Lush Angels on Bare Skin | Review

 As anyone who knows me may know I have a slight obsession with Lush, especially their skincare products. I am constantly using their toners, cleansers and face masks and I'm always running out. Every time I run out of one I go and try a different product, although there is a few I buy constantly. After running low on my trusty Let the Good Times Roll, I decided to try Angels on Bare Skin instead.

Angels on Bare Skin is a facial cleanser containing lavender, rose oils and almonds. It's completely vegan, which I love. It has pieces of lavender flowers in it, and lavender is my least favourite flower, not sure why I just find the scent really strong, but I do like the smell of this. It's soothing and I know lavenders meant to have soothing and calming qualities so I assume it has a great effect on your skin. I also know lavender is meant to be good before you go to sleep so using this before bed could be a really good skin care item to add to your routine. 

For anyone that doesn't know how to use facial cleansers, you take a small part of the product into your hands and moisten it with water until it's a paste then scrub your face with it. I find with this product a little definitely goes a long way, I've had it for a few weeks and it still looks like I've not used much. I also think my face feels much cleaner and softer after using it. I usually use it when I was my face in the morning and the evening. It's not as sweet smelling as other Lush cleansers and it's much more floral so if that's the kind of scent you like I'd recommend this cleanser over others.


Has anyone tried this product before or have a favourite Lush cleanser?


  1. I hadn't tryed this product, but I really wish to have a near Lush Shop to buy everything from there!

    1. Smells so soothing! Do you not live near a Lush at all? Everythings amazing I'd buy it all if I could! x