Belsonic Festival 2015: All Time Low and Twenty One Pilots

On Wednesday I traveled up to the North to Belfast with my boyfriend to go to the Belsonic music festival to see my ultimate all time favourite bands ever. I'd been looking forward to this since the start of the year and it was one of the best days of my life, no exaggeration. So of course I must write about it now.


The concert/festival, I'm not really sure what to call it, was on in Belfast city center, which seems really weird. It was in a square near the main shopping centre and surrounded by apartments, despite being so urban, everything was actually so pretty. It was quite a small place with a good amount of people really. I was just so super excited to see my favourite bands.

I'm the type of person that doesn't like being stuck in the middle of a big crowd of people so I didn't really stand too near the stage. Although I do love the atmosphere of standing in a huge group of people who love the same things you do, when I have a choice I try to avoid it. I still got to stand in the middle of the crowd with space around me and still see everything perfectly so it was all fine anyways.

The first act to play was Bri Bry, who started off on Youtube for those of you who don't know. I don't really watch much of him but I did know one of his songs. I really enjoyed him even though I didn't particularly come up all the way to see him but his personality is great and you can tell he really enjoys what he does. I'll definitely be listening to him so much more now.

The next act was my favourite band, Twenty One Pilots. I had been really looking forward to seeing them live since I first started listening to them. There's something about them that's so hypnotizing. Of course, they were amazing! Probably the best artist I have seen live. Tyler has this thing about him when he sings that's just so emotional and it really connects with me. The way he preforms on stage is like no one else I've ever seen, just like their music really. Their whole set up and staging and everything was just perfect. I really feel like I could go on for hours about them and fangirl. They sang all their classic songs such as Car Radio up to their newest like Stressed Out, all my favourites. They didn't play some of the slower songs which I really love like Goner, Truce and Can't Help Falling in love but for a festival more lively songs are more suited. Jack also got hit in the face by Josh's drum stick which was pretty amusing and unlucky at the same time.

We had the privilege to meet Josh before we made our way up to the concert as they stayed in the same hotel as us, how lucky. I was absolutely mortified to speak to him and I also felt as if I was going to cry, so safe to say we didn't have long winded chats and I was too embarrassed to wait and see if we could meet Tyler too which was kind of disappointing but I'm still so happy to meet one of my idols. Just look how happy I am, I still want to cry looking at it. 

Lastly we got to see All Time Low preform. I've seen All Time Low preform twice before and I cry every time, they are my all time favourite band so, see what I did there? They played songs mainly from their new album, Future Hearts and their classics as usual. They entertained the crowd as usual by making bad jokes and acting immature, mainly done by Jack. They always invite fans up on stage to sing Time Bomb with them which I think is an awesome idea to give something back to the fans. It looks a bit chaotic to watch though, All Time Low fans are a little bit crazy. I knew the words to every single song so I enjoyed it so much. I wasn't expecting Alex to play Therapy either so I literally cried so much. I didn't think the song still made me emotional but I think it always will. It's just such a great song. Hopefully I get to see them live again when they come back to Ireland next year. Hopefully they loved playing with Twenty One Pilots so much they bring them on tour with them too because it would make me so happy.

I had such a good time even though it rained the whole time and we got absolutely drenched, we got free ponchos though, as seen above. I bought an All Time Low shirt too which I'm going to live in from now on. It was definitely my favourite concert ever and one of my favourite memories.

Anyone else seen these live or been/going to a festival this year?


  1. I also don't like being in crowded places, I get really anxious ! glad you had a great time and you looked super pretty :) x


    1. I'm glad you agree, it kind of makes me feel trapped so I avoid them as best as I can. :( I did, it was the best and thanks so much! :) x