Brighton Strolls | Photo Diary

I love Brighton so much and I can't get enough of it. It's been about a month since my trip there and I'm just obsessed with how pretty everything still is. I made a video on my trip if you'd like to check it out here, but for my blog I thought I'd do a short little photo diary showing all my favourite pictures from my trip. 

The iconic Brighton Pier sign, literally so pretty.

Regency Square, right behind the i360, where we stayed. The architecture and design is amazing!

The vegan dipping platter, praline milkshake and black coffee from Choccywoccydoodah. 

The West Pier.

Carousel and a view of the East Brighton Pier.

Breakfast at Bill's.

Brighton Beach.

Vegan lunch at VBites.

Sun setting over the West Pier and i360.

View from Brighton Pier at sunset.

I hope you enjoyed seeing little snippets from my trip and see why I love Brighton so much! Has anyone ever been before?

Beach Huts & Raincoats | Outfit

Since exams have taken over my life, I've not had the chance to write, and although I visited Brighton about a month ago, now is the only chance I've gotten to write so far. The place I wanted to go in Brighton for pictures was the beach huts, known for their cute outfit posts. They look so cute by the sea side and I literally loved everything about the beach and place all together. A stroll along the beach promenade with brightly coloured beach huts and the sound of the ocean is just perfect.


My favourite beach hut was the blue and white striped one, not particularly sure why but I loved the way it matched my outfit also. I'm wearing my current favourite item of clothing which is this raincoat from New Look. It's really good quality and light which is perfect for summer, so you can wear it in the warm weather and still stay dry when it rains, while making you look super cute. I did originally want it in yellow but I thought white would be a more versatile colour. My cactus t-shirt is from Shein, which is also my favourite place to online shop at the moment, so many favourites. My jeans are from Bershka which are sadly quite old and I can't find a similar pair to buy a new one anymore. To finish the look I just wore an old pair of converse which I don't mind getting dirty. 


Has anyone got a pretty raincoat for the summer? Let me know where you got it from as I'm still on the hunt for more!

Body Shop Recently Loved

During my latest trip to the UK, I visited the Body Shop, and although we have the Body Shop in Ireland, it is nothing like the quality of the stores in the UK. In Ireland, I don't often visit the Body Shop as I find it over priced and can never find anything I like, yet in the UK I fell in love with everything in the shop. They have a much more extensive range and much better prices, I'm not sure why, maybe I'm just confused with different currencies. 

The first product I've been trialing for the past week is the Pink Grapefruit hand cream. Now I'm not a hand cream person as my hands don't get very dry, except occasionally in winter, but the scent of this hand cream changed my mind completely. Obviously, it smells like pink grapefruit, I guess I didn't realise how much I appreciated the scent, so sweet and vibrant. As a cream itself, it's super quick to absorb and isn't sticky, the only downside is the fact it doesn't keep its scent as long as I'd like it to.

The other product I've been loving is the matte lip liquid in the shade Taipei Orchid. I've heard a lot of great things about this product before purchasing an I've been wanting to try it for a while. The shades I wanted weren't in stock, which were less pink toned than this shade, but I decided to try this one anyway. It's a really soft, baby pink and I don't think it complements my pale skin tone too much, but I still quite like it. Texture wise, it applies smoothly and dries quick enough, and lasts a considerable amount of time, my favourite part is that it doesn't dry out my lips at all, and I can't wait to try more shades.

(Above swatch is Taipei Orchid)

My favourite thing about the Body Shop is that they are 100% vegetarian and are cruelty free, and they're definitely a brand I need to shop in more often. 

Has anyone else got any Body Shop products that they love?

Mellow Yellow | Outfit

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you've all had a wonderful time, and few days off, if you've been so lucky. I love the Easter season for all it's vibrant colours and brighter days, it just puts a step in your day. Usually, I'm not a bright colour wearer, but I saw this bright orange (I called it yellow in the title for the rhyme shh) bomber jacket in Penneys (Primark) a few weeks ago and I thought it would add something cool and joyous to my wardrobe and outfits, just perfect for Easter. Also it's a very padded bomber compared to the other ones I own which I love.


It's that kind of weather and season that it's simultaneously cold and warm at the same time and you have to be prepared for sudden weather and temperature changes. I usually bring a light sweatshirt for this weather, cozy and warm. The one I wear above is from New Look, and I'm really loving the University/state style jumpers I think they're so trendy yet so chic (even though I wouldn't buy one of my own Uni, weird).



I am very excited for the summer months as I will hopefully have more time to put into my blog again, as I've been dist and get it to the way I want it to be so stay tuned.

Has anyone else got bright colours in their wardrobe for spring?

How Much Is My Face Worth?

I've seen these posts go around for years and I've never gotten around to do it. I thought it'd be interesting to see how much makeup I use in general and how much it all costs in total together, it could also be scary. I would consider myself not too over the top with makeup, I don't buy only really expensive products or only cheap ones, I like to have a mix and I don't wear a lot of makeup everyday so I just picked a look I had done for the day and calculated all the products that I used. Hope you enjoy. 

The products I used are:
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer11.49
Nivea Soft Moisturizer6.49
Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation4.99
Natural Collection Loose Powder2.79
Sleek Solstice Highlight palette12.49
Natural Collection eyebrow palette2.79
Natural Collection eyebrow gel2.79
Natural Collection eyeliner2.79
BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette15
Wet n' Wild Megaprotein mascara2.98
MAC Whirl Lipliner17.50
MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick20



As you can see I don't buy that much 'high-end' brands mainly, I only splurge on them when I really want something I know I'll use a lot. Plus most of my money on makeup goes on more lipsticks I don't need. The total for all the makeup I've used above is 102.1. I'm actually surprised at how little I spent on this look, it's still a lot but for that much products I think that it's a decent price. Below is the look I created using the products mentioned above, 


Hope you enjoyed my look and finding out how much my face costs at the moment! Has anyone else ever calculated how much their face is worth? 
(On a side note, makeup and the amount of money you spend on your face doesn't literally define worth, you're beautiful without makeup and with whatever makeup you choose to wear.)

Skincare Routine

I don't consider myself to have the greatest skin in the world, and it's always good to look after your skin regardless of if it's clear or not. I'm not the most interesting in my skincare routine but I'd consider myself to be simple, and easy. I don't spend much on skincare products as I feel like simple and easy is better than putting too much and too many heavy products on your skin everyday. 

I know removing your makeup with a  makeup wipe isn't the best way to remove your makeup, but I normally start removing my makeup with a makeup wipe to get rid of most of the product on my face. I use the Boots Essentials cleansing wipes as I find that makeup wipes are the one thing that my skin reacts to really badly with breakouts. Most other makeup wipes don't suit my skin and make it feel worse than normal, but with the Boots wipes I feel like they're so simple with not so harmful ingredients, yet I could be wrong. After wiping the most of the makeup off my face I cleanse my face deeper using the same brand Boots Essentials to cleanse and tone, using a cotton pad.


I use a variety of Lush products on my skin as well. If I don't use Lush's Let the Good Times Roll or Ultrabland to cleanse, I will put on their Cup O'Coffee face mask to cleanse my skin even more. I usually do this before a shower and give it about 15 minutes to settle before washing it off. I use the Lush Santa Baby lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin and smooth out my lips. When I first tried this lip scrub I thought it was a weird idea, but it definitely helps moisturize and keep your lips hydrated especially after a long day of wearing a lipstick or liquid lipstick. Also a few times a week I use a pore strip, the one I have at the moment is tea tree and witch hazel also from Boots, I will admit it's not the best one I've tried but it's one of the cheaper ones. I only use them when I find my skin is really bad, as they can hurt a little bit, I think I need to invest in some more products like this, if you've any suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments. 

It mightn't be that interesting to read skincare routines especially as mine is so simple, but I really love reading them so I thought I'd share mine. 
What does everyone else use in their skincare routine?

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette | Review

I normally don't rush to buy products as soon as I see them, but I saw this palette on Instagram recently and I searched and ordered it straight away. It's the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette, I love it so much as all the eye shadow shades are based and inspired by planets. If anyone knows me, they'll know that I love astrology and the stars, I'm so fascinated and intrigued by them, and this palette is just captures the sky so beautifully. I'm pretty sure this is the prettiest palette I own, in my opinion.

I've never tried any BH Cosmetic products before, but I'm always up for trying new brands. I don't tend to stick to the same things, unless they're amazing staples. As I've mentioned before, the palette is based off the planets and astrology. The cover of the palette isn't that exciting or amazing but it's what's on the inside that matters. Plus it's always a bonus when a palette comes with its own mirror, makes things so much easier, especially on the go. The palette contains eighteen shimmery eyeshadow shades, which makes sense as the sky and stars shine. I love how the shades fit their names so well, and that the palette contains a good variety of colours, all very wearable, some more for nights out than others. 


Some of my favourite shades are Milky Way, which is a lilac with light pink and white swirls throughout, it's literally so pretty. Also Asteroid and Mercury which are similarly mixed shades that are just so aesthetically pleasing, with various colours shooting through them. Meteor, Electra and Sun are my other favourites and ones I've probably worn the most. 


The quality and pay-off of these shadows is incredible, they're strongly pigmented, and very dramatic and shimmery, yet easily blend-able. They blend and come off the brush gently and easily, a little definitely goes a long way. They're both creamy and chalky, and just the right amount of shimmer. It's not crazy glittery, but the shimmer looks so cool under lights and when your eyes are closed, but it's not too intense for during the day. Although, some shades are more shimmery than others. I love the mix of pale and dark colours too, they go well together and it's prefect to bring for any occasion. 

Shades above are Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Aphrodite, Milky Way, and Cosmic.  

Shades above are Saturn, Venus, Meteor, Comet, Earth, and Neptune. 

Shades above are Mercury, Mars, Asteroid, Electra, Moon, and Pluto.

Overall, I love this palette, both to look at and to wear. I think if I were to design a palette, it would be something like this. I really love the theme and the colours that were chosen, plus the colours last a long time without smudging or fading, I'd highly recommend this palette.
What do you guys think of this palette? Have you tried it or any BH Cosmetics products before?