The Fall Favourites Tag

I know that fall has technically just ended but I love it so much and I love the idea of this tag that I couldn't not do it. To me fall and winter are almost the same month, they're both equally as cold and I just wear a lot of scarves and layers throughout either way so. I was tagged by the lovely Anna from so go check out her blog and her answers to the tag, if you're fall obsessed like me. Anyway here's the questions and answers.


Favorite eye-makeup?
For Autumn my faves are obviously autumn themed colours. I love matte browns and sparkly golds. I also love wearing deep reds/burgandys, so so pretty for fall. My favourite Autumn palette has to be the Zoeva Cocoa Blends palette, literally the most perfect autumn palette you've ever seen. I've said autumn way too many times, I don't usually call it fall btw. 

Favorite candles?

As much as I love candles I don't actually use them, yet. I do love all the christmassy scents Yankee candle bring out at this time of year, like christmas cookie, yummm. 

Favorite Scents?

Again I'm not a very seasonal scent person I don't have a 'fall scent' I just love the smell of when it gets colder out, if that is even a thing? I also love the smell of a warm fire or a roast dinner. 

Favorite Nail Polish?

I'm so bad at this, I'm not a nail varnish person because I bite my nails so much, it's awful. My fave nail varnishes are normally dark red or green Esscence ones though, I'm currently wearing a dark green/grey. 

Favorite lip color?

Lip colour is my favourite thing about Autumn/Winter, I love dark lips so so much. My faves for Autumn are Rimmel London 107, when I can't decide on anything quickly. Also MAC Media and Revlon Black Cherry. They're so fab and really deep red with purple in them. 

Favorite Halloween costume?

I'm not sure if it means one I've worn or in general, but my fave costume that I've worn is a pikachu one when I was about 6, I looked so cute. I really love the Harley Quinn outfits this year, although I know people hate them.

Favorite accessories?

A very cute beanie/bobble hat can't go amiss. Also I'm a huge wearer of scarves, especially patterned ones.

Favorite moments?

I don't think I have a very specific favourite moment I just love the whole atmosphere of fall. It's my birthday in the middle of October too so I always have things going on and stuff to look forward to.

Favorite drink?

It's got to be Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and this year its the Pumpkin Spice Frappicinos, so amazing. I also love the different variations of hot chocolate at this time of the year.

Favorite TV show?

This is usually the time of year where Doctor Who or Sherlock come back on the TV so there's always plently to watch. Yet right now I'm trying to get up to date with the Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries which are both back already, I'm so not gonna catch up.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and I tag the following:

I also tag anyone else that would like to do it. What's everyone's favourite thing about Autumn/fall?

Denim Dungarees | Outfit

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but here we go. Dungarees are the cutest outfit accessory ever. Normally I look like a five year old, but in dungarees I look even more like a child. I feel so young when I wear them but I love them so much. I wore them so much during the summer with a shirt but coming into winter I've been wearing a jumper underneath and it surprisingly keeps me warm, and still looking very cute. The weather this week has gotten so cold that I definitely wouldn't be able to wear just a t-shirt under, I'd need many layers at this stage. I look so small in these photos and the mini pigtails in the photo don't make me look any older.


The dungarees and cropped shirt are both from New Look. I originally wanted a black pair of dungarees but I got these in the sale for twenty euro which I thought was a good bargain and good enough for me. I liked the baggy-ness of them and the ripped knees. The shirt I also got in the sale as I love Cacti I thought it was so cute - and it says 'You can't sit with us'. Literally so cute, although I did get it out of the kid/children section, most of the stuff there fits me and it's such a good bargain. If your a similar size to me definitely check it out. It just proves how big of a kid I am. Looking at these photos makes me want the warmer weather back already.

Anyone else love the dungarees look? Hopefully I'm going to get around to doing more winter style outfit posts soon as this is just a lil out of season, almost.