April Favourites | 2018

This month has been full of deadlines as I approach my final month in college, rather than how chill March had been for me. I've had a few pieces from the last month I've been trying out and loving so I thought I'd share them.

The first item I've had for a while but never remembered to put it in my favourites. It's the Real Techniques brush cleansing gel, now I've never owned a proper makeup brush cleaner before so I thought I would invest in one since I have a lot of brushes that need cleaning. Most of my brushes are Real Techniques so I thought that a Real Techniques brush cleaner would be the best option. Turns out it's one of the best things I could have ever bought, it makes cleaning your brushes less of a chore, and if you're anything like me, it's a very big chore. You put a little bit into the bristles of your brush, and although I have a brush cleaner mat, not sure what they're really called, but I find that it's actually better to just clean them with your hands. It takes the product remains out of the brushes with such ease, it takes very little effort and scrubbing to completely clean them and it's just amazing. It made my life so much easier, as it normally takes about an hour to clean all my brushes.

You may have seen that I went a little bit Lush crazy with their Easter range, so I bought more products than I could review on my blog. One of the products in the Easter range that I've been loving is the Bunch of Carrots, which is the cutest little bubble bar. It comes with three carrots, a pink, orange and purple one, (I've already used the pink). I really like this product, it's not much more expense than any other Lush bubble bar, yet it comes with three different products in my opinion. Although you can always reuse bubble bars, you might not get much use out of them, with these you can get at least three baths out of it, using one for each, which I love. I think the idea is so cute and they leave your bath a really vibrant colour and they smell really sweet and nice.

The next product that I've been loving is the Kiko Milano Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 03 Amaranth. This is a dark purple red tone which isn't too strong but makes your makeup look look like you've put more effort into it than you have, it reminds me of the Plath Kat Von D lipstick that I also love. I have a love for Kiko products yet I cannot get them in Ireland so every time I am abroad I look for a Kiko store to explore. I really love the consistency of the product, not too heavy or too light and it has a nice payoff colour.

The last thing in my favourites is the Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. I don't normally take my eye makeup off with a separate product than the rest of my face but when you wear a little bit extra makeup than usual I think it's nice to cleanse your skin a little more as it may have been a bit harsher on it than usual. I bought this Lancome mini in the airport the last time I was there as they always sell the perfect travel sized products there. I really love this eye makeup remover as I feel like it really does get everything off your face that you may have missed. It's good for people with sensitive skin, which I have. I also really love shaking the product and watching the liquids fuse together in the bottle is really satisfying.

The above swatch is of the Kiko Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 03 Amaranth. 

What's everyone else been loving this month?

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