Film Reviews | March 2016

Another midterm month means I get to go to the cinema much more than normally I would, which is a great thing. I'm becoming more and more a movie fanatic as I am a book one, my future house is going to be full of collections of books, films and CD's. It's the dream.

(Yes Ben & Jerry's is the best ice cream)

I actually knew nothing about this film at all before going to see it, other than it is closely related/a prequel to the 2008 thriller, 'Cloverfield' which was probably my favourite film when I was eleven, I know strange choice. With that I was expecting a follow up of the alien attack on Manhattan in some way; I guess I wasn't entirely wrong. It takes a different twist on the 2008 blockbuster.

Most of the film is spent within the captivity of a Bunker built by a man called Howard who has suspected an alien attack of sorts for years. He is joined by Emmett and Michelle, who have been taken in and told that the air above them is contaminated and that they cannot leave the bunker, they are unsure of the truth of this. Set in a small enclosed space, I felt as if I was back watching 'Room' again and didn't see the resemblance to 'Cloverfield' until the very end; it's very eery, chilling and haunting.

I was genuinely scared for the majority of the film, I'm trying not to give away too many spoilers as it's better like that but I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout; it was like you never really knew what could happen. It was really interesting and definitely worth a watch. The cast and their dynamics were very interesting and I think it was just as good as its predecessor but in a very different take and way.

Another Disney film that has failed to disappoint me. This film revolves around a rabbit, Judy Hopps has a dream to become the first rabbit police officer and works hard to get it despite everyone else's harsh comments that she'll never be a cop. She is always underrated and misunderstood and always looking for the chance to prove herself. She takes on a case that would have otherwise been overlooked and enlists the help of a sly fox, Nick Wilde and helps to solve one of the biggest cases of Zootropolis.

Like every Disney film, it has a thoroughly well thought out and executed plot line, likeable characters, good music, humour and emotion. The film shows the strength of friendship and unlikely companions and also the message simply of just being non judgmental in general. The plot was somewhat predictable but very fun and enjoyable. There were a lot of on going jokes and humour being used throughout the film and of course always link their way back to the end in true Disney film style. I would say this film is more for adults than children though, it just felt more complicated but would definitely be enjoyable for both adults and children. I'm hoping this film gets more recognition as I feel that a lot of recent Disney films don't get the credit they deserve, they're definitely getting better over time. 

I love the amount of really great Irish films being created recently. There is so much talent in Irish acting, film making and music and I'm really glad that there's an increase in really big productions, like my favourite film, 'The Stag' staring Andrew Scott, who is also my favourite actor. Sing Street is set in the 80's in Dublin and is about a boy who starts a band and pursues a career in music and tries to win the love of a girl who says she's a model in the process. Set in a small Catholic school the band struggle to get through the struggles of forming a decent band and also school bullies and complicated love.  

To be honest, I didn't think I was going to enjoy this film, it looked really cringe worthy in the trailer, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cast was so likable and I loved all the characters, they were all quirky and the film had a lot more in it than I had expected. The making of the band was more complicated than I thought, I originally didn't understand how they'd get a full film out of the plot I'd seen in the ads. I'd highly recommend this film, it's light hearted, funny, heart warming and the sound track is amazing. If you're a huge movie music nerd like me then you'll love all the original 80's style songs like my favourite 'The Riddle of the Model' and you'll also love all the other featured songs for the soundtrack like The Cure and Duran Duran. Definitely a really good, easy watching film you could just watch again and again and probably still like it. 

This is proper first hyped up film I've been waiting to see for the year. I had no expectations for the film because I thought it was just going to be made for the sake of it and not going to be made very well, but I was pleasantly surprised again. The film follows after the last Superman film, which majorly disappointed me, where people begin to question whether Superman is actually for the good of humanity and it becomes Bruce Wayne/Batman's mission to take him down, as well as nemesis Lex Luther. 

I enjoyed the first half of the film and it felt like the film was actually going somewhere with good dynamics. Then as it began to end with, spoiler alert, the alien formed by Lex Luthor just felt like every other superhero film I've ever seen and thought the battle between Superman and Batman could have been executed better without this strange other life form. Also the introduction to Wonderwoman just didn't feel like it was needed other than to introduce her into further films. The performance that made the film worthwhile was Jesse Eisenberg's interpretation of Lex Luthor. I found his performance to be the height of the film and very similar to Heath Ledgers Joker performance, I do like a good eccentric villain. He's tied with Gene Hackman as my favourite Lex Luther, and Henry Cavill is also a close second to my favourite Superman; Christopher Reeve will always be top. Overall, the film did bring something new and exciting to the franchise but I feel like it could've been more and that it's missing something.

Has anyone seen any of these films this month or anything else? What did you think?


  1. I really want to see Zootropolis, Disney films are the best!

    1. Definitely do! It won't disappoint you! It's one of my faves! x