Current Favourites | October 2019

I feel like my current favourites posts are always very random and they are really a mixture of things that really stand out on my everyday use. Which may or may not be interesting. I often find it interesting how we can use many items everyday for a long time and then suddenly its replaced with something else without even realising it. These are the current items that have stuck with me over the past month. 

I have been using Burberry Touch perfume every single day for the past month or so - although the funny thing is I didn't get it in recent months I forgot I had it and was delighted to rediscover it. I got this for a very good price in the airport on the way home from a holiday during the summer and I will definitely be repurchasing. I am awful at describing scents but the website describes it as fruity, floral and has a delicate nature. When someone recommends perfume I just assume its nice until I smell it so you should do the same.

The next item is a staple for many people - a Carmex lip-balm. I felt like I was the only person not to have tried one of these up until recently. The cold weather really took a toll on my lips and I had heard great things about Carmex. None of my other lip balms were doing the job at the time but ever since I have started using this I have had no problems with dry or dehydrated lips which is amazing. I would recommend picking one of these up for protection coming up to this cold winter months, it really does wonders.

The next product I've been using is Lush's No Drought dry shampoo. I feel like I may have written about this before but after using lots of dry shampoo over the last while with my busy schedule, nothing seemed to work but I remembered trying Lush's in the past and decided to give it another try. It is so much more natural looking and feeling than any other dry shampoo I have tried. The formula is a powder which you scrub into your scalp and it really fluffs up and makes your hair less greasy instantly. It also adds volume to the hair and you could easily do this for more than one day and your hair would be presentable and fresher than any other product. Plus the natural ingredients are so much better for your hairs health. It also smells really nice of grapefruit.

The last product I've been using a lot is a soap I picked up from a small shop I believe is called Bomb Cosmetics after a quick Google of the product. It's called the Tangerine Dream shower soap. Why this soap in particular is nice is that it is attached to a sponge so when used in water the top part mainly of sponge foams up and creates a really nice shower scrub. And because it is also a block of soap means there is less waste and you get a lot longer out of it over many uses. I had never seen anything like this so I thought it was pretty cool. Plus the orange smell is amazing and fresh.

What has everyone been loving this month? Anything specifically Halloween-y that you've loved over last month?

Pastel Goth Kat Von D | Palette Review

It's my first post back and I have a lot of products that I have tried over the past year that I have been AWOL. The palette that I have used the most recently is Kat Von D's Pastel Goth palette. When trying to link this product it seems that it has been discontinued on Kat Von D's website -  but is still available on a few others. I was really drawn to this palette as every single colour in the palette was a shade that I did not already own. Being pastel and rainbow coloured was really appealing for me as I was trying to expand on my makeup skills and looks and therefore this palette was an instant hit. Although I wasn't anticipating to wear it as frequent as any other neutral shade palette I own. 

There are only eight shades in this palette which makes it quite small - yet each shade is very different from the next which gives it extra versatility. The shades are all pastel versions of the colours mainly found in a rainbow. As they are pastel I assumed they would be slightly muted in colour - yet was I extremely wrong. The colour pay-off of these shades is amazing. The consistency is very chalk like which is a little strange but it really allows the colours to stand out when applied. If using this palette using Skull - the white shade as a base is also a good idea for giving stronger colour pay-off for the other colours. The weird thing about this palette is that I'm using shades like green and blue like they were a casual brown or beige and I'm loving it. My most used and favourite shades are Star, Clementine and Meow (the first three shades) as wearing them all together makes a really beautiful sunset eye.

The below swatches are of the palette in order - although the quality of the picture is not the best. You can see in the picture that the shades are very chalky and look subtle but vibrant in shade. They look so much better on the eyes than on my arm I can confirm. This is the first Kat Von D palette I own and the quality is definitely worth investing in. Her products are all cruelty free and vegan which makes it much more appealing to me also.

If anyone has any suggestions on which colour combinations I should try please comment below! And if anyone has tried this palette before what are your opinions?

A Restart and New Beginning

Hi there. Welcome to my blog, or welcome back if you've been here before. It's been a long time since I've written and posted and it's been due to multiple reasons. Mainly due to work and study being way too overwhelming in the past year to keep up with other commitments alongside it so I took a back step from blogging.

The second reason for it taking so long to come and write again is me putting myself off. I keep convincing myself that I have nothing interesting to share, or that I don't have the resources to keep up with blogging trends and other people's blogging styles. So I didn't want to write things that in the end are useless and uninteresting posts.

Then I realised that blogging is each individual perspective on the world and sharing content even if no one reads it is a wonderful way to share ideas and stories in the world. Which was the reason that I started in the first place. Not only to share highlights of things I have enjoyed and not - but to share and help and inspire others, while also being a creative and artistic outlet. Which I think is wonderful. We're often too busy to do things we enjoy and this is me stopping to take the little moments and things in again.

So I've taken a little time in deciding whether to come back and post, and although most people who probably read my blog before are no longer here - I'm giving my blog a fresh start. I'm not changing the name or layout or anything - yet I've decided to be more lenient on what content I decide to post. I will still be posting many product reviews and travel posts like I used to do (although I will admit now I am trying to be more minimalist in my belongings which makes it harder - yet is a post in itself) but I also want to write about anything I feel like writing at the time as I love writing and should not feel limited in my own online space. Hopefully this will create not only a place of me sharing but of others sharing back. If not then I will still enjoy writing and sharing content again.

I am a little out of touch with the blogging world so hopefully won't take me long to feel at home again. If anyone wants to send me little words of wisdom or tips please share them!

Zoella X Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks

Zoella was one of the first Youtubers I watched when I was in my early teens and I've always enjoyed watching her videos. Although I don't enjoy them as much as I used to I still have a lot of fondness for her and the things that she does. When I heard that she was collaborating with Colourpop I was so excited. Colourpop is one of my favourite brands, I think they do amazing products, and they're always really good value. I love how creative they are with their designs and products. Zoe's collaboration is called Brunch Date, and it's based around the idea of having lunch with friends. Zoe's make up style isn't as extravagant as a lot of other influencers I follow, and I've seen people complain about the collab because of this because it's boring. Personally I am all for it, I love really simple make up that I would wear all the time, as I would get the most use out of it. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes that I don't use so I thought I would get the lip products (and an eyeliner) that I would use all the time. 

The collection is based off food that you would find in a brunch, and there are little egg patterns. The bigger packages are made like milk cartons and I think the whole designs are very visually pleasing and creative.

I love the colours that she has chosen, two are nudes, one is a more pink nude, the other a darker purple toned nude, but both are quite light. I wear them almost everyday since I got them. The other is a deep pure red, I wouldn't wear this one as much but it is like the ultimate red shade, perfect for special occasions. I love the formulations of these liquid lipsticks, they're probably the best I've ever tried. They are quick drying and look and feel really nice. They don't last an awful long time but I don't mind re-applying as it doesn't dry out my lips at all. I also got the black eyeliner from the collection as I have too many liquid eyeliners and not enough kohl ones. This one is twistable, you have to be a little bit gentle with it, as I broke a little bit off when first using it. The black has flecks of gold glitter within which I love the idea of but you can't really see it. Yet this product has such a long lasting effect and really does need to be wiped off with makeup remover to come off other than that it doesn't budge all day which I love.


I actually can't pick my favourite shade, I love both of the nudes, Little One, and @ Me, and as they are both so similar I just alternate between them. The only thing I dislike is the shipping costs from the US, and all of the product packaging cam damaged in the post, but that doesn't bother me too much.

Swatches are @ Me, Little One, and Self Love Club. The last is the eyeliner swatch,  XOXO.

Overall I really love this collection and Colourpop in general and I wish I had gotten more from the collection. Has anyone tried any pieces from Brunch Date yet?

Grey Sunset | Outfit

The one fashion item I buy more than anything else and have more than I should have is jackets and coats. Living in Ireland means that it is usually cold all of the time so it's hard not to leave the house without something to wear over your outfit to keep you warm, which means I have a lot to go with various outfits. Although most of the ones I own have no hoods which is a bad idea, yet I am always drawn to fur and brightly coloured jackets that don't always go with everything. I got this one over the Christmas period and didn't wear it too much then but just started wearing it and it's so comfortable and cozy I'm sad I didn't wear it as much when it was colder, as it's like wearing a fluffy dressing gown outside. 

Jacket | Can't remember where I bought it but the brand is Saint Genie
Jumper | Primark
Jeans | River Island
Shoes | Converse X Miley Cyrus

Anyone else own way too much jackets than they should have?

Mario Badescu Facial Spray | Review

I had a friend rave to me about all of Mario Badescu's skincare products, and how they help clear and regulate skin. They're one of those brands that I haven't seen around before and my friend usually orders them online, yet Urban Outfitters started to sell some of their products so I thought I would try something. They've actually released a wider range of their products since I bought this so I might have to go back and have another look soon. I usually use a facial/cleansing spray before and after I use makeup and I needed a new one so I got the Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rose water. 

I really love a good facial spray and it really does help hydrate skin and help to cleanse it. This one is very light and smells very fresh. It smells to me very like rosemary, which I like but I prefer it on food so it's not the most pleasing smell to put this on my face personally. Yet, I do like the texture and feel of it on my skin, it helps combat dry skin and I feel like it's the perfect addition to a skincare routine, I think its the perfect way to finish after a skincare routine or pamper session. I also love to use it when I'm feeling tired and need to feel awake and refreshed and hydrating your skin actually helps to rejuvenate and help me feel more energised.

I would love to try more of their products as I feel like this has been really good for my skin and helped to combat imperfections also.
Has anyone tried this or any other similar product before?

Norvina Palette | Anastasia Beverly Hills Review

I have posted a lot about the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes, and you'll find many reviews of the previous palettes in my archives, the only one I actually don't have is Soft Glam, and I picked Norvina over that for my new palette choice. I chose it as I love the colour palette in it, I love that it's a mixture of nude, everyday wear shades, but also really vibrant colours that you can play with and throw into a look for a little bit of fun on top of that. The pink, purple and blue tones compliment the brown shades and are so good at helping me add colours into my looks, as I am not very adventurous, or very good at doing make up also. Although they're vibrant colours, they're also neutral enough that they're not too crazy for simple people like me, and I wear every shade just the same amount. Although I already have reviews of similar palettes I thought I would do this one too as it is my favourite palette ever, until the next one comes. 

The packaging is a gorgeous lilac purple with a velvet case and it embodies the colours within it well. What I love about all of Anastasia's palettes is that they are great travel palettes as they always have a great mixture of shades that can be used for various things, plus they have a really nice mirror, which is something you always need while travelling and doing make up. 

The top row are all glitter shades and the bottom row are matte shades, and I love the mixture. My favourite shade is Celestial, it's a vibrant purple shade and the shimmer on it is so nice, it comes out lighter on the skin but they're all very buildable which I like. I also love Soul, which compliments Celestial very well, it's a blue toned purple, but because of the blue in it its much brighter than it looks but fits into the palette shades very well for the purple tones, I love the mixtures that all the colours have. In different lights they can look different and I love the unique quality of them. Other shades that I like are Passion, a burgundy red with brown undertones, and Eccentric, which is a dulled down electric yellow and I love that it's almost a mustard shade too. Overall the quality of the shadows themselves is so high, the matte ones have a good pay off of colour and don't need much on the brush but the colours are so pigmented it's amazing. The glitter shades are similar and the glitter payoff is very high and depending on the shade, change in the light. They last for a long time and don't tend to crease and move under eye movements, and if you have them on for long, they're easily blend-able into another look as they all go so well together.

The above swatches are from the second row, in order, Base, Soul, Incense, Love, Volatile, Eccentric, and Passion. 

The swatches above are from the first row, in order, Dreamer, Summer, Wild Child, Rose Gold, Celestial, Dazzling, and Drama.

Has anyone tried this palette before? What do you think or would you like to try?