Benefit GALifornia Love | Gift Set Review

I received this as a gift a while ago, I know so cute, and I don't usually buy myself Benefit products but I love using them. This gift set GALifornia Love contains three full sized benefit products, with a few that I've been dying to try for a while. It contains a full sized Roller Lash, a Galifornia blush and a Gimme Brow eyebrow gel. I love the quality and packaging of Benefit products and I've been loving using these over the past few months.


The gift set comes in what I'd describe as a globe shape container, and the products have a stand at the bottom where you can display them after opening the lid. I find that Benefit gift sets have very awkward packaging, although they're very cute they're not very practical. This package is very large and I'm not too sure whether to reuse it, and how and where to display it. I think it does make a wonderful gift though, and it's not too pricey for the amount of full sized products that you get.

The first product in this set is the Roller Lash mascara. I love Benefit's They're Real mascara and use it a lot so I've been wanting to try another one of their mascaras. I love the feel of the packaging and it makes it very easy to grip and apply on your lashes. I love the length of the applicator and brush and it makes it so easy to blend it all over your lashes and make sure that there is no clumps. They give a really natural and long vibe to your lashes but you can easily add more layers if needed. 

The next product is the Galifornia Blush, which I had not seen before. I don't love most of the blushers that I already have from Benefit because they're way too peachy toned for my liking. This one is very cute and is an oranged toned pink and I think it would look really cute in the summer, but I haven't had much wear out of it yet. I do like the quality and the packaging of this blush but I never like the applicator brush that comes with it as it's too long and narrow for blending. After looking at some of the images online for some of these blushes I've noticed that there is a different design on other ones that isn't on mine so I think there might be a few variations of it.

The last product is the Gimme Brow eyebrow gel. I normally use eyebrow gel to fill in my eyebrows and this gel is perfect for setting them and brushing them out. The consistency is very light and easy to spread and brush through your eyebrows. I use this more to set than fill in my eyebrows. If you were having a minimal makeup day, a quick brush through your eyebrows with this would look really nice with little effort. I really like it and I'd love to try more of their brow products.

Has anyone tried these products before? What do you think of them?


  1. I have recently reviewed the GALifornia blusher on my blog and, considering i'm not usually a big fan of blusher, i actually really liked it! I really want to try roller lash too, sounds really nice! xx

    1. Me too! I always think blusher makes me look really strange maybe I'm not wearing it right! It's one of my top favourite mascaras! x