Topshop Lipsticks | Tempation & Sweet Orchid

I'd been eyeing up all the lipsticks in Topshop for sometime now and since it was my birthday, one of my best friends got me some. I pretty much had the colours I wanted chosen so it made the birthday shopping a hell of a lot easier for her. 


 The colours I chose were, Sweet Orchid and Temptation (In the order they are above.) Sweet Orchid is the prettiest pale purple colour I've ever seen on a lipstick.  It's probably a colour that won't get much wear but I really liked it. When it's on your lips it doesn't look purple, it becomes a quite pale pink with slight purple undertones. It's kinda vibrant and bright but still quite a neutral colour despite it looking quite hard to wear in the pictures. Although admittedly darker lipsticks suit me more. 


The second lipstick, Temptation, is a typical lipstick colour for me. It's a dark red colour and also comes out lighter when it's put on just like Orchid. It's not as dark as I thought it would be but it's still such a pretty shade. It's perfect for Autumn.

The swatches above show the two lipsticks side by side. The texture of the lipstick makes it super easy to apply. It's a really creamy consistency that is also a bad thing because I've already accidentally melted one a little bit by accident, safe to say I was not happy. Other than that they stay on well and Topshop have the pretiest choice of lipsticks to chose from. I especially like the boxes they come in, it makes them really easy to store and see which one is which. 

Anyone else enjoy Topshop lipsticks? I'd love to hear which are your favourites!

Someday Summary | 26.10.15

I'm currently sitting in Starbucks and even though it's only 9am I want to write something. I know if the caption is a 'summary' of my day that should entail that it's the end of the day but I guess it doesn't have to be as of now, I'm really good with logic. I just want to write random things and give myself a purpose to be honest.


  • Since it's almost Halloween, I did the first spooky thing of the year yesterday by carving a pumpkin, probably the only spooky thing I'll do this year. I never do dressing up scary very well but I'm a huge fan of horror films and Halloween in general. I wish Halloween was as big of a festivity as Christmas is, it just gets over looked and it's sad. I do think pumpkin carving is such a cute and fun idea though. It smells a bit pungent but it's okay it looks super cute once you put a candle in it. All my pumpkins end up looking happy not scary, even if I tried.
  • I'm currently tracking the Dublin Marathon online and watching where Jack is, sounds super creepy. I think it is pretty scary though how I can see exactly where he is. I'm cheering him on from here,  he'll most likely see this later so hi you're currently on 3.9m at 32:32 whatever that means. Looking at the Marathon map is actually so daunting but I would love to do it sometime, even if I just walk it. I salute all you Marathon runners, go you.  
  • I should probably be doing some college work but I'm currently trying to update all my social medias, ie my blog. I have written about my first few weeks of college but whether I post it is another thing, it's a bit of a rant, surprise surprise.
  • I had a really good weekend catching up with family and friends and it made me really happy. 
  • To add to this half Halloween themed post, I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time yesterday, and it's really good. I'm always so behind on must see films. I think the actual plot was missing a lot of things but what it's lacking the music makes up for. The fact it's a musical makes the film ten times better. It's my current Halloween soundtrack. 
  • In other Halloween film news I went to see Crimson Peak the other day, I actually planned to see Pan but howsoever. It was less creepy and more morbid. It was very gruesome and  my type of horror is more paranormal and supernatural. I think the reason I thought it was good was because Tom Hiddleston was the main character. Either way most horror films are not the best anyway so I don't expect much.

Anyone doing anything nice for Halloween? 

Autumn | My Favourite Season & Outfit Post

The season of colourful leaves, bright scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes is upon us. How typical blogger did I sound right there? Autumn is genuinely my favourite season because you get to wrap up all the time and be cozy but it's also not too cold, even though where I live you'd sometimes question that statement. You get to wear dark lipstick all the time, my favourite thing ever, and drink lots and lots of warm beverages.


When the trees get all colourful and the ground becomes a beautiful mess of leaves and noise, I feel so happy to be surrounded by nature. Even though Spring should symbolize growth and new beginnings when all the new flowers grow and animals give new life, for me seeing the tree's and plants decay and start to begin again makes me feel happier to watch. I do realize I sound a bit morbid there but there's something so pretty about watching nature do its own thing. It behaves in its own way and I love just seeing it happen.

I'm really excited to do some more Autumnal and Winter-y posts, so hopefully I have the ideas and time to do them soon. For now I'm going to post some Autumn outfits I've been wearing recently. I wear a mix of pale and dark colours, although mainly dark most of the time, dark lipsticks and scarves are essential. 


How is everyone else finding Autumn so far?