Primark Chocolate Range | Review

I know Primark are getting really good at their makeup game, especially making dupes and similar products to popular ones out there, like Kim and Kylie Kardashians range. Now I don't ever really try their skin products often because I had a bad brake out because of one before so I try to test their other products. Recently they released a range based on Chocolate, which I think looks a lot like Too Faced Chocolate palette and other products. Primark do have a chocolate palette themselves which smells the same as the Too Faced one but it didn't have any interesting shades so I didn't buy it. Instead I thought I'd try the Chocolate Molten Gloss - which is very similar in packaging to Too Faced melted lipsticks, and the Chocolate highlighter because it looked very pretty. 

The Primark Chocolate molten Gloss was very disappointing for me, when I swatched it, it seemed to be very pigmented and not very glossy and glittery - but more matte and it does smell like chocolate. Yet when applied to the lips it washed my skin tone out and made my lips look very colourless. It was very glittery on, and not very glossy. I think it might be good on top of another lipstick, but by itself I would not wear it again. I think that the packaging is pretty and that it is very like the idea of Too Faced melted lipsticks, but it is no where near as nice. The lip liner that comes with it is nice but not very strong in colour, it isn't hard to apply but it looks like it could be twisted up but doesn't twist. It's not the worst but not the best that I've tried.


 The next thing from the range that I bought is the Chocolate highlighter, I kind of thought that it would be a chocolate toned colour, but it is the complete opposite, but still smells like chocolate. I think it's very pretty to look at on the inside, but the packaging isn't as nice as the other stuff in the range. The highlighter needs a few layers to have a good pay off effect but I do like it. It's very opaque yet pink, peachy and shimmery and a little iridescent, I think it will be nice in the summer and I will definitely be using it.

 Sorry the swatches aren't really in focus the highlighter wouldn't focus. The swatches are of the chocolate gloss, lip liner, and chocolate highlighter. 

Has anyone tried these products yet? What do you think of the products?

Busy London Streets | Outfit

I don't live in London but it's my favourite city that I've ever been to, no matter how many times I go I still love everything about it, how busy the streets are and how pretty the whole place is. I went to see Hamilton last week, I know right? It was amazing and I would one hundred percent recommend trying to go see it, I know the tickets aren't the easiest to get but it was wow. Walking around London can be tiring so outfits normally have to be comfy and casual, which I've learned the hard way. I had to buy new shoes half way through the day, not my best idea. Walking around London city is just so interesting and there's always something happening, especially down Oxford and Regent's Street (obviously why I had to do the blogger thing and take photos in the middle of the street). There was a lot of places that I would've loved to visit on my trip but I didn't have that much time, I would've loved to see the Isle of Dogs Exhibition and have lunch in places like Sketch but it didn't fit my schedule. But if I can recommend something I would say to visit the Victoria and Albert museum and visit the Winnie the Pooh exhibition, which was the cutest thing I've ever been to, there's something for everyone there.

Jacket | Pull & Bear
Jumper | Primark
Shoes | H&M
Jeans | Miss Selfridge (Similar)

What's everyone's favourite London Street?

Amsterdam | Travel Diary

I feel like Amsterdam is the place where everyone is going recently, and I can see why. It really is such a beautiful city, the buildings, layout and places to see are just stunning. I love the architecture of all the buildings, they're all so unique and pretty. It's easy to navigate around whether you're walking, cycling or using any public transport. I love the cycling culture, I did try my hand at cycling and loved it, even though I could never do it at home. There's so many museums and interesting places to visit if you're a tourist and I didn't get to do much of it so I say I will visit again in the future. As always I thought I'd share a few photos from my trip.

Of course you need your canal photos, what kind of tourist would I be without it?

 Even their train station is prettier than any other I've seen.

Has anyone been to visit Amsterdam before? What was your favourite place?

Easter Lush April Showers Bath Bomb | Review

I review the Baa Bar from Lush's Easter range not expecting to have more Easter Products to review but I couldn't say no in my recent trip to the April Shower's bath bomb. Everything in this range has just been so cute. Every time I say the name of this bath bomb I start to sing that song of the the same name from Bambi, anyone else? 

This bath bomb is shaped like a cloud with little pink and purple rain drops in it. This bath bomb doesn't have a very strong scent, I don't know how to describe it, it's said to have violet leaf, cypress oil and cedarwood oil, it's very calming and if it's not weird I think they may have tried to make it mimic the smell of rain, obviously its more floral but soothing.

I thought that it might not be a colourful bath bomb as it's really white with not much more colour in it, but as it melts the coloured rain drops begin to swirl in together and make the bath pastel coloured. The bath bomb moves a lot around the bath tub, and dissolved faster than a lot of other bath bombs out there. I really like the combination of the pink, purple and white. It's really pretty watching them swirl into each other and the bath is left a subtle purple colour after. I think it's a really cute spring product. The bubbles in the bath tub are made from Zoella's Snow Scoop bubble bath, which is not in stock any more but the Scooper Dooper bubble bath is a similar product, it makes really good bubbles.

I really love all the Easter and Spring Lush range. Has anyone tried any of these new products yet? What do you think?

Easter Lush Baa Bar | Review

It obviously wouldn't be my blog if I didn't review one of Lush's holiday type products for each season. I try not to go crazy and buy too much, as I would buy them all if I could. I try to pick the products that I think I'd like the best to try out and I'm usually right in my choices. This time, for Easter, I've chosen the Baa Bar, because I love sheep and I think it's so cute. How could you not buy this?

This bubble bar is shaped like a sheep, it has a white body and a purple face. I thought it was going to be white throughout the whole body but it's actually the same colour as the purple head on the inside. This smells a lot like Sleepy, which I have reviewed on my blog recently, and it contains the same lavender and soothing qualities it does to help you sleep. I think it's perfect to have that scent in a bath to get you ready for bed. As I've said before I don't particularly like lavender scents but this one is just the right amount that it's sweet but not overwhelming.

After crumbling the product under running water, it begins to turn the bath a lavender colour itself, but a really light pale kind which is really pretty. You don't have to use all of the product at once, I've only used half of it and it still produces a significant amount of bubbles. The product feels soothing on the skin and I would highly recommend any of the products that say that they help sleep, not only for that reason but also because they are so relaxing to have in a bath.

There are a few of the other Easter products that I've been looking at buying before they go out of stock but I love this one.

Has anyone tried this or any of Lush's other Easter range?

Skinny Dip Liquid Lip Products | Review

I know you're probably thinking that you didn't know that Skinny Dip did lip products, well either did I until a friend gifted me these Pout Power Matte Lip Paints. These came in a set of three and they're quite different than the lip products that I would normally go for. I don't have any lip colours that come in tubes like this unless they are lip balm like products, but these are more like liquid lipsticks than anything. I thought I would dislike them but they're growing on me more and more and I'm reaching for them more lately than I thought I would. 

The three different shades of these lip colours are Flawless, Flamin' Hot and Girl Gang. Flawless is a brown and oranged toned nude, which I thought I would hate as oranges don't look good on me because of how pale I am, but it's my favourite of the lot. Flamin' Hot is a dark pink red shade, which isn't as dark on as it is on the packaging. The last one is Girl Gang which is a really pale light pink, which is my least favourite as I think it's a little bit too pink, and I hate that in a lip colour.
The application of these lip colours is one I actually enjoy.

The nib of the lip colour is a fluffy applicator that you squeeze the tube so that product comes out. It doesn't look so nice after you've used it as the product stains the top, and I cant imagine it being very hygienic. I actually love how easy it is to apply, and it feels like you're applying a lip balm rather than liquid colour. The product is creamy and smooths out nicely, admittedly it doesn't last an awful long time, it's not a hassle to re-apply. The product is completely matte but gives a nice moisture to your lips, not drying them out. One of the other great things about these is that they're cruelty free and aren't that expensive.
The above swatches are in order, Flamin' Hot, Girl Gang and Flawless.

I would love to try more products like this if anyone has any suggestions!

Has anyone tried these before? What do you think of them?

Lush Sleepy | Review

This Lush product has been so popular over the past year or so that at times it has been so hard to get. It's popular due to a blog post which stated that Sleepy helped them sleep at night, and it was sold out in shops near me for months, and I was dying to try it. I'm a huge fan of Lush's body lotions, there's something so soothing and moisturizing about them. This is definitely one of my faves. 

Now I'm not a massive fan of lavender, I find the scent overpowering a lot of the time. Yet with Sleepy, I feel like the lavender is just the right amount and it's a scent that I actually like. Lush has a whole range of product's scented like this, all based off the Twilight bath bomb, which is great for a soothing and relaxing bath. I personally don't think this product helps me sleep but I do think the scent has relaxing qualities to it that can add to it. The product is creamy and easy to lather and smooth into your skin, leaving it soft with a gentle lavender scent. 


It's no wonder that this product is popular and I know that I'll be repurchasing again in the future. 
Has anyone else tried this or any similar products from Lush? What do you think?