Zoella Treasure Me Gift Collection | What's Inside

Around Christmas, I know it's still so early, I love getting big bath sets of a range of different products and I also love giving them. If you don't already know for the past year or so Zoella releases a Christmas range with really cute gift sets. I didn't actually get one last year, I had enough stuff without it. I thought it would be a good idea to show what's inside the Zoella Treasure Me gift box to give an idea if anyone else would like to buy it themselves or for someone else. i find with stuff like this sometimes it's hard to tell if you're getting your money/value worth or not. 

The gift comes in a rather hefty and large box, with very pretty rose gold detailing and includes eight products. It's currently on sale in Superdrug so you can get it for even better value. For the sheer amount that you get I don't think it's bad value compared to some of the other sets, but you definetly need to have a lot of baths to get use out of it all.

When opened all the products come individually wrapped and it does seem disappointing seeing how much bigger the box is compared to everything inside, although the box can be reused, which I will be doing so it's not all a waste. 

The first product you get is the Snow Fresh body wash, the scent is really floral and fresh with a hint of mint, and I think all the products have a similar scent. It's quite misty and shiny and it's a little bit sticky but I think it will leave a nice shine on your skin, you can't really go wrong with that. 

The next product is the Winter Wonder hand cream, I don't really use hand cream but I know a lot of people do. This packaging is possibly my favourite, the shape of the bottle and the rose gold colouring just look really pretty. The texture is really watery which I don't like and your hands feel wet even after a few minutes, but I do love the smell it leaves behind.

The Splash of Milk bath powder is something that I think is really interesting. You get two sachets in the box and you pour one into your bath which then turns your bath milky and it's meant to me moisturizing and soft, kind of like a Lush bath oil.

You then get a Snow Silky body lotion, I've previously tried Zoella body lotions and I do like them, but I think they take a long time to soak in completely, and the scent is never as strong as I would like it to be. 

You also get a Snow Polished body polish, and I'm not too sure how different the two products are. I think they're both similar in use but with the body polish its like an in shower body lotion, you rub it into your skin with water and watch it lather, which is something I prefer than a regular lotion. 

The next thing is the Snow Smooth body butter. I don't really like this body butter as it feels quite plastic-y and hasn't got much of a scent, it's probably my least favourite product from the bunch. 

You also get one of those loofahs, I'm not really sure what to call them and I didn't really understand their use until recently and I really love them now. This one is white with baby pink around the edges which is cute. 

The last product you get is the Snow Scoop bubble bath. This is one of my favourite things, I love a good bubble bath. The tub is also very cute, you scoop some of the product out with your hand and swish it under running water to produce bubbles, I think it's really cute.

Overall I think this is the best Zoella gift set you can buy. You get a lot of products for your money and it would be much more expensive to buy them all separately. Although there is a few products that I wouldn't use out of it I do like the majority and it makes a really good present.

What do you think of Zoella's christmas range? Have you tried any? 


  1. This looks like a great value! Love the packaging, although a range of scents would be nice :)


    1. I don't love her products that much for the price but this set is pretty good! xx

      - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com