Lush Empties

As you may know if you've read this blog before, I like Lush products, a lot. I have reviewed and tried many products and in doing so have required enough empty packets and pots. I go through a lot of the same products and many bath bombs, many of which are still Christmas ones may I add. I thought I would share my empty products as I have loved them all to the bottom of the pot and last fizz.

My first empty I'm going to share is the Let the Good Times Roll cleanser, of which I have acquired three empty pots, ooops. This is obviously one of my favourite products containing popcorn pieces and smelling like a festival. It cleanses your skin and leaves a sweet scent and soft feeling. You can read my full review here. Honestly give it a sniff in store. 

The next is Cup O'Coffee, which I have loved before, but I don't love it so much anymore. It's a face mask that contains coffee beans, which is surprisingly good for your skin. I find that it takes too long to dry and I don't use face masks as much as I used to, also the liquid starts to separate from the product after some amount of time which makes it hard to use after a period. My previous review can be found here.

The last pot that I have used up is Ocean Salt, which I have also reviewed here. This face scrub contains elements of the ocean and contains sea salt for exfoliating your skin. The scent is so fresh and I feel like it's definitely a summer face product, and would be good after a long day in the sun, I think I need to repurchase it soon. 

The Tea Tree Toner water is something I've been loving for the past few months. Tea tree is known for being good for your skin and I find that it left my skin looking much clearer, and smells really fresh. I normally use it before bed and in the morning to cleanse my skin before and after make up, it drys into the skin very quickly.

I thought I'd add some of the bath bombs I've recently used in this too since none of the bath bombs I have at home are available in store anymore as they are Christmas stock.


The first bath bomb is the Northern Lights bath bomb that is yellow on one end and blue on the other in a purple cylinder. When placed in the bath it spins and mingles colours leaving a pretty coloured pattern. It smells like jasmine and I love the idea of the Aurora Borealis in the bath. 

The Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, is also very pretty and looks on the outside and inside like the night sky. It's both shimmery and fruity and I think it looks almost like Van Gogh's Starry Night Iconic image at certain points, well just reminds me of it even.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all the products I've enjoyed using recently, they're all products I'd recommend, like every Lush product.
Has anyone tried these products before?


  1. I just started to use products from this band because my sister lives near a store and she uses as a gifts to me! But I really wish to invert more on their products because they are so ethical.
    It's very weird but the products we have in common are... the bathbombs! My sister gave me them as christmas gifts with another one, and you had ruined a bit the surprise because the ones you show are the ones I never used! hahahahah

  2. Those bathbombs look gorgeous! Lush makes the best bath products
    Amy xx

    A Habit Of Solitude

  3. I love lush products, I wish we had one where I live 'cos i absolutely love the smell of their store and also love their bath bombs.