just make me so happy. It's hard to describe what type of music they play. They combine pop music with dance beats and the lead singer Tyler Joseph raps a bit and sings melodically also. They have strong beats and sometimes use ukulele in their songs. I really recommend if you've never listened to them before that you go check them out, I guarantee that there is at least one song of theirs that you'll love. I'm going to see them play with All Time Low in August and I'm so excited for it because I'm sure they're going to be absolutely amazing live.

Lets hope that July is an even better month!

Simple Concert Makeup

 As you may have seen in my previous blog post, I went to see Taylor Swift live the other day which meant that I had to make my face presentable so I thought I'd blog about the make up I used. I knew that no matter what I wore on my face, that it was going to come off anyway in the heat or would smudge during the concert. I chose to wear not too much makeup but enough for it to be fancier than I normally do.


The products I used are in the picture above. (Also it looks like I'm not wearing trousers but I'm wearing the shorts and outfit as seen in my last outfit post.)
The products are:
- Rimmel London: Wake Me Up foundation 103 True Ivory
- Rimmel London: Wake Me Up concealer
- Natural Collection: corrector stick in green
- Rimmel London: Stay Matte powder in 001 transparent
- Soap & Glory: Supercat Carbon Black Extreme liquid eyeliner
- Revlon ColourBurst lip stain in Honey Douce
- Natural Collection: Lash Curl Mascara in black
- N7: Amazing eye pencil in black
- Bourjois Paris: Bronzing powder (not sure of the colour.)
- Urban Decay: Naked Palette 2 - Eyebrows and under the eye: Tease
                                                    - Eyelid: Suspect
                                                    - Crease: Busted
                                                    - Brow bone: Bootycall and Foxy

I'm not the most experimental in the line of makeup but I hope to try out new products and do more makeup and fashion related posts in the future. 

OOTD: Taylor Swift Concert

Guess who went to see the fabulous Taylor Swift on Monday?
Me, and it was so so amazing. I saw her back in 2011 I think when she first came to Dublin and she hasn't been back since, so four years is a long time to wait for her to come back. I've waited so long and it was so worth the wait. She knows how to put on a show and she improved so much since the last concert I seen her in, which I thought was impossible.
Her staging, set up, props and performance were just so spectacular. Every song had a story behind it and she basically performed her way of explaining the story on stage and she also talked to the audience so much. You'll have to actually go see her live to see the amount of effort and energy she puts into her shows and how much she actually cares for her fans.
We were standing for the concert so I knew I had to wear something that would keep me warm outside and cool enough inside.


I got my plaid shirt in a vintage shop that I can't remember the name of but it's Ralph Lauren and it's super cosy. My top is from Urban Outfitters and is so cute I'm in love with it. My shorts and boots are from Primark and I've no idea how long ago I got them but they always sell similar items.

Anyone else a huge Taylor Swift fan like me or has gone to see her live before?