Lokai Bracelets

I first saw an image of these bracelets about a year ago and I thought the concept behind them is so cute. If you've never seen them before they are are plastic bubble bracelets with one white and one black. The white one contains water from mount Everest and the black one contains mud from the Dead Sea.

I really love the concept behind these bracelets which is why I asked for them. It's meant to represent the highs and lows in life. The water from Mount Everest represents the high points in life and the mud from the Dead Sea represents the lows. The thing I like about the bracelets is that they symbolize balance. Meaning if you're at a low you won't be there forever and vice-versa, which is a good thing to think about when you're feeling sad. It's nice to have a little reminder that things will get better, and even if you're at a high, you can be happy knowing how far you've come to get there. 

I don't know why you can't read the writing on the picture but it says 'Water from Mount Everest: Sometimes you're on top of the world, stay humble', and 'Mud from the Dead Sea: Sometimes you've hit a low, stay hopeful'. I really like how simply it's put. It's so cheerful and upbeat. I haven't actually worn the bracelet much because it keeps getting stuck when I wear a jacket, which is essential these days, so it makes me sad that I don't wear it out much.

The white one is the original Lokai bracelet and the pink one was released during October in aid of breast cancer and breast cancer awareness month. When you buy one they donate some money towards the cause, which is another good reason to get one. I just think it's a cute, simple way to uplift someones mood or to get them to think about the better things in life. That's what it does for me anyway. 

Anyone have any Lokai bracelets or think it's a good idea? 

Someday Summary 20.11.15

Some days everything just feels really happy and positive or going well. I like writing these someday summary posts on these days because it's nice to try and spread positive feelings and I like to look back at happy moments rather than the sad ones, which makes sense. 

  • Jack and I went to a cafe near our college and got some beverages. I got a hot chocolate, the necessary winter drink, and he got a cappuccino. It was really good and it was such a cute place. We got to talk for like two hours straight and it was really cute, I say cute a lot. Coffee dates are the best, he's the bestest though.
  • I'm going to Paris on Monday and I am so excited, nervous and scared for it. 
  • My college work seems to have slowed down a bit, which gives me time to breathe right now, I feel a little less overwhelmed than I was, but it'll start back again.
  • I also just put up a cover on my YouTube channel if you wanna go check it out Here. I'd be happy if you could leave me your thoughts on it as making music stuff is something that keeps me really happy and calm. 
  • I have the rest of today to chill and read things I want to read as opposed to college readings and it's pretty good. 
  • I'm feeling really appreciative of where my life is right now, even though it could be so much better, but I'm still happy and it's a good thing to be feeling. I'm especially thankful for the people I surround myself with.
Anyone do anything nice today or feel appreciative of anything?

Black & White Cozy Jumper | OOTD

Since winter is fast approaching, crazily enough, it's more and more appropriate to head out and stock up on cozy jumpers. I am a huge advocate for all things over sized and cozy so sweater season is definitely my thing. Even though outside in the middle of winter, you'll need more than just a jumper to keep you warm. Maybe it's just me though as I feel the cold so quick and need to wear a parka jacket every time I leave the house.

My jumper is from Vera Moda and I love how easy it is to wear. You can throw it on over any pair of jeans and not have to make too much of an effort with it, the joy of jumper season. The three quarter length sleeves kind of annoy me but I love the design of the jumper so it weighs out the one bad feature. It's super cozy and perfect for a chill day with friends.

What's everyone's current wardrobe style for this winter? 

Fall Out Boy | Dublin Concert

I can't believe how late I am to post this. I've had the busiest month ever and forgot to put this up altogether. I went to see Fall Out Boy at the start of October in Dublin, see how late this is? 
Obviously being an amazing pop punk band, they put on a really great show.

I went with my bestest friend Kathryn, who is probably a bigger Fall Out Boy fan then me, she's a super fangirl, I hope she reads this. We were both pretty good fangirls for the night and lost our voices also. 

They played all their old classics like 'Dance, dance' and 'Thnks fr th mmrs' which is probably my favourite of their songs. They played their new stuff from their newest album 'American Psycho/American Beauty' and the rest of the stuff they played was from their 'Save Rock and Roll' album. They had the most perfect setlist and their songs are my new favourites to be heard live. It was so much fun just screaming lyrics and dancing along to their stuff, they make it so fun. 

They also had pretty amazing backdrops for all their songs and it looked like a lot of work went into it. My favourite songs that they played were probably 'My songs know what you did in the dark' and 'Young Volcanoes'. They played 'Young Volcanoes' and 'Immortals' acoustic half way through the concert which was a really good way to make the songs different from the usual electric guitar and drum beats. For those of you who have a vague idea of who Fall Out Boy are, have heard of them or might not know them at all, they have a song that was released in the recent Disney film 'Big Hero 6', an amazing film if I must say. You might have seen it before but if you haven't I'll link the song here.

I decided to put outfit pictures of the day in with this post as I had them and I wore my army jacket especially for the occasion. You can definitely see the old emo side of me in my music taste and fashion sense, I was cool okay? I went with the most grunge clothes I own, which isn't a lot. I am aware that the picture quality isn't the best and that they are slanty, but you have to get with the scene.

Check out Fall Out Boys stuff if you're into pop punk, indie kind of music anyways and if you already love Fall Out Boy has anyone ever been to their concert before? I'd love to hear about it!

Botanic Gardens

I've wanted to visit this place for a long time so what better time than to visit on your college midterm? It doesn't sound very exciting going to a place just covered in various types of plants and flowers but I think there's just something tranquil and beautiful about the place. If I lived near it I'd be there constantly I think.


It's times like these I wish I had a camera, if only the battery didn't leak in mine. I would've taken so much more photos than I did on my not-so-great iPhone. I feel like I could've sat there all day. They had this really cute pumpkin designing competition going on for children too and I thought it was super cute. Are you ready for a lot of photos of flowers and plants?


They had different green houses for different types of plants which I thought was really cool. They have one with cacti, as seen above and tropical plants and then more native kind of plants. The tropical room was really warm and it did make me feel like I was on some sort of tropical island, which was pretty neat and means that the design is pretty superb.



The pictures of me taking pictures of plants is like inception right? I really enjoyed and enjoy taking photos of nature so if I figure out blog layouts better then I'll probably have them displayed in a more creative way.


We left just as the sun was going down which made the scene so much prettier. The place is also attached to a graveyard which I know some people won't find interesting but there's a lot of history found there as a lot of famous Irish people are buried there. Not the best note to be ending on admittedly.

Anyone know of any places near them like this? I'd love to hear about them and travel there someday!

Lush Bath Bombs | Butterbear & Dragons Egg

I know I have a review of Dragons Egg on my blog somewhere already, last year sometime, around the time I managed to delete all the pictures off this blog. So I don't see why I can't do an updated little review thing. I'd previously had Butterbear too as far as I can remember. Either way they're two great Lush products and lets start talking about them.


The Dragons Egg bath bomb is probably the most entertaining to watch, I know that's how I always describe it. It smells like lemon and citrus and is meant to symbolize a dragons egg, it's not named that for no reason. It's one of the biggest Lush bath bombs I've had and it takes maybe longer than five minutes to fizz completely. 

Once dropped in the bath it fizzes around until the water hits the middle. The bath bomb then turns from white to an orange and begins to turn the bath orange. This is meant to be like dragons fire if I'm correct. The middle has a lot going on in it. It releases popping candy, gold glitter and coloured jelly which is moisturizing for the skin. It smells really clean, if I can use that description, and leaves your skin with a fresh scent. 

Butterbear on the other hand, is probably the most moisturizing and nourishing bath bomb. It contains cocoa butter and leaves your skin feeling really soft. It's not a very eventful bath bomb, it doesn't have an array of colour or anything fancy inside, just it's cute little face and it's great qualities. I would definitely recommend this bath bomb to people who have dry skin or who want a really luxurious feeling bath bomb. Smells great too, it has the same scent as butterball, I'm pretty sure they're like the same product in a different shape. 

I feel like I have a lot of Lush products at home I still need to try out, since I love Lush that much, so you'll be seeing a lot of it on my blog soon. 
Anyone try these products before?