Weekend Away | Photo Diary

I'm back to the usual college routine at the moment and life feels like it's getting back into it's usual busy order, which is tiring. Before I went back to this though myself and the boyfriend decided to go on a little weekend away before everything got hectic in our lives again. We went up by train and traveled to Galway which is a pretty big city in Ireland, if you didn't know where it was. I've previously posted about a trip here before and I really love the city and it's right on the coast so it's such a perfect destination. I thought I'd try do a photo diary as I love taking photos when I'm travelling and also love documenting it. Hopefully you enjoy.

This was the view from our hotel room, it was close to the city centre and the beach. I thought the view was very pretty.

On our way to the city centre everyday we took a stroll along the beach, this is along Salthill beach. Also a picture of us enjoying being by the beach when it wasn't raining (it rained a lot).
Along the beach was a pier for diving and trust me, it was way too cold to even think of doing that. Although it was always dull and cold it was still beautiful. 

 Main Street in Galway is covered in flags and bunting and I love the look of it, it always looks busy and happy. Eyre Square is the focal point of the city and contains beautiful statues and historical sights. 

 Our first night there we visited a very nice Italian restaurant which I loved, where we got margaritas and roast potatoes, they were amazing and still look delicious.

We also visited the local aquarium which was cute and interesting. It's such a cute date place.

Around the city centre is some really interesting historic places, which I learned about from the museum and the walks from the rivers to the ocean are so pretty and tranquil to walk, we did a lot of this. 

I had such a relaxing trip away, it makes me wish I lived near the ocean. I hope you enjoyed looking through some of the photos of my trip. 
Has anyone ever been here before or would like to visit?

Day to Night Makeup Transition | Vegas Style

Day to night makeup transitions can be tricky as you want your make up to stay on as long as possible and still look perfect. You want the easiest transition after a long day of wearing makeup to turn your casual day look into a glamorous night time look.

Vegas has always been a place that I've been fascinated with. There's always so much to do day and night so you want your makeup looking the best it can for all occasions. I was challenged by Vegas.com to do a day to night makeup look inspired by Vegas and one of their hotels. They have a huge range of hotels which cater to day and night activities. Each hotel has their own amazing attributes such as glamorous restaurants, pools and parties, nightclubs and other venues that there's always something to do day and night. If you're heading to Vegas don't forget to check out their amazing Las Vegas package deals.

The day to night look that I've chosen is going to be based on the hotel Flamingo in Vegas. This hotel is one of the busiest on the Strip and has plenty of entertainment like restaurants and a casino. The hotel is themed as an island paradise and I'm inspired by the pink, vibrant, and fabulous colors and flamingos for this makeup look.


Day Time Look - Subtle Pinks

For my day time look I decided to go for a glow-y pink look which is perfect for beside the pool and just chilling around all day. As I want this look to last all day I started by applying No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream to moisturize, Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser as a primer, and No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm to add shine and depth to the skin. For foundation I applied Rimmel London's Wake Me Up foundation as it contains SPF15 which is perfect for the Vegas sun. I set it with PS Loose Powder to set it for the day. To contour I used NYX Blush and Bronzer in the shade Ibiza and highlighted using Sleek's Solstice Highlighting palette

For my eyebrows I used Rimmel Londons Brow This Way sculpting kit and Brow This Way styling gel to set them. I picked the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette for my eyes it has vibrant and very Vegas inspired colors that would be perfect to add glamour to day and night. I used the shades Lily, Kingdom and Cake, which is the most fabulous pink ever. I finished off the look with a layer of my favorite Benefit They're Real mascara, and used MAC Whirl lipliner and Revlon Colourburst in Honey Douce which made my lips a subtle pink.


Night Time Look - Glittery Pink
To change this look into a night time look, I added darker colors from the same Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette and added the shades Chessboard and Gone Mad which is a deep purple. I went ahead and lined my eyelid with the Soap and Glory Super Cat liner and my water line with Rimmel London Exaggerate eyeliner. Then I added a pop of glitter and color to my liner by adding NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in Pink. For the lips I used NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in Sao Paulo which is the most Flamingo-like pink I have and added Makeup Revolution Chic Lipstick on top for glitter. To finish I added Primark lashes for a bit of night time glamour and to make the look more party appropriate. 


Hope you enjoyed this makeup transition from day to night it's something I've been meaning to do on my blog for a long time and hopefully I might get into doing makeup looks more often. I had a lot of fun doing it. Also don't forget to check out Vegas.com and their great offers.

What's everyone's go to day to night look? Would you wear something like this in Vegas?

MAC | Whirl Lip Liner

While travelling by plane you spend the majority of your time in the airport where the only thing to do is shop, which isn't a bad thing. I spent some time in MAC a while back trying to pick something to buy in the duty free. In the end I picked a lip liner as I haven't really got any. I also realized I need to more make up type posts and I found this one in my drafts I've been meaning to publish and edit for so long, along with a whole list of other posts that are long overdue. I've been using this product a lot and thought I'd review it for you all.

I own very few products from MAC but I'm a huge fan of their lip products, they're such good quality and have really aesthetically pleasing packaging. I have a huge list of lipsticks I want to buy from there. I'd heard a lot of good reviews of the shade Whirl and thought I'd give it a whirl, get it? I have a lot of lipsticks and not many lip liners so I thought I'd invest in a lip liner for a change. I really love the shade of this lipstick/liner. It's a dark brown/nude neutral. It looks a lot darker on the lips than on the pencil. It's such a good shade when you want something a little more than a nude but nothing too dark.

I am wearing Whirl on my lips in the above picture. As a lip liner I think the colour is very versatile to line the lips for wearing almost every colour over. It adds definition and colour, although I also use the liner as an all over shade sometimes. I think the formulation is really drying on the lips even though it's really easy to apply. I wouldn't wear it too often without putting a lip balm over to hydrate the lips. I love the product itself though and it's definitely worth trying out the shade whether it's in lipstick or liner.

Has anyone tried any MAC lipliners or Whirl before? What do you think of it?

Lush Let the Good Times Roll | Review

Feels like ages since I've written anything once again! I should be writing my  favourites right now but I haven't prepared it so I think I'll mash that with next months favourites too. Right now I'm going to be reviewing my current favourite Lush product, Let the Good Times Roll. My friend actually used this product a lot a little while ago and I was like why is there popcorn in this that's weird, but it's actually so good. The product is a cleanser and it removes any excess makeup and dirt from your face. It smells like popcorn and caramel, sometimes I think it smells like yogurt but in a good way. It contains a lot of maize and corn which helps soften the skin and contains real popcorn pieces which are pretty cool but get really annoying. 


I don't use the cleanser after I take off my makeup usually as I use my Ultrabland cleanser. I use this one in the shower as a face scrub, you take a small portion into your palms and rub them together under water to make the product spread out. Then I rub it into my skin and it feels so fresh and clean afterwards. You can tell this product really works and I'd highly recommend it. I like it better than other Lush cleansers I've tried as it's not really liquid-y and it's not as sticky. The only con is that the lumps of popcorn don't shrink when you rub the prduct in your hands and they can feel a little uncomfortable at times, but there's not many in a tub so it's all good. 

Has anyone tried this product before? What do you think of it?