Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipcolor | Review

It's been a long time since I have bought any new liquid lipsticks, I went through a phase of buying too many and had to stop, but I think it's time to start all over again. I love Revlon lipsticks, they're probably my favourite, such high quality and high colour payout so I think it would be about time that I try some of their liquid lipsticks. I know these are quite new and I've been eyeing them up for ages and now I'm here to review them.

The first lipcolor I got was 600 HD Devotion which is my favourite. It's a dark enough pink nude and applies like a dream. The formulation is quite thick and very easily applied. It smells amazing though, it's like the best smelling lipcolor I own, it even tastes as it smells even though I don't advise eating it. It smells a little like vanilla I'm not sure if that's what it's meant to smell like or not. The packaging is also different than normal liquid lipsticks, the packaging is more oval than round and I think it's sleek looking. The colour stays on your lips very well, I wouldn't say that it lasts an overwhelming amount of time but it is quite good. The texture is non drying and I don't find it tiring on the lips to wear which is one of the best parts, plus I just love this colour.

The second shade I got is 610 HD Addiction which is a plum berry purple shade which is a little darker in the tube then on my lips. I thought it was a perfect transition colour into Autumn/Winter. I also love this colour but this one fades a lot quicker than the other one but it could just be that it's more noticeable because of the darker colour. I also feel like this one smells more like cherries but I think I could be imagining a lot of things.

The above swatches are of 600 HD Devotion and 610 HD Addiction.

I do really love these liquid lipsticks and I hope to buy a few more of the darker shades for winter as I think they're a lot more viable than a darker lipstick. I would highly recommend these and would love to know if anyone else has tried these before?
What do you think of them?


  1. The darker shade is beautiful! I haven't tried much of Revlon as a brand but so far, I have really enjoyed what I have tried x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  2. Wow! They look amazing!