How Much Is My Face Worth?

I've seen these posts go around for years and I've never gotten around to do it. I thought it'd be interesting to see how much makeup I use in general and how much it all costs in total together, it could also be scary. I would consider myself not too over the top with makeup, I don't buy only really expensive products or only cheap ones, I like to have a mix and I don't wear a lot of makeup everyday so I just picked a look I had done for the day and calculated all the products that I used. Hope you enjoy. 

The products I used are:
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer11.49
Nivea Soft Moisturizer6.49
Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation4.99
Natural Collection Loose Powder2.79
Sleek Solstice Highlight palette12.49
Natural Collection eyebrow palette2.79
Natural Collection eyebrow gel2.79
Natural Collection eyeliner2.79
BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette15
Wet n' Wild Megaprotein mascara2.98
MAC Whirl Lipliner17.50
MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick20



As you can see I don't buy that much 'high-end' brands mainly, I only splurge on them when I really want something I know I'll use a lot. Plus most of my money on makeup goes on more lipsticks I don't need. The total for all the makeup I've used above is 102.1. I'm actually surprised at how little I spent on this look, it's still a lot but for that much products I think that it's a decent price. Below is the look I created using the products mentioned above, 


Hope you enjoyed my look and finding out how much my face costs at the moment! Has anyone else ever calculated how much their face is worth? 
(On a side note, makeup and the amount of money you spend on your face doesn't literally define worth, you're beautiful without makeup and with whatever makeup you choose to wear.)


  1. Hey!

    I haven't ever worked out how much my make-up costs. However, I'm not extravagant when it comes to make-up so I like to think that it isn't too much!


    1. I just found it interesting to see how much I actually spend! I'm not always very extravagant either which is a good thing! xx


  2. This is such an interesting post! That look is so pretty, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Aw thank you Amy! xx


  3. Loving this make up look and your make up collection!!~ that galaxy palette is to die for ^^


    1. Thanks so much! And I know, so beautiful right? xx