Mini Nude Lipstick Haul

Recently I've been obsessed with nude lips and lipsticks. I think it's because I've been watching too much of the Kardashians and loving Kylie's lip colours, especially the nudes from her own band, which I unfortunately don't have. I have a wide range of darker and more red and berry toned lipsticks and less of the nudes and pinks so I thought I should start collecting some as they're all I look at when I'm looking through the aisles of make up brands. I've picked up three lipsticks over the past month that I've been absolutely loving.


This is my most recent purchase and it's so hard to find NYX in all drug stores. Luckily there's a chemist near my Uni that sells them, even though there's a small range it's better than nothing. I originally went in browsing for the NYX Lingerie range but they had none so I began swatching other lipsticks instead. Stone is a really light nude brown that just darkens and enhances the natural lips when applied. I love the subtlety of it and how nude it is. The packaging is so cute as the tube is skinnier than most other lipsticks and it's so much handier to carry around in your bag, plus the application is super easy. 

Technically this is a lipgloss but I'd consider it a lipstick. I love Essence for their good quality and affordable makeup. Since liquid lipsticks and matte lips have become a trend I've been obsessed with finding a good matte liquid lipstick. I picked this one up and fell in love with the colour and the application. The applicator is easy to use and the formula doesn't leave your lips feeling dry even though it's a matte lip product. Although it does take a while to dry completely it feels completely weightless on the lips which I love. 

The last lipstick of the post is probably my favourite, it's like a mixture of the two above lipsticks. It's a dark nude pink with a tinge of brown and I love the colour. It's a colour that goes with everything and suits every make up look. The packaging lid comes in the colour of the lipstick which is very aesthetically pleasing. I don't think this lipstick is meant to be a matte but it drys almost like a matte lip which I love and it applies so well and doesn't leave my lips sticky or dried out. Definitely one of my top lipsticks and I think it's very similar to MAC's Brave lipstick.  

(The above swatches are in order Maybelline Velvet Beige, NYX Stone and Essence Soft Nude)

What's everyone else's favourite nude Lipsticks and have you tried any of these before?

Cliffs of Moher | Photo Diary

Last month I went away for a weekend and although I spent most of it with family, I went on a trip to visit the sights of the West of Ireland and I thought I'd share some photo's with everyone. Ireland, where I'm from has some of the prettiest sights there is to see. It has a huge amount of green land and amazing landscapes and coastal sights as well as lot of heritage and history sights. I really love it, it's always so peaceful and calm. Here's a photo diary of some of the pretty sights I've seen on my recent travels.

I was on a guided tour bus from Galway city to the Cliffs of Moher and it stopped by in the Ailwee Caves and a little village called Doolin. The tour was along the coast of the North Atlantic ocean, which is what the above photos are of. This beach was along the coast of Galway and it was super pretty once the sun came out. The waves on this side of the island are huge and I'd never seen big waves before so it was pretty cool to see them clash against the rocks.

The Cliff's of Moher themselves are Ireland's most visited attraction and probably one of the world's most famous cliffs, plus some of Harry Potter is filmed here, how amazing? Unfortunately, the day I visited it rained constantly and it was so cloudy, it was so disappointing but I was still super taken a-back by the breathtaking view. Although the cliffs were a lot smaller than I expected it was still stunning. Near the cliffs there is a visitors centre packed full of information and lots of things to keep tourists busy especially on days where it's rainy, which is probably most of the time. I loved it there and the air was so fresh I would love to revisit on a sunny day and see what it's like then and maybe walk along the coast line a little bit more.



On the return back to Galway city where I was staying we were told historical anecdotes by our super lovely tour guide which were nice to hear and also see the heritage at the same time. The hotel I stayed in was right in the heart of Galway city which is so beautiful also. I got to see the sun set over Galway bay every night, which was so pretty once again, as you can see. The meal pictured above was from a pub in the city centre and it was amazing, we ate there both days of the stay as it was so nice. It was a very traditionally Irish pub and I got to talk to some lovely people up there also.

I would really recommend going on a trip around the sights of Ireland if you've never been as they are really beautiful, despite the rain. The photo's really don't do the scenes enough justice. 

Has anyone ever traveled Ireland or been to the Cliff's of Moher before?

Blood Orange | Outfit

Okay so I have never loved anything with a turtle neck before, I find they're not flattering on me at all and literally could never pull it off. Yet, while I was out shopping in H&M the other day, my boyfriend pointed out a half turtlenecked top and I actually liked it and then proceeded to try it on.I really liked it because of the red colour that it was I really liked it. I didn't like it too much at the time but since buying it I've grown to love it, what a change.


I actually thought originally that the top would go really well with dungarees or a pinafore. It's the first new spring clothing item I own and I love the sort of bat-wing style sleeves and the fact it's not too fitted. I apologize also that the picture quality isn't the best it was taken on a phone and it didn't come out too well.

Anyone else ever wear turtleneck shirts/jumpers? How do you style them?

Spring 5 Product Face

The '5 Product Face' challenge was one I first saw when starting a blog and I've always wanted to try it as it seems fun and I get to be inventive and think about which products I really need. I'm really into these blog tag challenges, hint if anyone wants to tag me in any or suggest some for me to do feel free because I'm up for the challenge.



The products I used were Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, Rimmel Brow This Way, Bourjois Bronzing Powder (not sure the exact name), Benefit's They're Real and Benetint

I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation on my face for coverage as it's one of the darkest and strongest foundations I own and could cover my entire face without any other product over it alright. Staying with Rimmel products, Brow This Way was used to fill in my eye brows and give them definition and also gives them a natural look, what this look aims to achieve. I used the Bourjois Bronzing Powder for contouring my cheekbones and also used it on my eyelids. I'm really surprised how nice the colour was on my face, the picture doesn't do it justice. It added a really nice pop of colour to my face and I really like using it as an eyeshadow. My eyelashes were coated with my favourite lengthening mascara, Benefits They're Real. The last product used was Benetint which I have talked about on my blog previously. It's a really pale pink on my lips and looks very pretty along with the Bourjois bronzer shade. The finished look is pictured below. 

The finished look was very subtle and natural and I really liked it. I would easily wear this if I needed something simple to put on or had very little time to do my makeup. Perfect for spring and the oncoming summer days too.

What do you think of this look? I would love if other people did this and let me see their 5 product choices! 

Someday Summary 8.4.16

The past two weeks have been hectic for me but I finally feel like things are settling back into place and that makes me happy. I've a few things planned to put on my blog so I like being organised plus I have a few things to look forward to so yay. I've a lot of spare time today so I thought I'd do a little summary of my day and other various assortments while I can.


  • Before college today myself and Jack went on a cute breakfast/brunch date just for the sake of it. I got a cookie hot chocolate, if you consider Oreos a cookie and he got green tea in a green cup. Then we shared banana and caramel pancakes, yum. They were so good, although I do wish I got the strawberry one because they're my fave.
  • We booked tickets to Slam Dunk festival in Birmingham in May, which means we get to see Panic! At the Disco, Moose Blood, As It Is, The Story So Far, Real Friends, Roam and so much more. Literally so many musicians I love and at a festival. It's something I'm super excited for, plus I get to leave the country for a while, how exciting.
  • I've been really loving college lately. Not that it's not stressful I just really love my class mates and course lately, even though I've double the amount of assignments this semester. I'm going to be sad to leave for the summer.
  • I've a huge amount of Easter chocolate in my room which is a blessing and a disaster, I literally will have so much chocolate for ages, not sure whether it's good or bad. Mini Eggs and Lindt chocolate are angels.
  • I've felt like I haven't been listening to good music recently and I've gotten into listening to more pop punk, indie and alternative stuff again and it makes me so happy. I recently went to see The 1975 and have been enjoying their music and the pop vibes and chill like quality. My favourite songs are 'Love Me' and 'Somebody Else'. Also today actually I started to listen to Melanie Martinez and I really love her stuff, especially 'Pity Party' at the moment. It's very Marina and the Diamonds-esque AKA my favourite artist ever so I'm gonna love her I can already tell.
  • On the topic of music I've been uploading more covers over on my YouTube if you wanna have a nosey, I'll put the link here, shameless plug. My most recent cover is of Demi Lovato's 'Catch Me.'
How's everyone else today? Have you any good news?

100 Posts

This is my hundred blog post, WOW. I genuinely did not think I'd keep up with this hobby, let alone write a substantial amount of blog posts. I've been writing on this blog since 2014 but stopped until summer last year so in that short space of time between then and now I think I've done a good amount of work and I'm constantly improving with every post. For me this is kind of a first mile stone in terms of my blog, I'm such a small blog with not a lot of followers but that doesn't bother me and doesn't stop me doing what I enjoy. In saying that, I kind of want to list reasons I love blogging and all the things I enjoy about it. Basically celebrating the great blogging community and online space in general.

(Coffee & Hot Chocolate is from a cute cafe called Accent in Dublin City Centre, so cute)
  • I love being able to write about whatever I want and having my own personal space. It's been so great filling up my spare time writing about things and just basically having a little online journal of celebrated things and places.
  • I love writing so being able to write and publish pieces on a regular basis for me is so pleasing, I love knowing people can read and respond to the things I've written rather than keep them in my own head.
  • I absolutely love reading other peoples blogs, it's so interesting getting to read what other people have to say and get inside their heads. I love gaining knowledge about new things and products and just constantly stimulating my mind with ideas and creativity.
  • I also love engaging with other bloggers and feeling connected. I feel like I don't do this as much as I should but literally all you have to do is message me and we can be best friends. I'm pretty cool I swear.
  • I feel like blogging has opened my mind and allowed me to be as creative and constantly inventive by thinking of things to write about and talk about all the time. There's never a dull moment. 
  • I also love getting better at writing and photography and blogging in general as I continue on in my blogging journey. It's something I want to keep up for as long as I can and I can't wait to see what it brings me in the future. 

What's everyone's favourite things about blogging?

March Favourites | 2016

Hello again, end of March already is a little worrying, but at least we're heading into the summer months. I hope everyone's had a wonderful Easter and ate a lot of chocolate. Now I'm going to share this months loves with you now.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo
My first favourite of the month is a product I've been loving for a while but forgot to repurchase. I've been using the Batiste dry shampoo instead for a couple of months and forgot how much I loved this one, especially the smell of it. I actually love the shampoos of this range too they're just the best smelling shampoos ever and they make your hair super soft. I find that this dry shampoo does the same and leaves your hair smelling fresh and looking clean, although you do have to rub it it quite well, you don't want to look like you've got dandruff.

Tresemme Care and Protect Heat Protector
I've also used this product prior to this month and have gone back to it. I spray the product into the roots of my hair when it's still damp and brush out before drying it so it doesn't damage my hair and it's meant to stay in your hair then even afterwards when you want to use heat on your hair again, as far as I know. Which is super handy and I do think that it does protect my hair even though I don't use a lot of heat on it anyway. I also love the smell of this too, it's not meant to smell of anything in particular but I think it smells really pleasant and does a good job.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm
I'd always wanted to try Burt's Bees products, especially their lipbalms so when I saw this I had to get it. It smells like really fresh peppermint and leaves your lips feeling really minty and definitely hydrates them for a while. It's good to put on a lil' before you put on a lipstick. The only thing that I dislike about the product is how hard it is and how it doesn't come out of the tub very well I'm pretty sure it's just the fact it's made out of beeswax though, other than that it's one of the best lipbalms I've tried.


NYX Blusher and Bronzer Ibiza
I literally fell in love with this product before I even tried it. Again, I've not owned any NYX products before as they don't really sell them in drugstores near me and it's really sad. I managed to find a few stores now that sell their products and I'm so excited to try more of their stuff. I love the packaging so much on this blusher/bronzer, it's so pretty and also so cute to hold. I love the shades and the fact it's a duo. The product is so easy to blend I was so amazed by it and it makes my skin look so fresh and bronzed. I would easily recommend this product to anyone who can find it.

NYX Lipstick Eros
I thought this lipstick was going to be too orange-y for me but I really liked the look of it. It turns out it comes out darker than it looks and actually doesn't make my face look as washed out as I thought it would. The texture of it is super creamy and so soft I wasn't expecting it and I fell in love with it because of that. It does fade quite quickly but it's easy to top up and just pop on.

(Swatches are NYX Lipstick Eros, Bronzer and Blusher)

What's everyone else been loving in March? Has anyone tried any of these products before?