Ingot Berry Palette | Review

It's been so long since I feel like I've posted and I know the Christmas period is a busy time for everyone, I'm no exception. I hope to post as much as I can but I'm not sure how much that will be. I haven't reviewed any products from Inglot before as I don't own any but I got to try some recently and I really love the quality of the brand so I will definetly be up for trying more products soon. I'm not sure what other countries Inglot is in, but in Ireland it's very popular. I've been loving their Berry Palette over the past month or so, so I thought a review would be something you'd all like. 

This palette comes in cute little packaging which is about the size of my hand, which makes it perfect to carry around and for travelling. It also has a magnetic casing which is easy to close. It comes with four different shades, the shades are 301, 302, 07, 450, two of which are matte, berry smoky shades, the other two are a shimmery, one a pink and one a gold shade. What I love about this palette is how well all the colours go together without using ny other eyeshadow palettes. 301 is a deep red cranberry colour which is matte and my favourite shade in the palette, it makes for a very nice shade over the whole lid by itself. 302, is the darkest colour in the palette which I'd consider a dark brown red colour, which is very autumnal and makes the whole look much more vampy and intense.The next shade is 450 which is a pink fuchsia, which is bright and vibrant on the eyes and contains elements of shimmer in it. The last shade is 07, which is the gold colour with shimmer, which is very different to the other shades but makes a really good colour for the inside of your eyes and brightening the whole look. 

My favourite thing about this palette is how pigmented all the shades are. A little goes a long way and they blend really well into each other. It's a really good palette for nights out and more intense looks, which I really love for the winter months as the evenings are darker and I think darker makeup suits a wintery environment. I will probably be wearing this palette on Christmas day in some way. These are all colours that I think will suit everyone and for four shades, I think there is a lot of combinations and looks that can be made with them.

(Shades above are 301, 302, 450, and 07)

Has anyone tried this or any other Inglot palettes before? What do you think?

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks | Review

Okay so I've been after these liquid lipsticks, and just anything Kat Von D for ages, after I heard they were coming to Ireland I was delighted as they are a vegan brand, which I am all for. I had heard a lot of wonderful things about all the products, but most of all the Everlasting liquid lipsticks. They're quite expense, working out at about twenty euro each, which is quite steep in my opinion, but at the same time the quality and longevity you get out of them makes up for it. I think they're the prefect thing to treat yourself with or even to gift someone. 

The shades that I wear most are mainly nudes, brown nudes and pink/purple tone nudes. When it comes to liquid lipsticks I love simple but pretty, especially because of how hard they are to get off, wearing something crazy isn't always the best idea. But if wilder shades are what you're into there are some really pretty blues and reds in this collection that I would love to be able to pull off. 

The shades that I have are Plath and Hawkwind. These shades are both very similar in terms of how they look in the tube, yet on my lips they are very different. In the swatches and tube Plath looks much darker than Hawkwind, yet they are the opposite when I wear them. Plath is a deep russet red, but when on, I think it is a very deep red with brown undertones. Hawkwind is probably my favourite out of the two and is described as a nude sienna, on the lips it is a dark nude brown, which isn't as dark as it seems it would be. They're both dark lipsticks in general though.

The consistency of the lipsticks is very nice, with a very smooth and easily applicable formula. The colour dries almost instantly on your lips, so you need to be careful, yet the formula is not drying at all and it doesn't dry out during the day either. I think that it is the longest lasting lipstick I've ever tried and it would last the whole day with one application, although it would rub off a bit and fade, a lighter version of it remains, which is still very nice. Even when I'm taking off my make up I find that this lipstick just doesn't want to budge off my lips, it takes a lot of effort to wipe it all off. 

 (The above swatches are of Hawkwind and Plath)

Overall, these are worth the price that you pay, they're all beautiful shades, good quality, good colour payout and longevity. I would highly recommend these and will definitely be starting a collection

Has anyone else tried these or any other Kat Von D products?

Fall & Winter Outfit Essentials

If you're anything like me then the Fall/Winter time is your favourite time of year in regards to fashion. I don't like the cold so much but I do love the style and layers of clothes that you can wear at this time of year. There's so many things that you can experiment with so I thought that I would put together some outfits with some pieces and things that I love to style at this time of year. 

My first outfit includes my favourite piece of clothing that I have at the moment, it's the pink, fluffy biker style jacket from Pull and Bear, and it is the coziest and cutest piece I own, I actually bought it in black for Chirstmas also but shhh. I feel like the most important outfit essential to have at this time of year is a really cozy winter jacket, mine always happen to be the furry ones, and this one is the softest I've seen.


My second outfit is more colourful and maybe not so appropriate for the really cold days but I do love a good jumper and skirt combo. I think it's really nice to have pieces with vibrant colours in your wardrobe at this time of year when everything is a bit more dull and dreary, it's always nice to pop some colour into your day. This bomber jacket is from Zara and I think the colour is amazing, definitely the cutest yellow/mustard jacket I've seen around. I think it looks really pretty on simple outfits with darker colours but it surprisingly goes well with other colours too, which means you don't have to stop wearing bright colours even in the dark evenings. 

I find that in Fall/Winter it's a perfect time to wear accessories to make a simple cozy jumper and jeans look more intriguing and also to complete an outfit. I love doing this through wintery boots and simple jewelry. Recently I've been wearing my Anna Saccone Libra zodiac necklace non-stop, which I think is really beautiful and probably my favourite piece of jewelry that I own, it has the weighing scales on it which represents the Libra, which I am
The other piece I'm always wearing is the Alex and Ani bracelet which has my birthstone on it which matches my necklace, which is also so pretty.

Other pieces of jewelry that I think would look so amazing to complete a fall/winter outfit is the jewelry from AUrate. They make handmade pieces from New York City that use ethically sourced materials, and the best part is that they give back to economically disadvantaged school children with each purchase, which you can read about here. I think some of their pieces would go perfectly with any outfit, I love the look of the quality and simple style of their pieces, I'm especially loving their Gold earrings at the moment, which I do need a good pair of soon.

What does everyone else love to wear in the Fall/Winter season? What are your go-to accessories?

Lush Bewitched and Goth Fairy

Yes, I know Halloween is over but I wanted to give some of these Lush products that I've loved for Halloween a review, before they go out of stock, if they haven't already. My favourite products in Lush come out at Christmas/Halloween and there's never enough time to buy and try them all, and I know it would defeat the purpose to have them out all year round, but I'd love it.

I'd picked out my favourite Halloween products to use for Halloween before I couldn't get them anymore and thought I'd share them with you, even if we have to buy them again next year.

The first product is the Bewitched bubble bar. This one is super cute and is shaped like a cat. I love this one as it's really easily crumbled under running water and leaves the bath in this deep dark black colour, perfect for Halloween, even though it's passed. I find it much different to the other bath bombs that are very bright and colourful. It smells very subtle of blackcurrant and a little citrus.

The second product is the Goth Fairy shimmer bar, which I have never tried before. This is a massage bar, which you rub straight onto your skin for massaging and moisturizing qualities. I prefer in shower moisturizers so I never tend to buy these but I was drawn to this one because it's more of a shimmer bar than a massage bar. It has the same moisturizing qualities as the other massage bars but it leaves your skin with a pretty glittery shimmer after use, which I love. It's shaped like a little ghost, or goth fairy as it's so called and smells really sweet like blackcurrant. I don't really like blackcurrant but love the scent. I think it's perfect for something to add to a night out to give you that extra sparkle. 

Has anyone tried any Lush Halloween products this year? What do you think?

Zoella Treasure Me Gift Collection | What's Inside

Around Christmas, I know it's still so early, I love getting big bath sets of a range of different products and I also love giving them. If you don't already know for the past year or so Zoella releases a Christmas range with really cute gift sets. I didn't actually get one last year, I had enough stuff without it. I thought it would be a good idea to show what's inside the Zoella Treasure Me gift box to give an idea if anyone else would like to buy it themselves or for someone else. i find with stuff like this sometimes it's hard to tell if you're getting your money/value worth or not. 

The gift comes in a rather hefty and large box, with very pretty rose gold detailing and includes eight products. It's currently on sale in Superdrug so you can get it for even better value. For the sheer amount that you get I don't think it's bad value compared to some of the other sets, but you definetly need to have a lot of baths to get use out of it all.

When opened all the products come individually wrapped and it does seem disappointing seeing how much bigger the box is compared to everything inside, although the box can be reused, which I will be doing so it's not all a waste. 

The first product you get is the Snow Fresh body wash, the scent is really floral and fresh with a hint of mint, and I think all the products have a similar scent. It's quite misty and shiny and it's a little bit sticky but I think it will leave a nice shine on your skin, you can't really go wrong with that. 

The next product is the Winter Wonder hand cream, I don't really use hand cream but I know a lot of people do. This packaging is possibly my favourite, the shape of the bottle and the rose gold colouring just look really pretty. The texture is really watery which I don't like and your hands feel wet even after a few minutes, but I do love the smell it leaves behind.

The Splash of Milk bath powder is something that I think is really interesting. You get two sachets in the box and you pour one into your bath which then turns your bath milky and it's meant to me moisturizing and soft, kind of like a Lush bath oil.

You then get a Snow Silky body lotion, I've previously tried Zoella body lotions and I do like them, but I think they take a long time to soak in completely, and the scent is never as strong as I would like it to be. 

You also get a Snow Polished body polish, and I'm not too sure how different the two products are. I think they're both similar in use but with the body polish its like an in shower body lotion, you rub it into your skin with water and watch it lather, which is something I prefer than a regular lotion. 

The next thing is the Snow Smooth body butter. I don't really like this body butter as it feels quite plastic-y and hasn't got much of a scent, it's probably my least favourite product from the bunch. 

You also get one of those loofahs, I'm not really sure what to call them and I didn't really understand their use until recently and I really love them now. This one is white with baby pink around the edges which is cute. 

The last product you get is the Snow Scoop bubble bath. This is one of my favourite things, I love a good bubble bath. The tub is also very cute, you scoop some of the product out with your hand and swish it under running water to produce bubbles, I think it's really cute.

Overall I think this is the best Zoella gift set you can buy. You get a lot of products for your money and it would be much more expensive to buy them all separately. Although there is a few products that I wouldn't use out of it I do like the majority and it makes a really good present.

What do you think of Zoella's christmas range? Have you tried any? 

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Range | Review

The Body Shop is one of those brands that I don't give enough credit too, probably because I buy most of my bath/skincare in Lush, but recently I've been trying out some of their products and realized how amazing quality they are. I also love the ethics of the shop, and being vegetarian, it means I can happily buy all their products. If you're anything like me and love the Halloween festive time of year and all it's Pumpkin and spooky glory then you will love the Body Shop's Vanilla Pumpkin range

When I saw other bloggers posting about this range I loved the sound of it straight away, although I didn't pick it up right away I wasn't disappointed when I finally went in store to pick some up. If you love picking up a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and love the scent then you will love these. Obviously it smells of vanilla and pumpkin, yet it's not overwhelmingly strong, it has the perfect combination of sweet and spice, also reminds me slightly of coffee.

The first product that I tried was the Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel, and I'm a huge fan of Body Shop shower gels. I find that they lather up amazingly and you don't have to use much product for it to take effect. It fills the shower with a warm sweet scent, I might have to buy another one in case it's just a seasonal product, does anyone know?

The second product is the Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream, and I'm actually not one for hand creams but if it makes your hands smell as wonderful as this does I'm all for it. It has a smooth and creamy texture that isn't sticky and absorbs quickly. It makes you feel like everything you touch is instantly more Autumnal.

Has anyone else tried these products? What do you think?

Pamper Night and Self Care Ideas

If you're anything like me, this time of year is a time where you want to feel cosy all the time. With the cold weather and the intensity of college life, self care is very important. I'll admit I'm not the best at it but I do love a good pamper night now and then to look after myself and de-stress. I thought I'd share some of my favourite things to do on a pamper night.

 (Some of my favourite pamper and relaxing things at the moment.)

My number one thing to do when I have some time to myself is to run a bath. My favourite kind being a Lush bath, I normally add my favorite bubble bar and bath bomb to relax. For extra relaxation is to add candles and your favouite hot drink, which is perfect for Autumn.

Another thing I do either after a bath or even just before bed is to put something on on Netflix and just chill and watch something good. I'm still watching my fave Gilmore Girls at the moment, and also starting to watch Riverdale again.

A thing that is often looked over on pamper nights is to take time to think about your feelings and give your mind some rest. A perfect way to do this is to try to meditate or do some yoga, which is personally my favourite, it's good for your body and your mind. It leaves you with a clearer mind and more relaxeed body

Body Love
Looking after your body and your hair and skin is something that I think is very important. It goes without saying that usually when you feel like you look your best, you feel your best, well that's what happens with me anyway. So when I have time to pamper myself I take the time to look after my skin, hair and nails. I apply my favourite moisturizers for my skin to revive itself and take in all the nutrients it needs as a pick me up, especially in winter. I also find that putting a fresh coat of nail varnish on is another simple way to look after yourself, as I always pick chipped nail varnish. I also think a face-mask is perfect when your have extra time to treat your skin, Lush is very preferable.

Another thing that I think sometimes you forget is part of a pamper routine is to look after your hair, especially maintaining your hair colour, if your like me and have your dark roots always making an appearance. I recently learned about eSalon and their customised hair colour, which you can check out here. What I love about this is that it's customised and personalised to your hair colour and history, which means your hair will be looking its best. Also for October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, they have created a #SpreadHope campaign with Cancer Care where every purchase made goes to help someone affected by cancer, which is amazing. You can also check this out here. They've also constructed their own list of pamper night ideas that I totally agree with, and basically follow anyway.

Being an English student, I obviously love to read, but I often find that reading before bed is also a great way to wind down and escape the real world. The one I have started recently is All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher, pictured above. It's also great to put on your coziest PJ's and wrapping yourself up in piles of blankets.

What do you think of my pamper night ideas? What else do you do to pamper yourself?

Bourjois | Makeup Bag Additions

Recently I haven't bought as much makeup as I usually do I think I've been investing a lot more into skin care and my skin has improved so much. There were a few bits that I was running low on and needed to update though, as no matter how much makeup you seem to have you're always in need of something. These two products are ones I've been testing and loving and have added to my makeup bag essentials, which both happen to be from Bourjois.

The first item I was in need of was a new foundation and I am really bad with sticking with my usual foundation and not venturing to far out but I knew this time I really wanted to try a new one. I normally like the quality of Bourjois products and I liked the sound of their Healthy Mix foundation so I though that I would pick it up. It says that it contains lots of vitamins like C, E and B5 which sounds like it would be good and not heavy for your skin and also says that it is anti-fatigue, which is something that I really need. I love really fresh and glowy foundations and after testing it out for a few weeks I can say that it does make your skin look more awake and fresh, covering dark circles and imperfections. It's very lightweight and you don't need much product to cover all of your face which is good, it's easily build-able as well and I think it's a perfect foundation for any occasion and I've not tested the longevity specifically but I haven't had any problems with it coming off for a variation of periods that I have had it on for.

The second product I've been testing and loving is also from Bourjois, it's the Volume Reveal waterproof mascara. I don't normally invest in mascara and I normally just use anything that's cheap and cheerful, I'm not normally fussy, but I decided I'd try a new one out and see what I think. This mascara brush is very long and straight and it doesn't really curve but I think it works well because it doesn't. The formulation is very consistent and drys quick when applied to lashes, it doesn't clump and even if it does it's easy to fix as it's very smooth. The thing I find very helpful is the mirror on the side which is magnifying and helpful for application. I have nothing bad to say about it, which means overall it's one of my favourite mascaras.

I love both of these products and I would buy them again if I ran out as I think they're high quality products for not a ridiculous amount of money.

Has anyone ever tried these before? What do you think?

Metamorphosis Lush Bath Bomb | Review

It's been a long time since I've gone into Lush and actually bought a new bath bomb. I don't have a lot of baths anymore but I know coming into winter there's going to be a lot more time for them. I'd seen all the new bath bombs on Lush's social media and I've been meaning to go in and buy one for a while. I picked up Metamorphosis as I really liked the name and how plain the bath bomb is on the outside. Yet, hence the name there is obviously more to the bath bomb than first perceptions.

To me, on the outside the bath bomb looks a bit like a pine cone with the same consistency, I know I'm awful at comparisons. It's very coarse and rough and smells spicy, but not overwhelming. I'm not too sure if it's meant to look like something or not but maybe it is meant to be some sort of shell of some sort for the metamorphosis to take place.

Once dropped into the bath it fizzes instantly int a dark and swirling black hole, leaving the bath a grey and murky colour, not the most appealing bath I must say.

As it fizzes after a minute or two you begin to notice colours start to fizz out and the metamorphosis begin. The colours turn from grey to yellow, then pink, and orange making your bath more colourful than expected. The bright colours clash with the dullness that was perviously there and I like the idea. It doesn't add that much colour overall into your bath though as eventually it all fades back into the murky swampy grey, so the colours don't last too long. I'd say this bath bomb would be a perfect bath bomb for children as they wouldn't be expecting the colours in the middle.

It's not my favourite Lush bath bomb as it doesn't have the strongest or nicest smell but I like the concept and the name but I don't think I'd use it again unless it was a gift as it left my bath a little grey-er than it was before.

Have you tried this bath bomb before? What do you think?

Starbucks and Scarves | Outfit

It's officially Autumn which means it's all things cute and cosy season, and I'm so excited to throw on jumpers and scarves over everything! I also had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year, and it was as amazing as I remember it! I felt like I was looking very Autumnal the other day and thought I'd post an outfit post! It's a little weird that I took pictures infront of people for once but the lanes looked cute so I didn't do it at a backdrop for once.

I got the scarf in Primark (Penneys) and I love scarves they're actually the best thing about the winter months, although I don't think it's quite cold enough yet, but it's getting there. My yellow/Mustard-y jumper is also from Primark and it's one of the softest jumpers I own honestly think I'm going to live in it over the Autumn/Winter. My denim jacket is from New Look, it's not time enough yet to whip out the fur-lined ones. I'm also getting excited to wear boots and fluffy socks out even though I'll look like some sort of Eskimo.

Are you as excited for Autumn fashion as I am? What will you be wearing over the next few months?

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipcolor | Review

It's been a long time since I have bought any new liquid lipsticks, I went through a phase of buying too many and had to stop, but I think it's time to start all over again. I love Revlon lipsticks, they're probably my favourite, such high quality and high colour payout so I think it would be about time that I try some of their liquid lipsticks. I know these are quite new and I've been eyeing them up for ages and now I'm here to review them.

The first lipcolor I got was 600 HD Devotion which is my favourite. It's a dark enough pink nude and applies like a dream. The formulation is quite thick and very easily applied. It smells amazing though, it's like the best smelling lipcolor I own, it even tastes as it smells even though I don't advise eating it. It smells a little like vanilla I'm not sure if that's what it's meant to smell like or not. The packaging is also different than normal liquid lipsticks, the packaging is more oval than round and I think it's sleek looking. The colour stays on your lips very well, I wouldn't say that it lasts an overwhelming amount of time but it is quite good. The texture is non drying and I don't find it tiring on the lips to wear which is one of the best parts, plus I just love this colour.

The second shade I got is 610 HD Addiction which is a plum berry purple shade which is a little darker in the tube then on my lips. I thought it was a perfect transition colour into Autumn/Winter. I also love this colour but this one fades a lot quicker than the other one but it could just be that it's more noticeable because of the darker colour. I also feel like this one smells more like cherries but I think I could be imagining a lot of things.

The above swatches are of 600 HD Devotion and 610 HD Addiction.

I do really love these liquid lipsticks and I hope to buy a few more of the darker shades for winter as I think they're a lot more viable than a darker lipstick. I would highly recommend these and would love to know if anyone else has tried these before?
What do you think of them?

Current Favourites | August 2017

I haven't got that many things in the line of favourites this month mainly because I lost my bank card and spent most of the month without access to money, which was super annoying but there are a few little bits I've picked up throughout the month that I'd like to share!

The first thing I picked up was the Body Fantasies Signature in Pink Grapefruit Fantasy from Superdrug and I didn't need a new body spray but I sprayed it in the shop and I knew I needed it. It smells like it should be a Victoria Secret scent except it doesn't last as long. Obviously it smells like pin grapefruit and although I'm not a fan of the fruit I love the smell. It's very summery and fruity and very good for the price.

The next things I got are from Disneyland Paris, they're two collectible pins. I'd never bought any Disney pins before but I decided that I'm going to start collecting them every time I go to Disney, so I picked up two to start my collection. The first one I got is the 25th Anniversary pin as I thought it was cute and it's a good commemoration of me being there then, plus I won't ever be able to get it again so. The second one I bought is the Thumper one, where he's holding a flower in his mouth, I love rabbits so Thumper has always been a favorite of mine, I just think he's so cute. Don't forget you can check out my Disney vlog here.


The last two pieces I got from Kiko which I always get stuff while away as we don't have any in Ireland. I didn't need anything in particular though so I just picked up two small items, I got the Smart Colour Eyeshadow 09 Metallic Moonstone in a light grey colour. Although I wouldn't normally wear grey I got this one because it swatches more silvery and light than it looks and I think it would look nice in the corners of your eyes to finish off a look, as I haven't any other colours like it.
The second thing I bought I bought because of how cute the packaging was as opposed to the colour, not great I know. I got the Mini Divas in 01 Practical Rose which is a really pale light pink which probably doesn't suit my skin tone the best but it's such a tiny lipstick and the packaging is so cute I thought I'd just get it anyway. You get a good bit of lipstick for the size and it's so easy to bring around with you.

The above swatches are of the Smart Eyeshadow 09 and the Mini Divas Lipstick 01.

Another thing I've been loving recently is the Addams Family musical. I got to go see the UK tour live twice in the past few weeks and I am obsessed with it. It's one of the funniest musicals I've ever gone to see and the cast and production are amazing, definitely try to get tickets to this tour while you still can. The soundtrack is very hard to find to listen to as there isn't many recordings of it anywhere, although I'm hoping they do a cast recording and put in on Spotify as soon as possible. If you're interested and want to check out a few songs you can watch the full cast perform When You're an Addams here and Carrie Hope Fletcher who plays Wednesday's version of Pulled here, they're both two of my faves.

What has everyone else been loving from the past month?

Mini Lush Treats | Review

It's been a while since I've bought some new Lush products, and although these products themselves aren't new I haven't reviewed them on my blog before and thought I'd share them with you as I have loved them all. I got them while away in France so I don't have many photos of them and it's also why the packaging for each is in French.

The first product I got was a good old charity pot, which I surprisingly have never owned before. I've had the smaller packaged version but not the actual pot, it's always been a product that I've kind of avoided in shops, maybe because it's always suggested that you buy it but I'm happy I've finally given it a try. It's a moisturizer for your hands and body and I really do like the feel of it, it's very moisturizing and easily absorbed, my skin feels so much more glowy after I've used it and I'm not sure what the actual scent of it is but it's very neutral but still smells nice, if you haven't tried it before you should it's one of those must have handy items! The best part about the charity pot is that all the proceeds (minus tax) go toward small and helpful organisations which I love!

The second item was a tester pot of the shampoo Fairly Traded (look how cute the pot is), the man in the shop was nice enough to give me this for no reason. Fairly Traded is a shampoo which consists mainly of honey, which I was actually very skeptical to try in my hair! I got two uses out of the small pot and I actually think that it made my hair very smooth because of how natural it was! I think I would like to try a full bottle in the future!


The last product I got was Brightside, which is one of my favourite bubble bars out there. It's so citrusy and fruity and just all round fun there's no way you can't like it. You get a good sized product for the price, which I say you can get about four baths out of! It makes a lot of bubbles as you can see in the picture below. I love the bright colours of it and it makes a great body wash as well as a good bubble bar and leaves your skin with the most amazing smell! 

Has anyone tried these Lush products before? Which one is your favourite?