Easter Bunny Shirt | Outfit

Hope everyone has had a happy Easter to begin with, I'm here to share my Easter themed outfit for the week. For starters, if anyone knows me they know I love rabbits and patterned shirts, so rabbit patterned shirt was a huge yes. The dungarees just make it look cuter.




The shirt is from H&M, patterned shirts are so fashionable right now, I've seen so many amazing ones recently and I want them all. They're so casual and professional. The dungarees are from River Island and I just thought they'd look super cute together, even though it makes me look five years old. Oh well. I will admit it looks a little like a school uniform though.

Does anyone else wear patterned shirts and what did you wear over Easter?


  1. I adore this outfit! The shirt and dungarees are so cute together!

    1. Thank you! I feel about five years old when I wear it though! Hahaha :') x

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com