Modern Renaissance ABH Palette | Review

I have been eyeing up the Modern Renaissance palette for so long and it is so hard to get your hands on in Ireland without paying a fortune for postage somehow. While I was in Paris we took a trip into Sephora, which I had never been in before and absolutely loved. There were so many amazing things I was looking at to treat myself with but I knew if I was going to get anything it had to be something from Anastasia Beverly Hills as I've never even seen any of their products in person before and definitely wanted some. I know that they have their new palette out Subculture, which they didn't have but even if they did I would've got this one as the shades are amazing and so perfect for Autumn coming up!

The packaging of the palette is something I actually like but I know a few people dislike it. It's a pink velvet-y suede casing and although it can get dirty very easily, it looks very pretty and feels very soft and good quality.


It comes with fourteen shades, eleven matte and three metallic. The shades are mainly pink, orange and yellow and they're very good quality and it comes with a dual ended brush. The shades are very autumnal I definitely bought it in the right season. The eye shadows are some of the best quality that I have tried yet it has a lot of fallout, every time I use it a lot of powder falls out, I've heard that this is such a big problem with the new Subculture palette so I can't imagine how bad that one is. You have to be very gentle when applying as they are very powdery shades. My favourite shades are Golden Ochre, which is a bright yellow gold, but I love how matte most of the shades are. My other favourites are Realgar, which is such an unusual colour and also Love Letter which is such a pretty pink when blended with other colours. All the shades go so well together and blend so nice together I'm having a lot of fun playing with the different combinations.

The above swatches are Tempera, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Boun Fresco, Antique Bronze, Love Letter, and Cyprus Umber.

The second photo of swatches is of Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Primavera, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Warm Taupe, and Realgar.

I know this palette isn't very new but it's still worth the hype that surrounded it when it first came out, it's my favourite palette now!
Has anyone else tried this palette before? What do you think?

Paris & Disneyland Paris | Photo Diary

If you didn't know I recently went on holidays to the beautiful city which is Paris! I visited some amazing places in my time there and thought it would be good to share some (my favourite being Disneyland Paris which I actually have a vlog of up on my Youtube here if that's your kind of thing). I had an abundance of pastries and macrons over there and loved literally everything, we did the most tourist-y things also so if you're planning on visiting Paris soon you might want to check these places out!

Obviously the most tourist place in Paris is the Eiffel Tower so that was first on our list of spots to visit, and we were so lucky with the weather in the week.

This is the view from the Eiffel Tower, not from the top though that's waaay to high for me.


The view from the Arc du Triomphe onto the Champs Elysee.

The outside of the Louvre which I have to say was very impressive.

The inside of the Louvre and of course Sleeping Beauties Castle in Disneyland (My favourite place in the whole world).

The Tower of Terror which is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite ride.

The entrance to Hollywood Studios and my other fave ride Hyperspace Mountain, which is better than I remember it being.

Main Street USA on the 25th Anniversary.

Notre Dame Cathedral, in which I sang the Hunchback of Notre Dame songs continuously. 

My favourite meal of the trip which had a view of Notre Dame just along the Seine.

The view of Notre Dame from the very top, which was a lot of stairs.

The Eiffel Tower at night and when it sparkles is my favorite thing ever, it only sparkles between eleven pm and five past so make sure your there then!

Has anyone been to Paris before? What's your favourite place to visit?

Too Faced Natural Matte Palette | Review

I've been meaning to post this for a while but never got around to it as it's one of my favourite palettes of the past few months. Normally when I buy an eyeshadow palette I choose it for it's vibrant and shimmery colours, although I don't wear the adventurous shades, they're so pretty to look at. Yet I always wear neutral browns, beige's and pinks on my eyes, so what better a purchase than a palette that's full of neutrals and natural colours. Especially because the colours I normally buy are glittery, I was in need with a wide range of matte shades for more natural and lazy days. I always look at the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette and the Sweet Peach palette but I knew this Natural Matte palette was for me. 

I love how small and portable this palette is, and it has every day to day shade you could possibly want. It's magnetic and the case is tin material and I bring it almost everywhere with me. I also love the lace detail on the case, it's very classy and pretty. As you can see from the picture the rows are split into day, classic and fashion, which is meant to be three separate looks that come with the palette, obviously there's not only the three though. Also as you can tell most of the shades are well used. The quality is very good and the payoff is high. My favourite shades are Strapless, a pink toned light brown, Lace Teddy, a pale pink toned nude, and Honey Butter, a soft honey toned brown. I love that all the shades are matte and non shimmery, they go well together in different varieties and they also suit as bases and shade for more dramatic looks with other more outgoing palettes. 

The above swatches in order are, Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexspresso, Lace Teddy, Strapless, Risque, Nudie, Honey Butter, and Chocolate Cookie.

I think this is a basic palette that everyone should have as all these shades are makeup staples. It's a go to palette for me and goes with every natural and neutral look I need. I love the quality of Two Faced products and this doesn't disappoint. 
Has anyone tried this product before? What do you think?