Outdoor Cinema

Last week I went to an outdoor cinema for the first time in about three years. I forgot how much I loved the idea of it and it didn't rain, which is the most important thing. I don't know why I find sitting in a field watching a movie with a group of people cuter than going to the cinema, it's technically the same thing. I think it's because it's rare to go to an outdoor cinema but very common to go to a normal cinema, either way I love it.

The film that was shown was Dirty Dancing, which I'd never seen, queue the shocked people. I'd only seen the first half of it before, it's quite an over rated film but I still enjoyed it. Plus the audience cheered and clapped along, it was such a cute atmosphere.

There was cute little food stalls and a van full of Ben and Jerry's that were being given out for free, how great. They were giving out free ice cream to get people to sign a petition for stopping climate change and taking action. They were telling people about the conference in Paris later this year surrounding climate change. I think it was pretty great they were doing it because I know most people wouldn't have a clue what it was. They had a really smart campaign about showing the effects of climate change in terms of ice cream. They said 'ice creams no good when it's melted' and they were stating the same goes if the world's ice caps melt. It's a pretty easy but effective concept I think, I've no idea if other people took anything from it though. I'm hoping it registered in peoples minds somewhere along with their free ice cream. 

It was really nice once the sun went down and it became night. It felt like I was back in the eighties living my teenage years in that era instead, not that I know what the eighties was even like. I think it reminded me of Grease and that style and kind of makes me which things were still a little bit old fashioned. It's still great to see that these types of events are still put on for the public even if it's not that often, well where I live it's not maybe somewhere else it is.

Anyone ever been to an outdoor cinema before?

Brand New Concert Dublin

I know a lot of people would read this title and wonder what the 'Brand New' concert in Dublin is. Brand New is actually the name of a band for those of you who might not know, a really good one for that matter. Anyone who hasn't heard of this band before, they're basically and alternative rock group consisting of five members. For those who have heard of the band before you'll know how good they are. They're super quirky and their music is really soothing to me. I find their music really chill even though there's a lot of relatively heavy-ish guitar. Their lyrics are really intriguing and creative too. I'll link my favourite song of theirs here for anyone who wants to give them a listen.

All the photos I have of the night are pretty bad so I really regret not trying to get better photos. Anyways, they played Vicar Street in Dublin last Tuesday, which is a small venue but it was so packed it was crazy. I didn't expect a lot of people to go to it at all. You could barely stand without being squashed and you couldn't even see the stage over the sheer about of people, or maybe it's just because I'm smaller than most people. I ended up sitting in seats at the very back the whole night which didn't bother me at all because I got a pretty good view from there. 

They had a band called Basement open for them who I had never heard of before but I really enjoyed them. They're really pop punk and their songs are really catchy. I was really excited to see Brand New though as I've been a fan for about two years and never expected to actually see them live. 

They opened with their new song Mene, which I really like. It's one of their faster heavier songs but is so easy to listen to. They played songs from all of their albums and had ocean scenes play in the backdrop. They also played videos of the audience too which is a great way to get the audience included. They're such a calming band for me and I often find myself falling asleep to their music, which actually happened in real life too. They played a good few songs from my favourite album of theirs, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, which a good proportion of the tracks have religious lyrics or suggestions. It's a pretty interesting album even if you're not very religious. I find the ideas in the songs interesting or captivating sometimes. It can depend on my mood though.

They were really good live which I actually thought they wouldn't be. I didn't think they would be able to play their type of music live and sound good but I was wrong. I hadn't got any more photos of the night other than the ones of me and Jack being super happy while they play so I decided to put it in anyways. 

Anyone love this band too or seen anyone interesting live recently?

Also I know I'm hopefully going to a lot of concerts near the end of the year so I'm going to be spamming my blog with similar posts to this one, yay for ramblings about artists I listen to. 

Zoeva: Cocoa Blends Eyeshadow Palette

I came across this palette while reading blogs a little while ago and I knew straight away that I had to buy it. It's like the palette I'd been looking for for a while. It's such a perfect Autumnal palette, I love that word so much and it's probably colour-wise my favourite palette I own, not that I own that many. The palette contains purples reds and variations of brown which is great to have if you're going to buy more autumn themed clothes as it gets colder out.


 The palette contains ten colours and they're all very autumnal colours and they're all so pretty and easily wearable. It doesn't come with a mirror which is a shame but I'm still really obsessed with it. It cost me about twenty six euro with postage so depending on where you live it could cost more or less, either way it's really reasonable.

The colours swatched above are the first five colours in the palette in the top row. The shades are very nude and neutral. The first two are very pale and subtle, the middle one is my favourite and it's a red and the last two are similar browns, one matte and one shimmer. 

This swatch is of the second row, in reverse order to what they should be. This row has shimmery gold, which is gorgeous, more matte browns, a shimmery purple and black. I really like every colour but the only problem I have with them is that they don't blend the best. It takes a little bit longer to blend it out across your lid than other shadows I have, I think it's because they are pigmented really nicely.

My favourite shade on the whole palette and the colour that really sold this palette for me was Warm Notes. It's a deep sparkly burgundy red, on it kind of looks like a brown but with more colour. I thought this shade would look super good in the winter especially because I wear shades like this on my lips all the time it's about time I wear it on my eyes.

Another two colours I've been loving are Subtle Blends and Infusion. Subtle blends is a really flattering shimmery gold and Infusion is a black with gold glitter infused in it, I love it.
All the shades in the palette are so easy to wear and I'll most likely have them on in some variation all throughout autumn and winter. 

Anyone tried any other Zoeva products before and love them?

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

It's been a long time since I've bought anything from Lush. I saw that Lush had released a ton of new products and had to try at least one. I'd been eyeing up the Intergalactic Bath Bomb since I'd first seen it and finally bought it, now it's probably one of my all time favourite bath bombs.

The bath bomb is meant to look like space, hence the name. The colours of the bath bomb are so pretty even before you but it in the bath. It smells like peppermint and contains popping candy. It's such an uplifting and refreshing smell.

Once put into the bath it swirls and changes colours and mixes into little colourful balls that are meant to look like little galaxies. It fills the bath with gold glitter that looks like stars, it's like sitting in a small piece of space. When the bath bomb finishes fizzing the colours fade away and turn into a deep blue colour that just looks like a clear night sky. It's really so pretty.

Once everything settles the glitter sticks to the bottom of the bath and you become so sparkly and covered in glitter. It's pretty cool but annoying to clean and get off. Overall though this bath bomb is super awesome and if I could've created a bath bomb it would definitely be this one. I'm so interested in space and it's like being in space, not really but you can pretend.

Anyone ever tried this before and love it?

August Favourites 2015

I never have much in the line of favourites for the month. I find myself only buying clothes and food and minimal bits of other things, mainly because I'm broke. I feel like I'll have more favourites when it gets more into the more Autumnal months, also my favourite months. I also feel kind of sad that it didn't feel like much of a summer this year. The weather was so cold and it rarely got sunny and it just didn't feel like summer at all.

My first favourite this month was the Collection Lasting Perfection foundation. I'd heard a lot about this for coverage for a long time along with the matching concealer and have wanted to try it. I bought it in the shade 2 Ivory which is my usual skin tone. I think it has really good coverage but the texture feels really thick on your skin. Despite that, I really like it and think I'm going to be wearing it throughout the Winter months as it seems to stay on all day and sit really well. I'm not the one for trying new foundations because they really mess with my skin when I change them but this one doesn't and it's so nice. If anyone has any foundation recommendations please let me know because I'm awful at picking them out.

I've also been loving the Garner Micellar Cleansing Water this month. This make up remover is actually really good, I only bought the small one to test it out but I feel like it really cleans my skin and gets rid of all the excess make up I can't usually clean. Not to mention that the bottle is so cute and definitely my aesthetic. It really feels like you're just using water to clean your face, it has no perfume and is transparent. It gets rid of make up really easily and my skin feels fresher after using it.

My next favourite is another make up related one. It's the Revlon Colorburst lip crayons. I have them in the shades 115 Whimsical which is a shimmery pink, 001 Honey Douce which is a nude and 215 Shameless which is a deep purple, as seen in the order in the photo. These are really great, they're super moisturizing, not like a lipstick but have the colour stay power of a lipstick. The colours in the range are really pretty too. They retail at 10.99 Euro which is an okay price for what they are. They smell like mint and it's so refreshing. They're easy to apply and really pigmented. They're just great really.

My last favourite is food related, as expected. It's the Kinder Joys, which are basically Kinder eggs but instead of chocolate on the outside of the toy you get some inside with a toy and you eat it with a sort of spoon thing. It's really weird to explain. I know you can only get them here in Ireland during the Easter months which is annoying. I got my mam to bring me back some when she went on holidays to Portugal because they have more creative chocolate foods over there as it seems. Give them a try if your a Kinder fan and haven't already. 

What have you been loving during the month of August?

What I wore: Belsonic Festival Trip

To end my continuous post about that tiny trip I had, I decided to do an outfit post as I bought clothes specifically for the little trip, I really don't get out much can you tell? Both of the outfits are from Forever 21, a shop I never buy clothes in but I went in a few weeks ago and actually wanted to buy everything I saw in the shop which was really strange. I'll be in there more often from now on.

My first outfit is what I wore to the Belsonic festival, where it actually rained all day, what a great choice by me. The dress was only 14 Euro I think and I always struggle buying white dresses. They're always way too see through or too hard to keep clean. This one isn't that tight and even where it is, the material is too thick to be see through. It's both casual and dressy depending on what you do with it, which I love, plus the price was good, where could you go wrong?

My outfit for the second day was one of those off the shoulder tops that I wanted to see if I could pull off. You can wear this without showing off your shoulders too which I love about it. It's really flowy and easy to wear. It was 16 Euro I think which was also pretty good. I'm probably going to wear this a lot now even though it's getting into winter clothes season.

Anyone else shop in Forever 21 at all?

Belfast Trip & Adventure

I have no idea why this has taken me so long to get around to writing, I've been meaning to do it for a week. Following my last post, as I went to a festival up in Belfast, which is 2 and a half hours from my house, I stayed up there for two days and decided to be as tourist as I could in those two days. Being the photographer I think I am, I took an abundance of photos because I think the city is really beautiful and wanted to try taking more photos to capture moments. This was also the first independent trip I've been on so it was so exciting and momentous for me. That being said, this post will most likely be super long but pretty colourful.



On the first day we traveled up we got lost and ended up just walking down streets for a while because I had read the map backwards. It didn't bother me though because I love it there.
We did the typical tourist thing by going to a new place but going somewhere that you've been to before, we got a Starbucks. We chilled there for a while until we got back to our hotel to get ready for the festival, as seen in my previous blog post. 



Again, we did the thing and didn't explore at all. We went for dinner in a Nando's that was conveniently attached to our hotel. It's probably the prettiest Nando's I've seen to date. It was delicious as always and we got to meet Josh from Twenty One Pilots outside our hotel after the meal, I'm still fangirling. I already blogged about the actual concert so I'll just move on to our second day.

Our second day was our exploring and shopping day. We explored most of the main streets and spent most of our time in Victoria Square, the main shopping centre. It's the prettiest shopping centre I've ever seen. It's indoors and outdoors at the same time. The roof is made out of glass and it goes up super high up to this platform that you can see a three hundred and sixty degree view of the city and the mountains you can see past it. It's such an amazing sight but the top of the building is kind of like a greenhouse and it gets super hot so you can't really stay up there for long without melting. 

They had some sort of Alice in Wonderland themed thing going on when we were there, which I got super excited about. They had scenes from the whole movie there, both the original and the Tim Burton version. They had a mini maze for children, which we still did that was actually fun even though it was tiny and nothing like a real maze. They also had a cute little reenactment of the Mad Hatter's tea party which was actually so real feeling. Everything was just really cute and it really brought back my love for Alice in Wonderland and a lot of the things in it. Why don't shopping malls/centres near me do this kind of stuff?

We shopped for most of the day and bought a few clothes items and other bits and just wandered really. The shops were basically the exact same to what we have back home too so it was nice to see the shops with different designs and layouts. We went to the Disney store, which is tiny compared to the Dublin one and I got a Winnie the Pooh teddy bear that I've wanted for a while because it was cheaper there. It's my favourite thing from the trip, thanks Jack. It rained for the second half of the day and we got too cold to explore half the places I'd wanted to visit.

The last thing we did was go out for a fancy meal to an Italian restaurant. We got dough balls, which are the best starter ever, just saying and pizza. My pizza is the plain one, what a surprise. It was so nice but I felt sick half way through the meal and we had to go back to the hotel earlier than we should've which was really disappointing, I blame the rain making me sick. Even though we stayed in the hotel for the rest of the trip it was really nice to go somewhere else for a change, I never go away at all anymore.

I never went away for like a really short trip before and it's actually so nice and not as expensive as a week holiday, obviously but still. I hope to come back really soon or go somewhere and do something like this again. This post was really odd but I hope you enjoyed the travel journal sort of thing.

Anyone go anywhere nice over the summer?