Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb | Review

It's been a long time since I've bought a new Lush bath bomb to try out and as soon as I heard of the new Lava Lamp bath bomb I knew I had to get it straight away. It's inspired by an actual lava lamp, how cute is that idea? I thought it sounded super funky and it smells so amazing, it's such a fruity and fresh scent which smells the most strongly of orange. It's very retro and groovy. I also think it looks like a weird little robot face or something in the first picture, anyone else?


When dropped in the bath it fizzes instantly. I heard that this bath bomb lasts for over half an hour fizzing and I can say that that's not true which I was disappointing about. It fizzes up quickly and it turns the bath a vibrant orange. As the purple jelly starts to melt it swirls into the orange to make the lava lamp effect which looks really cool. After a while the purple blends in with the orange and leaves the bath orange. It smells so fresh and citrus-y. It smells very strongly of orange and I love it. Also the purple jelly is super moisturizing for the skin.


The only bad thing about the bath bomb is that it left purple stains on the sides of the bath tub. These did not come off easily at all and even now you can still slightly see a purple ring on the rim of the tub. Also it somewhat stains the skin but not as much as the tub. the residue on the skin could be washed off with clean water much easier than the tub. I would definitely consider that aspect of the bath bomb before trying it out. Other than that I say it's a great new addition to Lush and one of my fave ideas and scents.

Has anyone else tried this bath bomb before or want to give it a go? 

Summer Lipsticks | Oranges and Pinks

I've been meaning to write this post for so long I hate when I do this. Since the weather has finally picked up here in Ireland, we've been getting such warm and sunny days. This is great but not so great for your make up which will be running down your face. I tend to wear very minimal to no make up when it's very warm out because it feels so much better for my skin. In summer it's a time to wear much brighter lipsticks or to just go for a simple nude for a natural look. I thought I'd share the summer lipsticks I wear all the time and also the ones that are perfect for summer which I wish I wore much more.

Seventeen Stay Pout in Man Hunt: What a name for a lipstick. This lipstick looks like the most orange lipstick ever it looks so terrifying, but in reality it's not actually that bright on. It's more of a coral peachy shade, although it's still bright it's very wearable. I'm trying to make myself wear it more because I actually like it. Yet because I'm so pale the thoughts of wearing a pale lipstick make me feel like my face is going to look really washed out, which I know it actually doesn't. This lipstick is quite cheap and I have to say the packaging feels good quality and sturdy. The lipstick formulation is a little thick but it does the job and stays on very well.

Collection Work the Colour Matt Lip Butter in 02 Pumpkin Pie: This lipstick is the most orange out of the bunch and it's really bright. I wore this a lot at the start of summer when I was feeling adventurous but now it intimidates me a lot. It's really pigmented and it can be drying on the lips but I really love this range of lipsticks. It only comes in three colours; of which I have them all, and they're only around three euro which I think is really good value. Especially if you wanna try out a bright orange shade for cheap.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish in 16: This shade is so pretty, it's a really light peachy pink and it's so cute on, I would call this the perfect summer shade. I think it looks perfect with a nice summer dress or shorts. If you read back on my older blog posts you'll know that I love the Rimmel Kate Moss range of lipsticks so it's no surprise that I have three shades in this post as I think they have a perfect formulation and there's so much choice in the range. Plus the new rose gold packaging is amazing.


Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish 02: The next shade is another Rimmel Kate moss and this one is a very vibrant pink. This one makes me look so pale because it's so vibrant but it would look so good on a sunny day when you're wearing tan or getting a tan. I don't wear this shade much but I want to be more adventurous with lipsticks again as I used to be. Lately I just wear the NYX Soft Matte Lipcreams but the shades I have are all very safe.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 04 On the Catwalk: This shade looks dark in the packaging but the lipstick formulation isn't that strong or pigmented so the lipstick actually comes out quite sheer and light. It comes out a dark pink with red tones and adds a bit of shine and colour to your lips. I like that it's not that strong of a colour for summer, it looks more natural and also it won't feel heavy on your lips but it moisturizes.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish 30: This is the darkest shade out of all the lipsticks I picked. It's a dark red-purple but it's not too dark. It'd be perfect for a summer night out or just a general day wear. I probably shouldn't have picked so many lipsticks from the same range but I genuinely use them so much and think they're so worth it, you're guaranteed to find something you like.

Swatches are in order: Seventeen Stay Pout in Man Hunt, Collection Matt Lip Butter in 02 Pumpkin Pie, Rimmel Kate Moss 16, Rimmel Kate Moss 02, Essence 04 On the Catwalk, and Rimmel Kate Moss 30.

I feel like summers not only for neutral colours but for trying out vibrant and funky, cool shades that you wouldn't normally wear if it was raining outside. Although I wear a lot of nude lipstick, trying brighter pinks and oranges is a great thing to add to any look during the hotter months. Also no lipstick is limited to a certain time of year, I'd just like to mention that for a last word.

What's everyone's favourite summer lipstick?

The Bomber Jacket | Outfit

Over the past few months I have been obsessed with this bomber jacket. I'd seen them on people and always thought they made people look so stylish and they look so good over every outfit. I was in Bershka and saw this dark green one and thought it would go well with so much, I literally wear it over everything now. I bought it in XL even though it doesn't look it. The small was just too tight and I liked it less fitting. It was around 25 euro which is a very reasonable price.

I paired it casually with a pair of leggings and another plain Bershka shirt. Also with another pair of shoes I don't wear that much but I love so much, my light pink and white Superstars, which I've so far managed to keep clean.

I love this bomber so much I even bought it in a light pink. It's such a perfect summer jacket and a wardrobe essential in general. 

Does anyone else love or wear bomber jackets over the summer months?

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland | Review & Swatches

I'm super excited to write this post but I've taken so long to get around to doing it. I also know this isn't a very new palette anymore but I couldn't find it anywhere for a good while. When I saw that Urban Decay were releasing another Alice in Wonderland palette I knew I was going to love it straight away. I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, I just love everything about it so a make up palette based on it yes please. As soon as I saw the pictures I fell in love with it, it's literally so pretty. It's based off the new Alice in Wonderland film Through The Looking Glass, which I actually never read which made it more exciting. I actually had the film in my June favourites. Anyway I've been trying out this palette for a few weeks and I thought I'd write what my opinions on it are and give it an honest review.


The palette comes in a box of the same design and you slide the palette out. The design is like looking through a kaleidoscope and has colourful flower like patterns but it's just so pretty I don't even know how do describe it. The side of the palette has the quote 'I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then' which is a classic Alice quote. Then when it's opened there's another quote which reads 'I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours' which is so cute, Alice in Wonderland has the most creative and cute quotes. I love them.


When opened the top section reveals a mirror which also has a quote on it of probably the most famous quote 'We're all mad here'. The mirror looks like the mirror from the film and has loads of clocks that are melting almost like Dali's famous painting. Underneath the quote you can open the sections to reveal a pop up butterfly from the book and film. It's such a beautifully designed intricate palette and although there's really no need for it to be so fancy and complicated for just being an eye shadow palette I think it suits the themes of the film well. Quite quirky, interesting and a bit different from your average palette and definitely a great collectors item.

The shades on the palette are all so vibrant and some are definitely some I'm going to have to work up the courage to wear out. Each column is based off a certain Alice in Wonderland character which I only realized after I bought it. The first is Alice, then the Mad Hatter, Mirana or the White Queen, Iracebeth or Queen of Hearts and Time. There is meant to be five complete looks in total which I like the idea of, although obviously there's more than five.

The first swatches are from the Alice shades in the palette, Looking Glass, Reflection, Dormouse and Metamorphosis. These colours definitely look like something Alice would wear and I think the subtle shades would go well with a pop of blue. The shade Looking Glass is probably the most faded and subtle of the palette and it's very hard to see it but the other shades are very easy to blend and I find them very pigmented and easy to use.

The swatches above are of the Mad Hatter look which not in Mad Hatter terms are very outgoing and crazy shades to pair with each other. Again it looks very like the Mad Hatter and I've seen some inspired looks with these shades which are just beautiful. The colours are Hatter, Gone Mad, Paradox, and Cake. I haven't used many of these shades yet, they'll probably be my least used shades but I do love Gone Mad which is a deep purple colour and I think it looks great applied under the lash line.

The next shades are based off the White Queen also known as Mirana. These are the most neutral and natural colours on the palette by far. The shades are Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, and Chessboard. These are my favourite shades in the palette. Lily is by far my favourite shade, when first applied it looks like a nice pale beige white then it turns into such a pretty duochrome eye shadow and it becomes a metallic pink in the light and I absolutely love it. If I could only wear one eye shadow for the rest of my life it'd be that one. Duchess is a great match with that shadow and its a pretty light orange gold, even though it seems more beige in the swatch.

The next swatches are of the Queen of Hearts or Iracebeth. The shades are Royal Flush, Salazen Grum, Bandersnatch, and Heads Will Roll. I love Salazen Grum it's the perfect shimmery deep red and looks so pretty. I haven't worn the blue and turquoise shades yet as I feel like they don't really suit my blue eyes, but they feel like good quality.

The last character shades are of Time. They're the darkest shades in the palette and they are Mirror, Chronosphere, Dream on, and Time. These shades are very pigmented and dark. I love the shade Dream On, even though it's the shade many people have said is disappointing. It's not very pigmented but it's still pretty but I can see why people complain about it. All the rest of the shades are very pigmented and soft. 

I know many people have said that this palette isn't up with usual Urban Decay quality and isn't worth the money but I think the eye shadows are very good quality. There's probably two shades on the palette, Looking Glass and Dream On, that I'm not entirely happy with but the rest of them are of high standard and Urban Decay quality. For me this palette is more about the design and detail than the actual eye shadow shades. They're all pretty eye shadows that are soft and easily blended, yet the design of shades for each individual character and the overall design of the palette makes it worth the money. 

I would recommend this palette for sure as it's probably my favourite as of now. Also perfect for my fellow Disney fans. Has anyone tried this palette or seen the new film? What do you think?

June Favourites 2016

I didn't do a May favourites last month and it bothers me because I was doing so well with keeping up with this series. The end of May and start of June have been the most hectic two months and I've been constantly doing things or trying to do things. With how busy I've been I haven't got many favourites this month in comparison to usual but it means I love these things so much more so enjoy!


My first favourite this month is the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts triple baked blush. I got this in Superdrug over in Birmingham and I literally thought it was the cutest thing ever, seriously how cute is the packaging?  It's a three dimensional blush with three different shades. They're all so pretty on, so pigmented and very sparkly. It looks really cute as a pop of colour on the cheeks and the shimmer helps add dimension to your face, and how can you resist buying something as cute as this?


My next favourite is a bloggers convinced me to buy this product product. It's the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Cannes. I've read about this shade on nearly every bloggers blog and every vloggers Youtube. This lip cream is my go to lipstick at the moment it's amazing. It's both a soft pink shade but it's also quite dark on the lips it's complicated but so beautiful. I wear this almost every day and I love how matte it is. It goes matte quickly after applying and doesn't dehydrate the lips. It has very long wear I wear it for over four hours without reapplying and most of the time it stays looking the same. Even if it does fade a little it's very subtle and you don't notice it which I love about lipsticks. There's nothing worse than not being able to reapply lipstick and your lips only have lipstick on the edges.


The swatches are of the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts blush in order and NYX Cannes.


The next favourite is a food which is always a good choice to throw in, who doesn't love a bit of chocolate? The chocolate bar I've been loving and snacking on too much lately is the Wilton Candy Macaroon bar. This bar is so so nice. The chocolate is so rich and it contains little pieces of dried coconut which tastes fab. The bar is also only forty cents, what a bargain. No wonder I eat so many.

I've also been loving the W7 Bronze Queen eyeshadow Palette. I bought this last year in TXMaxx for cheap enough and picked it back up recently and realized I love it. I originally bought it because I fell in love with the sparkly gold shade and I still love it. They're all quite pigmented and subtle and generally just good value, definitely a good bargain palette to buy. The packaging feels really heavy and sturdy too, it looks pretty sleek if I say so myself.  

My last favourites are film and music related as I like to throw these in at the end too. I've been loving Twenty One Pilots new song Heathens, surprise surprise. It's going to be in the Suicide Squad movie and I'm so proud of them. The song seems like it fits the film perfectly while still keeping that Twenty One Pilots edge to it. Check it out if you haven't, I also covered it over on my Youtube if you want to have a noisy at that too, I'll link it here.
I also went to see the new Alice in Wonderland recently and loved it. The story wasn't too great and it overall was very flawed but for me Alice in Wonderland is all about the aesthetics and characters which were amazing and the film was so colourful and beautiful and that made me enjoy it even if it lacked in other places. Plus I finally got the Urban Decay Alice palette and I'm currently swooning over it. I shall hopefully do a blog review soon so get excited.

How was everyones June? What have you all been loving this month?