Girl Online on Tour Zoella | Review

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and a few days to relax at least. Since I have a few days to myself, before I have to cram study, I've had the time to read some non-college related books and it's been good. Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella's Girl Online On Tour has been a book I've been reading in little bits since I got it so I finally got to finish it and decided to do my first book review in a long time, I'm hoping to do more, Maybe.

Girl Online: On Tour is the sequel to Zoella's first book Girl Online. I have to say I really enjoyed the first book and I wasn't expecting to, sometimes teen drama/love books make me cringe but I guess they're also what I love reading. So I knew I'd get into the second book much quicker especially having built up a relationship with the characters already. 

If you haven't read the first book then this will be a load of waffle for you and also spoilers if you're going to read it. Girl Online On Tour follows Penny and Noah's relationship while Noah embarks on his first world tour. Penny has to deal with fans comments while getting adjusted to life on tour. The tour and Noah's fame puts their relationship on the line and it follows their adventures of life on tour. This book is definitely very similar to the last in the tone and energy I get when reading it. It's super easy to read, which I like and I find the way it's written uplifting and positive, even though not all of the story is positive. I did find it hard to get into at the start as I'm used to books with long fancy, unnecessary words that I barely understand, so having a cheery easy going book for once did make me enjoy it more

I thought the story line was pretty predictable while reading it, until the end actually, but I don't think that's necessarily bad once you're enjoying the way it's been written. The book made me feel a variety of emotions from sad to angry to joyous. Which is probably normal for me as I am so emotional and I cry at almost every book. The only thing I dislike about the book was how unreal a few little things were, but it's a book and everything is out of proportion for entertainment really. 

Overall, the book is one of those teen-love affair books that I always cringe at the sight of but I really love, I'm really a sweetheart so. I found a lot of teenage things I can relate to and it really was one of those happy, positive, good feeling books and I like the fact Penny deals with anxiety and that the books talk about them so openly. I'd say it's a really good book for all ages and if you feel like you're into these kind of books then I'd highly recommend this. It's something I think I actually enjoy reading more now then what I would have if I was still thirteen.

Has anyone read any Girl Online books? What do you think?

Christmas Eve

I may as well start of this post by saying Merry Christmas everybody! I have failed to do any Christmas posts and this makes me sad because Christmas is the best time of year and I didn't take advantage of it. Anyway, I'm here to write about all the great festive things one can do, well what I usually do on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is like the most relaxed day of the year for me and I really enjoy taking time to chill and have no stress.

On Christmas Eve I normally watch Christmas films with my family and have dinner somewhere with them. I'd curl up on the sofa with a fluffy blanket and some chocolate of some description, I'm such a bad person for sitting through films unless it's in the cinema, I'm a TV show type of gal, so it's nice to do for a change. My Christmas film favourites are Elf, the Santa Clause and Muppets Christmas Carol, all classics. 

Having a bath on Christmas Eve has kind of become a tradition too so this year I've used Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel as a bubble bath and dropped a few Brilliant Bath Fizzers by Joules in too. I'd read a book and relax for the rest of the night after that after putting on fresh new Christmas pajamas. Nothing like a cozy night in to put you in the Christmas spirit.

I love Christmas Eve because you know Christmas is so soon and you can feel the excitement in the air, most of the time, if you're not last minute shopping. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with friends and/or loved ones. Happy holidays!

I'd love to hear your festive traditions and stories! 

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate | Favourite Winter Drink

This is probably the simplest post ever but I got the cutest little mugs for my birthday and wanted to do something cute with them. Since I drink so much coffee and hot beverages, especially in the Autumn/Winter, I wanted to try and save money by not buying so much Starbucks, which is ironic because I'm here right now. I wanted to be able to make really nice flavoured coffee and hot chocolate at home without having to come into town.


This post isn't very exciting, I basically made hot chocolate. I heat the milk first until I think it's warm enough, then put three to four scoops of Cadburys hot chocolate powder in and stir. For this I bought Starbucks Hazelnut syrup because I always get flavoured hot chocolate in Starbucks so I thought I'd get use out of it. I put enough of it it that it would fill the bottom of the cup, it doesn't say how much you should use so. Then I put marshmallows in, whipped cream and more marshmallows. Sounds so healthy. You can put chocolate powder on top to make it look fancier if you want too.

The syrup tastes so good, it's really strong too so I might be putting too much in. I bought it for 5.10 euro which isn't too bad, it'll probably last me a good while. It's such a good addition to a hot chocolate especially if you're into hazelnuts or sweeter things. They have a range of different flavours like Vanilla and Caramel too.

What's everyones favourite Autumn/Winter beverage? 

Someday Summary 13.12.15

Today was one of those cute days where everything just seemed chill and like I had all the time in the world to enjoy every moment in the day, for once. No stress, since I have all my assignments done now I just wait until the Christmas holidays begin in full, before exams in January. 


  • Today was a cute date day, where we went to the Christmas markets around, safe to say there was nothing there. I got mainly the rest of my Christmas shopping done too, I'm pretty organised, most of the time.
  • We got Eddie Rockets for dinner and it's like the best diner out there. It's so delicious and I want another one while I am writing this. 
  • We finished off the day by going to the cinema to see Disney's The Good Dinosaur. Obviously being a Disney film I wanted to go to see it the minute I saw the ad and it didn't disappoint. It's a classic Disney feel good family film. It's about family and friendships and it's the cutest thing I've seen in a while. I was in tears at a few points. I also has some parts that are my type of humour so I did find the film funny, maybe others won't. I don't think the film is getting enough recognition at all, I haven't seen any posts about it and I feel like it's going to become one of the lesser known Disney films. Definitely go see it if you get a chance.
  • I cut my hair yesterday and it feels so good to have short hair now, I feel more myself and new. I don't know how hair can make you feel things but it can.
  • I'm getting really really excited for Christmas now and can't wait for all the festivities soon, definitely the best time of the year. Hopefully I do more Christmas-y posts before the festive season is out, seeing as I'll hopefully have a lot of free time.
How was everyone else's weekend?

Favourite Winter Lipsicks

Winter is my favourite season as I can wear dark lipsticks everyday and they make every look super cute. I am a huge ambassador for dark reds and berry toned lipsticks, and tend to buy too much of them. I think they help pull a look together, make you look more elegant and also effortless, I don't look like that a lot though. There's something about a dark lip that's really cozy feeling, I'm good with the descriptions here. So I thought I'd make a post on my most worn winter lipsticks right now.

Two of the shades I've chosen are deep red and the other two are a plum and a red with hints of purple undertones. The lipsticks are Rimmel London Kate Moss 01 and 107, and Revlon Super Lustrous 477 and 006. I am pretty much obsessed with all these lipsticks and would recommend them all.

  • The furthest to the left in the last picture and darkest is Revlon Super Lustrous 477 Black Cherry. It's probably my all time favourite lipstick ever. I lived in it last Winter/Autumn and it's practically the same this year. It leaves your lips a gorgeous plum deep red and suits dark and light style make up. The lipstick has long wear but I do find with dark lipsticks you'll want to top them up much more than a more subtle one, just to keep the effect lasting longer. 
  • The next lipstick is one of the most talked about in the blogging/vlogging sphere, Rimmel London Kate Moss 107. It's both bright and dark red at the same time with pink/purple undertones which just suits everything and is flattering with everything. You can't go wrong with this lipstick if you're ever stuck for choice. 
  • The last two are plain red lipsticks and are kind of similar. The Rimmel London Kate Moss 01 is a vibrant dark red, which is perfect for party season to pair an outfit with a staple red lip. The colour is moisturizing and shiny and gives a nice glow to your lips. 
  • The last lipstick is another Revlon Super Lustrous, I do love sticking to the same brands it seems, in the shade 006 Really Red. It is what I'd call really red, it's like the most perfect pure shade of red. I love this lipstick because it's matte and it really suits the colour well and makes it super flattering. It is really similar to the previous lipstick I've mentioned but it's a litlle darker.

The swatches, in order, are Revlon 477 Black Cherry, Rimmel London Kate Moss 01, Rimmel London Kate Moss 107, and Revlon 006 Really Red.

 What's everyone's favourite Winter lipsticks?

Marina and the Diamonds | Neon Nature Tour

Last Wednesday I got to see my ultimate favourite artist ever, Marina and the Diamonds. I've been a huge Marina fan since I went to see her first with a friend in 2012. I've been obsessed ever since. Everything about her music and lyrics is just so appealing to me and her voice is so heavenly. Since this post just involves me talking about her it's probably going to be a long enough one, I have a lot of Marina knowledge and fangirl in me.

The first song I'd ever heard by Marina and the Diamonds was on MTV's 'ones to watch' segments where Lana Del Rey was also featured. It was her song 'Hollywood' and I admit I did like it but I didn't think too much about the artist but after hearing songs like 'Teen Idle' and 'Buy the Stars', her less pop-electro songs, I became so addicted to her stuff. Then I got into her Bubblegum/Pop/Electronic stuff. 

Her show was split into three acts based on all three of her albums in the order she released them, depicting the main imagery and vibes from these albums. She opened with her first album, 'The Family Jewels' and sang her most popular songs from the album, including my favourite from the album 'Obsessions'. She played this on piano and she sounds exactly her recordings, which just proves how amazing her vocals are.

She then performed songs from her 'Electra Heart' era, the one I know the best. Most of her most famous songs are on the 'Electra Heart' album so she played songs such as 'Primadonna girl' and 'How to be a Heartbreaker'. She also played two of my favourites, what songs aren't my favourites at this stage, 'Lies' and 'Teen Idle'. I was so surprised that she played 'Teen Idle' as it wasn't on her playlist. Is it sad for me to say I cried? It's such an emotional song. Give it a listen if you hadn't already. I think she played that instead of 'Radioactive' because she tweeted prior to the show saying her set didn't fit the stage so obviously things had to be changed slightly, not that I wasn't happy.

Her last set was her most recent era, 'Froot', the time of the show where she wears a giant piece of fruit on her head, like a majority of people in the crowd actually. She played the most songs from this album as it's the most recent. Obviously she played 'Froot', her quirkiest song yet I think. My favourites from the album, 'Savages' and 'Happy' got played too. I don't think I dislike any of her songs so I'm kind of biased here. Her show wasn't flashy at all and she still put on the most amazing show ever. I knew the words to every song too which definitely makes everything so much more enjoyable to bop along to. 

I honestly can't recommend her music enough, definitely check her out if I've intrigued you in a anyway. I've put a link under every song I've mentioned in the post for you to check out whichever one seems interesting. She has a variety of different styles of songs so I'm sure there's at least one to suit everyone. You'll thank me later. 

Is anyone a fan of Marina or has seen her live before? Let me know!

Milkmaid Braids

During the winter and windy months I find it so hard to look after long hair. The wind and weather makes it get all knotty and sore so I find the best option to be tying it up. I'm not the biggest fan of just throwing my hair up into a pony tail as I have way too many baby hairs sticking out for it to look remotely nice. The only thing for me to do then is find different creative up styles.

The milkmaid braid is one I was introduced to by Zoella, even though I couldn't do it for ages even though I had watched the tutorial and all. I've been complemented about this look and it looks super complicated even though it isn't. I think it looks stylish and elegant and I kinda think it looks like a winter-y hairstyle, I have no idea why though. 

How To Do

  • This look is super easy to do, once you've tried it at least once you'll be flying. First split your hair whatever way you want it, the side or in the middle. I usually part it at the side to have a side fringe kinda pinned down underneath it but either way works. 
  • Then plait your hair into braids on both sides of your head. I plait them holding them a little bit upwards so they can be pinned to your head not looking so lumpy.
  • Next you want to pull one of the braids from one side of your head to the other at about your ear, then clip it into place. Do the same with the other plait and tuck it underneath the previous one.
  • Keep putting bobby pins and clips in your hair until it looks alright and feels secure. 
I think it works well in my hair with my ombre, so you can see the contrasts in the two colours but I know it would be flattering to anyone. The only downside is that you need long enough hair in order to be able to do it properly, which mine has only grown long enough recently to suit. 

Has anyone tried this look before?

Vintage Tartan Skirt | OOTD

It was super windy and cold out but I still decided to wear a skirt, which is not something I'd normally do, like ever. There's something about oversized / normal sized jumpers paired with a skirt which is just so wintery and christmassy and I'm ready to embrace the christmas spirit. 

I actually robbed this skirt straight out of my mother's wardrobe, okay well she gave it to me after asking. She used to wear it when she was my age, which is crazy to think that it's older than me and also that it fits me so well. I'd been looking for a tartan skirt like this one for ages and I think it's so cute and it definitely reminds me of something I should be wearing on christmas day. I paired it with a plain black Topshop jumper to keep warm and make the skirt stand out a bit more, This has made me want more skirts that I can wear in the winter time, I'm now on the hunt for a nice a-line skirt that I can wear during the cold months.

 Anyone else have vintage clothes like this?

Imagine Dragons | Dublin Concert

Another concert post of this year, how strange of me, I was really spoiled with great artists coming to Ireland this year! I wasn't the biggest Imagine Dragons fan, but my mother is so I did listen to them a lot and really enjoy their stuff. So obviously when you're asked do you want to see them live the answer would of course be yes. Which was a good idea because now I'm an even bigger fan of their work.

I was front row balcony, how lucky? The venue was the 3Arena an it was completely sold out, which is a crazy amount of people, not sure exactly how many though. They played a mix of their two albums and all their best hits. They were honestly so much better live then in their recordings, I've no idea how but they are all super super talented.


I hate the fact I haven't got a proper camera for events like this. They had super cool effects that would look so good in photos. They opened the show with 'Shots' which isn't my favourite song but it was so energetic and got the crowd so hyped. I've never seen such an energetic crowd, which is so weird considering I didn't think Imagine Dragons were that popular. The lead singer, Dan Reynolds, dedicated a little speech on the events that occurred in Paris a few weeks back which was nice of him. He then covered a song I'd never heard before and also covered 'Forever Young' which made me realize that I actually like that song, when before I thought it was super overrated. 

After every few songs, each member of the band would do a solo, like guitar or drum solo, which would then lead into one of their songs. I thought this was a nice way to show how not only the lead singer of a band is important and it shows how equal they all are, which is one of the first times I've seen that in a big band. I was sad that they didn't play my favourite song 'It comes back to you' in full because I was looking forward to it.  They played almost all of their songs and played their most famous like 'Demons', 'It's time', and 'I bet my life'. The crowd was going absolutely crazy. 

They finished the show off with their most popular song 'Radioactive', which was the first song I'd heard from them. They all did this massive drum contemplation during the bridge of the song too which reminded me of Twenty One Pilots performances. 

They were so amazing live and I'd definitely recommend listening to them/seeing them live. Their songs are so upbeat and cheerful. 

Has anyone ever seen them live before or listen to them?

Lokai Bracelets

I first saw an image of these bracelets about a year ago and I thought the concept behind them is so cute. If you've never seen them before they are are plastic bubble bracelets with one white and one black. The white one contains water from mount Everest and the black one contains mud from the Dead Sea.

I really love the concept behind these bracelets which is why I asked for them. It's meant to represent the highs and lows in life. The water from Mount Everest represents the high points in life and the mud from the Dead Sea represents the lows. The thing I like about the bracelets is that they symbolize balance. Meaning if you're at a low you won't be there forever and vice-versa, which is a good thing to think about when you're feeling sad. It's nice to have a little reminder that things will get better, and even if you're at a high, you can be happy knowing how far you've come to get there. 

I don't know why you can't read the writing on the picture but it says 'Water from Mount Everest: Sometimes you're on top of the world, stay humble', and 'Mud from the Dead Sea: Sometimes you've hit a low, stay hopeful'. I really like how simply it's put. It's so cheerful and upbeat. I haven't actually worn the bracelet much because it keeps getting stuck when I wear a jacket, which is essential these days, so it makes me sad that I don't wear it out much.

The white one is the original Lokai bracelet and the pink one was released during October in aid of breast cancer and breast cancer awareness month. When you buy one they donate some money towards the cause, which is another good reason to get one. I just think it's a cute, simple way to uplift someones mood or to get them to think about the better things in life. That's what it does for me anyway. 

Anyone have any Lokai bracelets or think it's a good idea? 

Someday Summary 20.11.15

Some days everything just feels really happy and positive or going well. I like writing these someday summary posts on these days because it's nice to try and spread positive feelings and I like to look back at happy moments rather than the sad ones, which makes sense. 

  • Jack and I went to a cafe near our college and got some beverages. I got a hot chocolate, the necessary winter drink, and he got a cappuccino. It was really good and it was such a cute place. We got to talk for like two hours straight and it was really cute, I say cute a lot. Coffee dates are the best, he's the bestest though.
  • I'm going to Paris on Monday and I am so excited, nervous and scared for it. 
  • My college work seems to have slowed down a bit, which gives me time to breathe right now, I feel a little less overwhelmed than I was, but it'll start back again.
  • I also just put up a cover on my YouTube channel if you wanna go check it out Here. I'd be happy if you could leave me your thoughts on it as making music stuff is something that keeps me really happy and calm. 
  • I have the rest of today to chill and read things I want to read as opposed to college readings and it's pretty good. 
  • I'm feeling really appreciative of where my life is right now, even though it could be so much better, but I'm still happy and it's a good thing to be feeling. I'm especially thankful for the people I surround myself with.
Anyone do anything nice today or feel appreciative of anything?

Black & White Cozy Jumper | OOTD

Since winter is fast approaching, crazily enough, it's more and more appropriate to head out and stock up on cozy jumpers. I am a huge advocate for all things over sized and cozy so sweater season is definitely my thing. Even though outside in the middle of winter, you'll need more than just a jumper to keep you warm. Maybe it's just me though as I feel the cold so quick and need to wear a parka jacket every time I leave the house.

My jumper is from Vera Moda and I love how easy it is to wear. You can throw it on over any pair of jeans and not have to make too much of an effort with it, the joy of jumper season. The three quarter length sleeves kind of annoy me but I love the design of the jumper so it weighs out the one bad feature. It's super cozy and perfect for a chill day with friends.

What's everyone's current wardrobe style for this winter?