What My Boyfriend Thinks Makeup Does

I've seen these type of posts floating around for a while and always found them so interesting and funny, so I thought I'd put my own boyfriend to the test and see how much he really knows about makeup. I think he's quite good at it as I talk about make up all the time yet he still gets quite confused. To test him I made him describe and explain a product of makeup and see what his answer is. I typed out his exact phrases and answers as he spoke them, so he didn't get a chance to change his mind, also I think it's funnier seeing him question himself. lets see how much he knows.

Primer - Do you put that on your face first? As a start in makeup, makes it stick better?

Tinted Moisturizer - Ohh, is it like fake tan except over time? But not like fake tan but like foundation that moisturizes your skin?

Blush - It makes you have rosy cheeks.

Highlight - You use it to like highlight your facial features like cheekbones and stuff. 

Concealer - To cover up blemishes and spots and stuff.

Foundation - I don't know how to describe it. Used to make your skin tone brighter, and more suited to you and nicer.

Face Powder - Such an ambiguous name. It's powder for your face. It makes your skin softer and smooth.

Contour Kit - I know contouring is for like making your facial features stand out more like nose, chin cheekbones as well. 

CC Cream - I'm gonna say that it gets rid of pores?

BB Cream - You put a small amount on your brush. It matches your foundation, moisturizes your skin and adds a tint of colour to your face. 

Eye Shadow - You put it on your eyelids. Do you put it under your eyelids too? Probably. You match it to your other make up to make your eyes pop.

Eye Liner - It's like I don't know how to describe, like a black marker slash pen along your water line. Does it make your eyes stand out?

Mascara - You put that on your eyelashes to make them kinda look organised and neat.

Lipstick - You put it on your lips to match the rest of your makeup and to moisturize lips.

I also made him explain what certain brushes are for, just to make things more interesting and awkward. I used the Real Techniques brushes below in order for him to make a guess at. If you wanna see what the brushes really should be used for check here and compare his answers or even your own.

1. It's big. I'm gonna say foundation.
2. Is it bad I wanna say foundation again?
3. I'm gonna say eye shadow, it looks like an eye shadow one.
4. It can be used for putting on eyeliner in desperate times and eye shadow.
5. Literally would probably be eyeliner. 
6. Foundation, it looks like foundation. But one only has BB Cream or something I don't know which one.
7. Is that the BB Cream one? If not it has to be foundation.

Overall I think he did a good job explaining them, I've definitely thought him well, a few of his answers definitely made me laugh though.
Hope you enjoyed this post as it's not something I've done before but it was fun to do. I love reading these posts so I hope you liked it too.

Let me know what you think of his answers and whether you'd put your partner to the test or not!


  1. Haha I loved reading this and he did a really good job xx


    1. I love reading posts like this, they can be so funny! I know I've taught him a lot aparently! xx

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  2. He did a really great job with the makeup! Some things are a little self explanatory but he knew what BB cream was so that's impressive haha.


    1. I'm actually impressed myself I didn't think he'd know some of it - I was trying to make it difficult for him! Except he's pretty good at making things up so I'm not too sure how much he really knows! hahha xx

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  3. He actually did really good, mine wouldn't have a clue!


    1. You should put him to the test you might be surprised! I didn't think mine would have a clue either! xx

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com